Make a Woman Cry – E11

Kyung-Cheol triumphantly goes to meet Jinhee’s parents again to tell them that he is able to obtain a divorce. The family relunctantly gets ready to accept him when he brings the official documentation. However, everything is paused when Bok-Rye resorts to trying to commit suicide to keep Kyung-Cheol from divorcing Deok-In. While this does not change anything for Kyung-Cheol, Deok-In pauses all of her other thoughts. However, Deok-In does not need to face this alone as Jinwoo is not hiding the fact that he is willing to support Deok-In.



The father-in-law asks why they postponed closing the contract on the new house. Jin-Myung answers that they felt that they could get the place at a cheaper price. The in-laws tell him that he should not worry about the cost and find the best place he can.

Eunseo also quips that she does not mind where she ends up.

After the meal, Hong-Ran asks if Eunseo is truly thinking of leaving. Eunseo confirms and tells Hong-Ran to finish the dishes first. Hong-Ran tries to get out of it by excusing herself to memorize her lines for the next shooting but Eunseo stays firm. She tells Hong-Ran that if you are living with your in-laws, your business comes after the family business and leaves.


Jin-Myung gets called away from his practicing golf by a call from Jinhee. He ends up calling a family meeting as Jinhee wants to bring Kyung-Cheol home again because he is finally able to have a divorce. The family confers about what they are going to do and Hong-Ran declares that if Kyung-Cheol decides to act rudely again, she will step in and teach him his place.

The mother-in-law replies that Hong-Ran should stay quiet since they are a cultured family. It would not be right for Hong-Ran to jump in.


At the same time, Jinwoo, Deok-In and the children ride the train to the orphanage. Jinwoo peels an egg for Deok-In and gives it to her with a can of cider. She takes it grudgingly and he continues to make small talk about how it reminds him of the picnics that he used to go to when he was a child. (Note – In Korea, the children go on a picnic or a school trip at least once a year. ^^)

Deok-In wonders if Jinwoo ate the same plebian food and Jinwoo answers that it’s not like his family is going to pack him kalbi (expensive beef) for a picnic. He also adds that his family business had not been doing as well back then and his father was extremely strict with how they spent money.

The two continue to flirt as Deok-In asks if he only brought her so that she can cook and clean at the orphange. Jinwoo responds that he wanted to bring her out from the restaurant as she seems like she has not had a lot of experiences. Deok-In looks moved and retorts that his comment was too overly lovey-dovey.

Jinwoo smiles that he’s just practicing his lines with her to use later on. Deok-In’s regular, Park Kyushik comes over and pulls Deok-In to play with the children so a bunch of games ensue.


Meanwhile, Hyunseo shows Kyung-Tae the new car and Kyung-Tae responds that it’s actually really sexy. Hyunseo shyly holds out his key and tells Kyung-Tae to drive it whenever as he has another pair of keys. Kyung-Tae gets so excited, he actually kisses Kyung-Tae on the cheek.

Kyung-Tae steps on it and the two boys enjoy the drive. Afterwards, at a rest stop, Kyung-Tae gives Hyunseo some dating tips such as how much girls love hearing lovey dovey phrases. Hyunseo laughs that the lines are so childish but Kyung-Tae explains that part of dating is managing to deal with extremely childish expressions of your feelings for one another. He also tells Hyunseo that girls love events and asks if Hyunseo can sing. (Well, of course girls love events. The whole point is that the guy took the time and dealt with the inconvenience to prepare an event to make the girl feel special!)

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At the orphanage, Deok-In prepares black bean paste noodles (ja jang mien) while the boys clean. ^^ It’s a cute scene that warms your heart. Sigh.


Back in Seoul, Jinhee warns Kyung-Cheol that no matter what he hears, he needs to take it silently and humbly. Kyung-Cheol answers that he understands and only acted the way he did last time because he felt that it would be pathetic for him to accept everything when he could not even get a divorce.

The meeting starts off awkwardly but quietly. Jinhee makes it more awkward by offering fruit to Kyung-Cheol even before the in-laws have taken a bite. However, the in-laws don’t remark on it even though they stiffen up a bit.

The mother-in-law asks about Kyung-Cheol’s parentage. He answers that his father used to work in construction until he fell off a roof. Then his mother took care of the family by delivering soup.

Hong-Ran jumps in to ask how soup delivery could feed four children and the father-in-law surmises that this was why Kyung-Cheol got married so early…His wife must have helped with the finances. Kyung-Cheol answers that it was true until he became an accountant.

The father-in-law asks if he felt that he no longer needed his wife’s help after becoming an accountant.

Kyung-Cheol frowns and apologizes before saying that the father-in-law does not need to repeat things to make his point.

Everyone stiffens and Hong-Ran interrupts to yell at Kyung-Cheol for his rudeness. She asks how he could be so rude and notes that it must be because of his upbringing…He was raised in a neighborhood where “a dragon came out of the fields.” She even adds that his mother must have raised him like a prince since he lost his father early on and, therefore, do not know how to fear the father of a household. (Note – The quote is a loose translation. In Korea, in the recent history, it has become really hard for people outside of the main city of Seoul to become extremely successful due to many things including the quality of education and extra-curricular tutoring and training in Korea. As a result, people have said that if someone survives to the high class of success from outside of Seoul, that a dragon came out of the fields.)

The father-in-law’s expression implies that he agrees and he does not cut her off. However, the mother-in-law instructs that Eunseo take Hong-Ran away. Eunseo does and snaps in the kitchen that she thinks the guy looks like a jerk.


After the two sister-in-laws are gone, the father-in-law asks on what condition he got a divorce from his wife. Jinhee answers that since he can get a divorce, her father should return the proceeds from the sale of her apartment. Her father stiffens that he has no need to pay for this stranger’s spousal support and orders that they return after they bring the official divorce documentation. With that he gets up and leaves and the mother-in-law follows.

Once they are alone, Jin-Myung tells Kyung-Cheol that he can help with the spousal support one time payment. He asks Kyung-Cheol if he truly loves Jinhee and Kyung-Cheol immediately answers that he does.

Frowning, Jin-Myung asks how Kyung-Cheol can answer so quickly and lightly. He warns Kyung-Cheol that the only reason that he is helping is because he wants Jinhee to be happy. He tells Kyung-Cheol that if he ever makes Jinhee unhappy, he would never be forgiven.

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Back at the orphanage, Deok-In comments that the best thing in the world is to listen to children happily frolicking. She sighs that when she sees this kind of thing, she wonders how the parents could ever give up such precious children.

Jinwoo asks her if she ever thinks about her parents.

Deok-In smiles that she does wonder some time what kind of persons her parents are and whether she resembles them.

When asked if she tried looking for them, Deok-In answers that she never had the time. She has focused on getting by each day. He even sighs that she does not miss them as she does not remember their faces.

Jinwoo asks her how she can always stay so bright in spite of everything. Deok-In answers honestly that if she focused on the bad, she would never get through it so she focuses on the good.

Looking at her in her eyes, he promises to stay next to her and always think about her. So even if she does not see him, she should think about him and know that he’s thinking about her….To know always that she is not alone.

They then go off and bike with the children.


As for the two selfish idiots, Kyung-Cheol complains about Hong-Ran at his house. Jinhee changes the subject by saying they should celebrate.

Celebrating their good fortune, Jinhee and Kyung-Cheol toast with some red wine in the middle of candlelight. Jinhee tells Kyung-Cheol that she’s really happy and loves him. Kyung-Cheol tells her that they will be happy forever from now on.

What they don’t realize is that Bok-Rye has resorted to extreme measures. When Kyung-Tae goes to call his mother to join them for dinner, he finds her fallen and unconscious. The other siblings come in to find a pill bottle next to Bok-Rye who shows some foam at her mouth.


Deok-In slowly and comfortably walks back to her house with Jinwoo. She jokes that she is not a child and does not need him to walk her back. Jinwoo answers that he’s just doing it so he can spend more time with her.

When they almost arrive, Deok-In gets a call from the siblings and runs in to find Bok-Rye on the ground. They call for an anbulance and Jinwoo watches from the side with concern.


Deok-In freaks out as much as the other children and appears to even lose it as she starts to sob. As the family members are hindering the medical professionals, a nurse orders that they all leave. The younger siblings pull Deok-In away to the lobby.


As Deok-In sits in a daze, the younger sister comes over with a letter from Bok-Rye. In the letter, Bok-Rye apologize for everything and all of the suffering Deok-In had to go through. She asks Deok-In not to hate Kyung-Cheol too much…She even notes that Kyung-Cheol won’t be able to stay selfish when he sees that his mother has passed on and asks Deok-In to take him back when he returns.


Kyung-Cheol runs into the hospital to find his siblings in the lobby. Kyung-Tae grabs Kyung-Cheol by his collar and throws the letter in his face asking if he’s happy now. Deok-In also snarls that if something happens to Bok-Rye, she will not leave Kyung-Cheol alone.


After some time has passed and only Deok-In and Kyung-Cheol are left in the lobby, Kyung-Cheol walks back to Deok-In. He tells her that this has nothing to do with their divorce so Deok-In should not have other thoughts.

Deok-In sobs that Kyung-Cheol is horrible when Bok-Rye has gone to these lengths. Kyung-Cheol replies that no matter what happens, it’s his business and none of Deok-In’s.

Deok-In asks how he could do this to his mother when she treated him like a prince compared to his other siblings. Kyung-Cheol answers that whatever he does is not part of her life.

Kyung-Tae runs out to tell everyone that Bok-Rye woke up and the two run into the emergency section.


Deok-In grabs Bok-Rye’s hand and asks how Bok-Rye could have done this and thought of leaving her…She tells Bok-Rye that she would not have been able to live without Bok-Rye.

Bok-Rye asks for Kyung-Cheol and he wanders over. Heaving, Bok-Rye tells her son just to live with Deok-In. She explains that even if he gets married into the family, he would not be able to find happiness and this society does not frown upon divorce…

Turning to Deok-In, she tells Deok-In that she knows Kyung-Cheol will have to return to her sooner or later. She asks Deok-In never to divorce Kyung-Cheol. Holding Bok-Rye’s hand, Deok-In falls to the ground sobbing.


Deok-In follows Kyung-Cheol out of the hospital and tells him to stay by his mother’s side during the night. Kyung-Cheol tells Deok-In that Bok-Rye has survived the most dangerous phase and will be all right. He tells her that he will see her at the court and turns to leave.

Deok-In tells Kyung-Cheol that she won’t show up. She tells him that she does not want to live with him as well. However, she tells him that she will only agree to the divorce when Bok-Rye approves. She also turns to leave.

Kyung-Cheol runs back and turns her around. He yells at her that he already told Jinhee’s family who is waiting for his divorce. Deok-In answers that he does not need to consider their feelings when she just needs to care about Bok-Rye who might try to commit suicide again.


When Kyung-Cheol tells Jinhee, she freaks out. She reminds him that her brother offered to prepare the spousal support lump sum payment but on the condition that he gets divorced quickly. She has the gall to ask why Kyung-Cheol’s mother is acting this way, implying that Bok-Rye is acting unreasonably.

Jinwoo sits anxiously waiting for some news from Deok-In and wonders if he should call her first. However, he realizes that he does not even have her number.

Deok-In also walks out of Bok-Rye’s room and thinks to herself that Jinwoo will likely worry.

The next day, Jinwoo walks by her restaurant only to find it closed. Deok-In is at home preparing porridge. Her older brother-in-law comes by and tells her that he can prepare Bok-Rye’s food so Deok-In should go out to work. Deok-In declines as she feels like she should be at home with Bok-Rye.


She finishes preparing the porridge and even spoon feeds her mother-in-law. The first thing that Bok-Rye asks if Deok-In will not divorce Kyung-Cheol and will accept him back.

Deok-In reassures her that she won’t do anything that Bok-Rye does not want. However, she does not answer when Bok-Rye asks about taking Kyung-Cheol back.

Meanwhile, Hyunseo asks his mother about his new outfit and finds out that she gave it to their maid’s son. In turn, Eunseo asks where Hyunseo’s car is and he tells her that he let Hyojung’s brother borrow it. He warns his mother not to speak badly to Hyojung or he won’t stay silent.

When Hyojung arrives, Eunseo asks Hyojung about her brother. Hyojung answers haltingly that her brother used to work at a club as waiter. She gets up to go up stairs and Eunseo stops her. She tells Hyojung to stop meeting Hyunseo outside the house and also asks that she keep her brother from meeting him as well.

Hyojung agrees but Hyunseo walks down and yells at his mother. He takes Hyojung upstairs and apologizes for his mother. Hyojung answers that she would like to ask him not to meet her brother even if her brother calls him out.


When Hyojung leaves, Eunseo runs up to yell at her son. Hyunseo yells back that she had no right to yell at Hyojung like that as Hyojung must have been extremely hurt by the treatment. Eunseo responds by asking how Hyunseo could be worried about Hyojung but yell back at his mother in front of the girl.

Hyunseo asks if he should just live as her doll until he dies and tells his mother that he really likes Hyojung’s brother before stomping off. Puberty anyone?

Kyung-Tae goes to pick up Hyojung in Hyunseo’s car. Shocked, Hyunseo tells him to return the car immediately. However, somehow Kyung-Tae manages to convince Hyojung to join him one more time.

Hyunseo also gets dolled out to leave and Eunseo realizes that it’s to meet Hyojung.

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Kyung-Tae has completely turned into Hyunseo’s right hand man as he brings Hyojung into a nice bar. A waiter comes with some wine as the light focuses on the piano where Hyunseo is waiting. He starts playing and singing a love song for Hyojung. >.< Ah, did he buy out the bar?!?! SO ROMANTIC!

Hyunseo’s beautiful voice caresses the listeners as even Hyojung finds herself staring at him.


At the same time, Hong-Ran whines to her mother-in-law to convince Eunseo not to leave since her mother-in-law does not want Eunseo to leave other. She calls Eunseo out and asks if Eunseo really wants to leave.

Eunseo calmly responds that since they made the decision, she just wants to leave.

Meanwhile, Jinwoo wonders around Deok-In’s restaurant and finds himself walking to her house to check on her. He cannot bring himself to knock and walks to the side when the older brother-in-law walks out to take out the trash.

screenshot_2015-06-21-16-44-39-resized-640 screenshot_2015-06-21-16-45-15-resized-640

He walks back inside but then realizes who he saw and insists that Deok-In take out the recylcying. OMG I LOVE THIS GUY >.< WHAT A SWEETIEPIE! SOMEONE GIVE HIM A JOB!

Deok-In walks out and sees Jinwoo sitting on the steps. She runs over and he asks about Bok-Rye’s mother-in-law.

Deok-In carefully answers that she took too much medicine because Bok-Rye was so unhappy about Deok-In’s decision to divorce her son. Jinwoo agrees that it’s a relief that Bok-Rye was able to survive the incident. Taking out his phone, he asks her for her number.

He tells her that he will call her if he needs her and notes that she probably is not in the mood to go grab some tea. She tells him to leave and he agrees.


Jinwoo reluctantly turns around and finds Kyung-Cheol staring. Deok-In tells Jinwoo to leave but Kyung-Cheol stops him to ask if Jinwoo came to eat with accusing eyes. Deok-In walks over to tell her husband to go in if he came to check on his mother.

Jinwoo turns around to leave but Kyung-Cheol shouts again that he wants to know why Jinwoo came. Jinwoo turns around and asks if Kyung-Cheol is that curious.


As much as I love the scheming machinations between the sister-in-laws this was a fun episode because it focused back on the main conflict. KC/JH v. JW/DI! I really hope that Kyung-Cheol realizes just what he is trying to throw to the curb and ends up begging Deok-In to stay.

To give a background on the strained meeting, I assume that it was a second attempt at an official “greeting” to the parents. Therefore, when the in-laws told Kyung-Cheol to bring his divorce papers, it was basically giving Kyung-Cheol and Jinhee the greenlight for their relationship and eventual marriage. They had a reason to celebrate even if it ended up bring premature.

In this episode, I had to say I felt split about Kyung-Cheol’s family. I was highly disappointed by Bok-Rye’s behavior. It is one thing for Bok-Rye to put in her last will/letter that she is doing this because she is disappointed in her son. When she added that she wants Deok-In to refrain from divorcing and asked Deok-In to take Kyung-Cheol back when he came back, it was like she is knowingly manipulating her daughter-in-law. It is not enough that Deok-In gave up her youthful years to taking care of Kyung-Cheol’s family…No, she wants Deok-In to accept Kyung-Cheol back when the rich family throws him out and continue to take care of him and the family?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PERSPECTIVE?

If she truly thought of Deok-In as her daughter, she needs to think about what would be best for Deok-In’s happiness and future without considering what would be best for Kyung-Cheol. Once, you take Kyung-Cheol’s happiness and stability out of the equation, Deok-In would be much happier if she divorced Kyung-Cheol and got together with Jinwoo. This is why, I am disappointed in Bok-Rye.


On the other hand, I LOVE Kyung-Soo. Normally, I hate it when adults stay at home and live parasitically off of their family members. It is my pet peeve because I think that everyone should equally, which includes equal financial responsibility. I think if you can contribute to the family financial burden, then fine go after your passion. However, if you cannot, then whether you are a man or woman, you should not detract from the family’s overall wellbeing. If economically, one person should stay home due to the cost of outside childcare, then one side’s decision to stay at home should be respected. After all, in certain societies like the United States, the tax system creates an economic reality where unless both earners earn more than a certain amount, economically it might make sense for one side to stay at home because the cost of full time help may be greater than the amount that can be earned by going out.

However, without that kind of situation, I hate it when full grown adults stay at home and live off of what other earn them. Ahem Kyung-Tae, Kyung-Soo, and Jinhee. It’s not like Kyung-Ah loves limping around and running errands at the hair salon. Rather, she goes to work every day in hopes that she does not have to rely on the hard work of others.

Despite all of that, I felt my usual irritation at Kyung-Soo’s parasitic life today due to his kindness toward Deok-In. Even though, he does not orally declare that Deok-In is like blood family as Bok-Rye does, his actions toward her imply that he actually thinks about Deok-In’s happiness more. Kyung-Soo’s decision to not tell the rest of the family about his suspicions that Deok-In may be developing a relationship with Jinwoo was one of the signs. His decision to ask Deok-In to go out and take out the recycling so that she can see Jinwoo waiting for her outside was the ultimate action. He knows that he’s pushing his sister-in-law toward another man. If everything goes well, she might have no reason to support his family financially or take Kyung-Cheol back. However, he still supports her silently. This type of empathy, I can support.


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