Love on a Rooftop – E51

The focus returns to the romance with Mi-Ja conflating her plan of revenge with keeping Do-Jin and Seung-Hye apart. Finding herself struggling with a son who has finally decided to leave his mother’s skirts, Mi-Ja enlists the help of Dong-Sook and Dae-Ho. Meanwhile, Se-Ryung decides to start her own machinations. Buckle up, she looks like a second lead that you cannot ignore ^o^


Do-Jin comes over to apologize to Seung-Hye for his mother’s behavior earlier and asks Seung-Hye to join him on a late night walk.

Seung-Hye agrees and Do-Jin leads her back to the cafe where he grabs her hand. Without looking at her, he tells her that he wants to walk into the cafe while holding Seung-Hye’s hand. (Not sure what he was supposed to be conveying…)

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Do-Jin continues that this is his sincere feelings. Turning to look at her, he puts her hand on his heart and asks if she can feel his sincerity. Seung-Hye smiles.

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The next morning, Seung-Ah peers in and memorizes what Seung-Hye says on her morning-calls. Then she runs to her room and practices before calling Yunho. When he sleepily picks up, she brightly says the same thing and Yunho confuses her for Seung-Hye in his half-awake state. Seung-Ah tells Yunho that she would be able to recuperate faster if he allows her to do his morning calls in the future and hangs up.


As the family has breakfast, Seung-Hye tells the family that she has decided to help out with Do-Jin’s cafe again. However, Dae-Ho tells the whole family that he disapproves of her returning to the cafe. Seung-Hye responds that in creating a new tea flavor, she has learned that she likes making tea as much as making coffee. Soon-Im also backs her up by telling Dae-Ho that if Seung-Hye wants to return to the cafe, the family should support her.


At the same time, Do-Jin hands an envelope over to Se-Ryung. He explains to her that he is not paying for Seung-Ah’s surgery; Seung-Hye is. He adds that Seung-Hye had wanted to pay for Seung-Ah’s surgery more than anyone and he is just using Seung-Hye’s signing bonus to pay Se-Ryung back.

Se-Ryung stops Do-Jin from walking away. She warns him that he will regret making her feel so pathetic.


Meanwhile, Mi-Ja meets with Dong-Sook at Sun-Sook’s restuarant. Handing over an invoice, Mi-Ja tells Dong-Sook that Dong-Sook needs to pay her back for the loan with interest or stop Seung-Hye from getting involved with Seung-Hye. Mi-Ja even tells Dong-Sook that she cannot believe that Seung-Hye would have “smelled the scent of moeny” and seduced her innocent son who does not know anything but studying…Sun-Sook runs over to look at the invoice and voices her shock at the amount of interest that has already acrrued and rips the contract up. However, Mi-Ja just smiles that the contract was a copy anyways.

Dong-Sook snaps that she will keep Seung-Hye from dating Do-Jin as she had not approved of Do-Jin anyways and tells Mi-Ja to leave. Sun-Sook backs up her sister by pulling Mi-Ja up and throwing salt behind her. (In Korean culture, one throws salt to keep evil karma at bay.)


Back at Do-Jin’s cafe, Seung-Hye happily takes a bite from Do-Jin’s newest menu. She smiles instead of critiquing the dish and then the two end up playing around with the frosting.


Dong-Sook arrives to see them running around trying to put frosting on each other. Angrily, Dong-Sook grabs Seung-Hye by her wrist and yells at the two youth that she is taking her daughter home. She asks Do-Jin if he knows how his mother treats Seung-Hye.

When Do-Jin pauses, Dong-Sook gets angrier that he seems to know how his mother treats her daughter and still thinks that he has a right to date her. Do-Jin falls to her knees to beg that Dong-Sook allow her daughter to stay and Dong-Sook tells them both that Mi-Ja told her Seung-Hye only liked Do-Jin because of his money.

Seung-Hye realizes that the situation is worse than expected and tells her mother that she will return home with her mother. Before she leaves, she tells Do-Jin that she will contact him later.


Dong-Sook comes home to yell at everyone that Seung-Hye is grounded; Seung-Hye is not allowed to go out because Seung-Hye might go to Do-Jin’s cafe.

Seung-Ah manages to convince her mother that Seung-Hye should accompany her on her trip to the hospital. When the two girls take off, Dong-Sook explains to Dae-Ho why she is so against Seung-Hye working at the cafe.


Meanwhile, Seung-Ah happily drags Seung-Hye out to meet Yunho who has brought his car to drive Seung-Ah to the hospital. Seung-Ah explains the whole situation to Yunho who expresses hope that Seung-Hye would give up on Do-Jin. However, Seung-Hye excuses her self with an apology as today is Do-Jin’s cafe’s opening day.


Seung-Hye arrives at Do-Jin’s cafe to cheer him up. She tells him that she can only stay until Seung-Ah returns from her hospital visit. She also reassures him that she is just in the same situation as Do-Jin; both of htem will just need to convince their mothers.


At Mi-Ja’s restaurant, she tells Dae-Ho that Do-Jin declared to her that he likes Seung-Hye. She tells Dae-Ho that both of them know why the two children should never be together…She even adds that since her son does not know anything but studying, she is positive that Seung-Hye seduced him.

Dae-Ho bristles at her words and yells back that she should be careful with her choice of words.

Mi-Ja smiles that the words are reminiscent of what Soon-Im told her when she was younger. Then she ends with her request that Dae-Ho helps her keep her son and Seung-Hye apartm.


Dong-Sook asks for Soon-Im’s help in keeping Seung-Hye from going to Do-Jin’s cafe. When Soon-Im asks what the reason in, Dong-Sook has to revert to the excuse that she likes Yunho better than Do-Jin.

Soon-Im tells Dong-Sook that Yunho looks like he would cheat on Seung-Hye, whereas Do-Jin looks like the type of person who would be dependable and stay steadfast in his choices so Seung-Hye should end up with the latter type of guy.

Dong-Sook answers that she met a guy in the second category and suffered the rest of her life, which makes Soon-Im tsk that Dong-Sook has not matured yet. EQ’s call interrupts their conversation.


Then the scene turns to Dae-Shil showing up at a restaurant where EQ has already ordered for both of them. He tells her that this restaurant’s food is known for giving people a lot of strength, which he ordered since they have a lot to do.

When Dae-Shil seems confused, he just laughs and starts to gulp his food down in an uncontrolled manner that makes Dae-Shil gag. Seeing her gag, EQ asks if she did something with Kyung-Tae. Dae-Shil does not seem to grasp the reference to sleeping together and yells that EQ makes no sense before getting up to leave. EQ grabs her to sit back down.


Yunho drops by Do-Jin’s cafe with Seung-Ah where Do-Jin thanks Yunho for taking Seung-Ah to the hospital. Yunho answers back that he heard Do-Jin helped Seung-Hye more by repaying Se-Ryung for Seung-Ah’s surgery.

Do-Jin answers that he did not do anything out of the ordinary as he just used Seung-Hye’s signing bonus to pay Se-Ryung back. Dong-Sook’s call rushes the two girls to leave quickly.


Back at home, Se-Ryung hands over a greeting present to Soon-Im. She tells Soon-Im that Seung-Hye paid her back for the surgery through Do-Jin, her fiance. When Soon-Im seems surprised, Se-Ryung smiles that Do-Jin is her fiance even though he does not like to talk about his personal details outside of the family.

As for the two swains, they have another conversation. Do-Jin apologizes for his punch the other night and Yunho accepts.


Yunho tells Do-Jin that just drawing a line against a girl who loves you is not the best route. Rather, he tells Do-Jin that Do-Jin should draw the line but be able to console the spurned woman until she is willing to accept it or Seung-Hye will have the worst time out of it.


EQ’s date with Dae-Shil is painfully entertaining because they are both near their fourties and as a result he feels like they don’t need to hide the more crude aspects of a relationship. I cannot believe he tells Dae-Shil straight up that he ordered the food ahead of time because they have a lot to do winkwink. If he thinks that is the way to get a motel solo girl into his bed, the guy needs a dating coach. Or he needs to find someone who would be willing to marry him just because of his success as an eastern doctor.

What do people think of the YH/SA relationship? While I hated Seung-Ah in the past, now that she seems to be doing something other than moping around and spending the money that the family does not have, I am starting to warm up to her. Also, it’s nice to see that Yunho gets some attention since he’s such a good catch if you ask me. I mean he even knows that by angering Se-Ryung without making it clear that the relationship between Do-Jin and Se-Ryung will not work out will only make it more difficult for Seung-Hye. In contrast, Do-Jin does not seem to see more than one step in front of him when Yunho acts as if he is looking at least two or three steps in front…The difference between a boy and a man if you ask me.

As for the DJ/SH relationship… FINALLY. His decision to pay Se-Ryung back with the money he explains to Yunho and Seung-Ah as the signing bonus made my heart flutter just a bit. This makes sense as the surgery should be less than $10,000. Seung-Hye’s monthly salary should be around $1,000-$1,500 I assume so a 3-4 month signing bonus seems reasonable especially when one considers that Seung-Hye was the only reason that the cafe had a chance at making a profit at all with the yeowoobi tea. Unfortunately, my flutter is tempered by the fact that it highlights the situation that Do-Jin opened a cafe without a strong marketing/business strategy leaving himself vulnerable to luck… How does he expect to succeed like that?


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