Love on a Rooftop – Episode 50

Poor Yunho gets shut down finally and begins to whimper valiantly against his fate as the second male lead. Meanwhile, Mi-Ja starts to use force against her own son and the two hash it out with words again…


Se-Ryung raises her hand to strike Seung-Hye out of frustration for bringing her father into the fight. However, she does not hit as Seung-Hye grabs Se-Ryung’s arm and growls that if Se-Ryung uses Seung-Ah one more time, she won’t leave Se-Ryung alone. With that, Seung-Hye throws Se-Ryung’s arm down and stalks out only to pause when she sees Yunho in the doorway.


At the same time, Joon-Bae has an issue because they have five deliveries and three chickens they still have to cook. Dae-Ho volunteers to help with the delivery and grabs the delivery bags.

Joon-Bae grabs the bags back and tells him that Soon-Im would hate him if she knew that he put Dae-Ho on deliveries. Dae-Ho smiles that Joon-Bae did worse when they were in the army together because Joon-Bae was his senior and takes the bags back.

At the park, Seung-Hye broods over Se-Ryung’s words that Seung-Ah was the one who jumped at the chance gleefully.


Do-Jin and Kyung-Tae avoid Mi-Ja’s calls and Kyung-Tae tells his friend to speak with his mom so she does not barge in again.

Frowning, Do-Jin takes his coat and goes out for a walk in the neighborhood park where he sees Seung-Hye and joins her on a bench.

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Do-Jin muses out loud about the first time they met…how he had broken her fall so that she did not suffer a head injury and ended up with a sprained risk. Seung-Hye seems surprised to hear this and confesses that she had no idea that he was hurt because of her. (Yes, Do-Jin I am in full agreement! What happened to the guy who would act instead of just talk? You were much more charismatic back then…)

Do-Jin tells Seung-Hye that he has something to say and apologizes on behalf of his mother.

Seung-Hye cuts him off and tells him that she knows what Do-Jin wants to say as she just came back from meeting with Se-Ryung. Then she gets up to ask if they should talk as they walk.

Seung-Hye tells Do-Jin that she does not feel that much better getting an apology from him as he was probably the most hurt from his mother’s actions… She pauses to look at Do-Jin when Yunho’s voice interrupts.


Yunho runs over to tell her that he was so worried after he let her go alone from Se-Ryung’s office. Turning to Do-Jin, Yunho tells him that if he has time to follow Seung-Hye around, he should control his mother. Getting up close into Do-Jin’s face, Yunho adds that if it were him, he’d be too embarrassed to show Seung-Hye his face and growls that Do-Jin does not have a right to like Seung-Hye. (Swoon! Yes! Yes! Something like this! A guy who protects his girl from everything! Who said that clichéd drama tropes don’t work? Clichéd tropes are cliche because some people out there like me feels a flutter when they see the extreme human emotions being expressed! You tell him how he’s a freaking useless mouse!)


After not really doing anything useful I’m the past ten episodes, Yunho’s words trigger something in Do-Jin and he punches Yunho. Seung-Hye glares at Do-Jin to ask why he couldn’t use words and had to resort to violence before taking Yunho away to put some medicine on the wound.

In a stairway, Seung-Hye dresses Yunho’s wound while nagging him. In response, Yunho muses that he does not mind getting hurt if he gets pampered by Seung-Hye.

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Seung-Hye jokes back that she can punch him as well before telling Yunho that he was also in the wrong for bringing up Do-Jin’s sore point.

Yunho sighs that he did not realize that Seung-Hye had Do-Jin in her heart. Seung-Hye tries to deny it but Yunho tells her that it’s okay, he sees it in her eyes that she has feelings for Do-Jin. Then as Seung-Hye begins to look apologetic Yunho ruffles her hair and tells her that it’s fine; regardless of her feelings, he’s going to continue to love her.

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When Seung-Hye comes home, she find Do-Jin waiting. He apologizes for using violence and Seung-Hye just answers that violence is always wrong. Citing the late time, she goes inside but waits after closing the door for a couple of minutes… (Not really sure what the issue is? Pride? A sense that she needs to teach Do-Jin?)

Yunho arrives at home to find Beom-Seok in the living room. He tells Beom-Seok that he is a bit tired as his heart hurts so much and excuses himself.

Beom-Seok goes to check on Se-Ryung who is in the middle of being distracted while working… She remembers the scene from earlier that day and growls to herself when Beom-Seok walks in.

He asks Se-Ryung if she knows anything about Yunho getting into a fight. Se-Ryung expresses surprise as Yunho is not the type to get into fights…


Beom-Seok then asks if something is wrong since her expression is heavy. Se-Ryung starts crying that she feels so pathetic that she wants to die… She cries that she never felt beneath anyone before… Never felt like she was being condenscendingly addressed before… But she does not know what to do.

Beom-Seok agrees that she should find someone that likes her instead of doing and promises to help.

A random hilarious interlude! Kyung-Tae comes home exhausted as he went out to help a woman give birth in the early hours of the morning… However, he was surprised that the mother does not even look at the baby after giving birth…


Meanwhile, Sang-Man whines to Mi-Ja about how he now has a restraining order against him for Do-Jin’s cafe as he eats tofu. (In Korea, you eat tofu after getting out of prison because tofu is white so supposedly it cleans you from your experience inside…) Mi-Ja gets angry at the thought and orders Sang-Man to follow.

At Dong Rak Dang, Seung-Hye gets lost in thought while folding the laundry. Her grandmother interrupts her thought and tells her to bring tea to Do-Jin as he needs to conduct his business.

At the same time, Do-Jin tells his interviewee that she is hired and can begin immediately. The girl happily accepts when Mi-Ja stomps in and starts to throw the glass plates on the ground. In the midst of the chaos, the new hire runs out.

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Seung-Hye also arrives to see Mi-Ja asking Do-Jin to stop doing this and return to her. Do-Jin in turn asks her for her understanding as he is confident that he can live a son whom she can be proud of even as a cafe owner… He does add that she stop her schemes as just as he is her precious son, they are someone else’s precious daughter.

Mi-Ja snaps back that Seung-Hye is not even the family’s bloodline.

Do-Jin asks why bloodlines even matter as he is starting to get embarrassed that he is his mother’s bloodline.

Mi-Ja falters and Seung-Hye runs in to see if she is okay. Mi-Ja snarls that she did not know how badly Seung-Hye wanted an apology so that she would nag at Do-Jin.


Seung-Hye interrupts to tell Mi-Ja that she does not need an apology as Seung-Ah was wrong as well. She tells Do-Jin that he should stop asking his mom for an apology. Then turning to Mi-Ja, Seung-Hye asks that Mi-Ja try to understand her son instead.

Mi-Ja takes this all as an insult and grabs a glass of water. She throws it at Seung-Hye but Do-Jin sidesteps in front so that Seung-Hye does not get wet. Mhmm, so he does something. Good.

Seung-Hye quietly drops off the tea and leaves. Do-Jin tries to go after but gets stopped by his mother..


Random scene where Sun-Sook finds Beom-Seok in a magazine and realizes that he’s a single parent as well. She starts daydreaming about being his wife in a glamorous dress drinking wine… A waiter comes out of no where to bring foies gras from France and other precious dishes… Sun-Sook complains about the lack of variety and Beom-Seok asks her to tell him what she wants as he will go to the ends of the earth to get it for her.
Joon-Bae interrupts this delight daydream and the scene changes.

Left by himself, Do-Jin slowly cleans up the mess before reaching in to grab a jar of tea. Picking it up, he pauses lost in thought.


As for Seung-Hye, she sits on her porch brooding until her mom comes out and asks about her intentions forward. When Seung-Hye appears torn about her grandmother wanting her to return to the cafe and her father wanting her to return to her barista training, Dong-Sook tells Seung-Hye to follow the money. Seeing Seung-Hye’s shocked expression, she laughs and tells her that it was a joke and to do what she wants.

She leaves only to run into Dae-Ho on another delivery. Except Dae-Ho dashes down an alley to avoid her hahahaha!

Back in her office, Mi-Ja complains to Sang-Man about how foxy Seung-Hye is and gets angry when he does not seem to agree about Seung-Hye being manipulative. She tells Sang-Man to continue their plan.


Picking through all of her revealing clothing and bathing suits, Seung-Ah joyfully poses in front of her mirror when Seung-Jae comes in to become horrified. He turns to get help from Seung-Hye but Seung-Hye starts joking that she might also change her style to the shock and horror of both of her siblings.


First, awww, I was so sad that Yunho had to get his heartbroken in this episode. I have so deeply fallen for his character that I want him to be happy as much as I want Seung-Hye to be happy. It was sad to see him acknowledge quickly that she likes another man and give her space without pouring on the angst.

As for Do-Jin, I don’t think just telling your mom to apologize is enough to win me over. I have yet to see him do anything with the cafe.

Additionally, did anyone else think the scene where Seung-Hye went inside her house but stayed next to the door was weird? She was just told by Yunho what we all saw coming… That she has fallen for Do-Jin… So, why did she have to stop herself from either tearing into him or comforting him? It was just a random scene of unnecessary angst.

Obviously Do-Jin likes her so Seung-Hye could accept those feelings or turn him away. She did neither. =_= I’m going to wait to see what’s going on as I’m confused.

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