Make a Woman Cry – E12

Kyung-Cheol starts to have second thoughts about his divorce now that Deok-In has a man who loves her. Kyung-Cheol’s reaction freaks Jinhee out as she knows that her brother’s marriage to Deok-In is more socially accepted than her own wedding to Kyung-Cheol. At the same time, Eunseo makes it clear to Hyojung that she does not approve of Hyojung and Hyojung quits being Hyunseo’s nurse. While Eunseo successfully maneuvers family politics to get Hyunseo a job at the company, the loss of Hyojung turns Hyunseo inward to rebellion.



Kyung-Cheol yells at Jinwoo to disclose why Jinwoo is secretly meeting his wife. Jinwoo asks what right Kyung-Cheol has to call Deok-In his wife.

Deok-In tries to jump in the middle and tells Kyung-Cheol to hurry in to see his mother. Instead, Kyung-Cheol yells at Deok-In for showing off her inappropriate behavior in the neighborhood.

While Jinwoo does not leave, Deok-In turns to him and asks him to leave for her. Jinwoo looks like he wants to stay but tells her that he will leave. He turns as Kyung-Cheol yells after him to meet separately.

As Jinwoo walks away, Kyung-Cheol finally turns toward his house. Deok-In yells at his back that they should not say anything stupid to his mother who is still recovering.

Kyung-Cheol ignores her and stomps into the house and into his mother’s room. As Deok-In walks in after, Kyung-Soo asks worriedly where and when Deok-In met Kyung-Cheol. When she answers that they met outside the house, Kyung-See realizes what is happening and looks anxiously at his mother’s door.


As soon as he gets into her room, Kyung-Cheol announces that Deok-In is having an affair. Bok-Rye unsteadily gets up and asks her son what is he even talking about as Deok-In rushes in.

Deok-In tries to cut off her husband by stating that he should ask for his mother’s health first. However, he ignores all decorum and continues on that Deok-In is seeing someone.

Sighing, Deok-In tells Bok-Rye that because she has not opened her restaurant for several days, a teacher from the school dropped by to check on her. The two women ignore Kyung-Cheol as Bok-Rye comments that Deok-In should go back to the restaurant instead of making people worried.

Seeing this, Kyung-Cheol snarls that his mother does not believe him. Finally, Bok-Rye glares at him and asks if she should believe her son who is having an affair or her faithful daughter-in-law.

This is enough for Kyung-Cheol who still does not ask about his mother’s health and stomps to the kitchen where Kyung-Soo is preparing a meal. He asks if his brother also had no idea about his wife having an affair while pretending that she’s the victim.

Kyung-Soo turns to his little brother and tells him to shut up. He notes that even if Deok-In were seeing someone, Kyung-Cheol has no right to say anything.

Not realizing that he sounds like a complete idiot, Kyung-Cheol replies as if it is matter of fact that things are different since he’s a man. He tells his brother than even if he is having an affair, his wife has no right to have an affair as well.

Kyung-Soo has nothing to say to this and just throws the water that he was using to wash seaweed in Kyung-Cheol’s face.

This seems to finally get to Kyung-Cheol who asks what Kyung-Soo is doing. Kyung-Soo just answers that Kyung-Cheol is too loud.


So Kyung-Cheol goes home to complain to Jinhee. She jumps up from bed where she was relaxing with a face mask.

Kyung-Cheol tells her to go home immediately and tell her family so that they can stop Jinwoo from pursuing Deok-In. Like any normal person, Jinhee asks him incredulously what benefit that would accomplish. She reminds him that her brother is a widow while she is still unmarried. Any person would rather support a widow getting remarried to a divorcee than allowing an unmarried young girl to marry a divorcee.

Kyung-Cheol complains that Jinwoo is crazy…He notes that even if Jinwoo is a widow, he should not go around trying to seduce other married women.

Aghast, Jinhee asks if her brother meeting Kyung-Cheol’s ex-wife makes him that angry. Not reassuring her, Kyung-Cheol throws his jacket on the floor and stalks out with the words that it makes him angry.

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The next day, Eunseo meets with Hyojung at a cafe. She tells Hyojung to stop meeting her son. She notes that she knows the type of person Hyojung is. She knows that Hyojung is the type of girl that other girls hate while boys cannot help but fall for – the innocent looking fox.

Hyojung tells Eunseo that she does not need to worry; she only thinks of Hyunseo as friend and a patient.

Eunseo repeats that Hyojung is saying that she is not interested but Hyunseo is courting her.

Hyojung just apologizes that she has to go back to work and leaves.


When Eunseo comes home, she finds Hyunseo in the yard reading. She runs over to tell him that Hyojung is a horrible child. She repeats that Hyojung told her that she does not care for Hyunseo…that Hyunseo is following her around.

Hyunseo stands up and asks if his mother went to see Hyojung. He tells her that she is not worrying about his life. Rather, he sees his mother as showing jealousy because she thinks of him as not only a son but also a husband.

Eunseo grabs Hyunseo’s book and throws it to the ground yelling that he is naive because he spends his days reading books like these. Then she goes into her room and cries.


Meanwhile, Hyojung sits silently with Kyung-Tae and remembers Hyunseo serenading her. She wonders to Kyung-Tae why Hyunseo likes her.

Kyung-Tae answers that Hyunseo has not met many people so he does not know better.

She asks why Kyung-Tae likes her then.

Kyung-Tae tells her to stop questioning things as he hates women who question everything.

Hyojung just sighs that she feels so weird and pensive.

Kyung-Tae gets excited that Hyojung must have fallen for Hyunseo because of the event and gets ready to text Hyunseo. Hyojung turns to Kyung-Tae and asks if he trusts her that much that he is happy that Hyojung is falling for Hyunseo. She asks if he is confident that she would still have an affair with him even after falling for Hyunseo.

Kyung-Tae just nods in agreement and Hyojung gets up. Kyung-Tae jumps up after her and tries to win her over by hugging her. (IDK…this kid is the epitome of what I hate.)

Deok-In prepares a meal when she sees Jinwoo walking by without stopping at her restaurant. She runs out to ask if he’s leaving work.

Jinwoo tells her that he has an appointment so he cannot eat with her. He does offer to meet her later on at night. He starts to walk off when Deok-In runs after him and asks if Kyung-Cheol called Jinwoo out. She asks Jinwoo not to meet Kyung-Cheol.

Jinwoo responds that there is no reason for him to avoid the meeting. So Deok-In asks to go there together.


They arrive at the restaurant together to Kyung-Cheol’s anger. The two men take seats across from each other. Deok-In also pauses but remembers the humiliating episode when Kyung-Cheol took the seat next to Jinhee in front of her. So she looks at Kyung-Cheol as she takes the seat next to Jinwoo.

Kyung-Cheol sees this and takes a gulp of water in anger. Then he asks when the relationship started between the two.

Jinwoo tells Kyung-Cheol that it has nothing to do with Kyung-Cheol.

Kyung-Cheol answers that he is Deok-In’s husband.

Deok-In laughs at Jinwoo asks if Kyung-Cheol has changed his mind about marrying Jinhee.

Kyung-Cheol yells back if this is the reason Jinwoo went to his family and lied about him…making him into a pathetic person.


Jinwoo ignores Kyung-Cheol and turns to Deok-In. In a soft voice, he asks Deok-In to leave first as the two have stuff to hash out.

Deok-In asks if Jinwoo would be fine and Kyung-Cheol yells at her for worrying about another man in front of him. However, when Jinwoo seems firm, Deok-In gets up.

After Deok-In leaves, Jinwoo tells Kyung-Cheol that he is correct. Even if Deok-In divorces Kyung-Cheol, Kyung-Cheol will not be able to marry Jinhee as one side has to give up. He notes that even though he does not know if Deok-In will accept his feelings but he is not ready to give up. The only reason he would give up Deok-In is for Deok-In’s own happiness. He tells Deok-In that Deok-In is wasted on Kyung-Cheol. YESSSSSSS!

Back at the restaurant, Deok-In feeds her hungry sons. Kyung-Cheol walks in to demand that Deok-In come out. She pauses and smiles to the children that she is going to leave the pan on the table so the kids can grab more food if they want some.

As she leaves, one of the kids notes that Kyung-Cheol must be Deok-In’s husband and that he looks good. Our good old Kyushik retorts that he looks evil ^o^


Next to a beautiful view, Kyung-Cheol snarls at Deok-In if she can still lie. Deok-In asks what he’s so worried about. After all, she repeats his words back to him that he said that she is the type of man that no man would want even if she stood outside naked.

Kyung-Cheol sneers that she should stop dreaming about being the wife of a rich man. Instead she should let it go before making a fool out of herself.


Afterwards, he opens a can of beer and Jinhee tells him that Kyung-Cheol must still have feelings for Deok-In.

Kyung-Cheol tells her that he wants to marry Jinhee but he has never stopped thinking of Deok-In as his woman.

Eyes widening, Jinhee demands to know if Kyung-Cheol only wanted to marry her because she’s rich (a chaebol).

Kyung-Cheol responds back that she’s not a chaebol so she should be accurate with her words.


Back at the Kang residence, the mother-in-law asks her husband’s help in convincing Eunseo to stay. He notes that Eunseo said she did not want to so what are they supposed to do.

The mother-in-law responds that it’s normal for someone to be hurt. Eunseo had probably expected the family to hold on to her but they let her go. Now she got used to the idea of going out and living alone comfortably.

This leads to the father-in-law speaking with Eunseo separately. She tells him tha she wants to stay at home but she feels like she cannot stay at home since Hong-Ran does not treat her as an older sister-in-law.


This turns into another family meeting. Eunseo declares that Hong-Ran does not consider her a sister-in-law and repeats what Hong-Ran said to her…such as that Eunseo is not legally her sister-in-law, etc.

The father-in-law barks at Hong-Ran asking her if she actually said those workds.

Hong-Ran whines that Eunseo also said her own verbal attacks. Hong-Ran pauses because she cannot remember anything but then whines that Eunseo accused her of only marrying Jin-Myung because she attempted suicide.

The father-in-law grumps that it’s the truth. Then he agrees that the two cannot live together. He tells Hong-Ran that he’s kicking her out because she has no right to say such things to Eunseo. He explains that Hyunseo is the heir to the company and Eunseo is Hyunseo’s mother. Legality has nothing to do with it.

The father-in-law orders that Jin-Myung leaves with Hong-Ran for not being able to control his wife. Jin-Myung apologizes to his father and then tells his wife to beg for forgiveness to Eunseo.

Forced into a corner, Hong-Ran tells Eunseo that she’s sorry.

Smiling, Eunseo tells Hong-Ran that it is fine since both have to live together. At the end, the father-in-law warns Hong-Ran to be careful as if the incident occurs again, he will make Hong-Ran apologize again.

After the meeting, the father-in-law sighs that he does not like getting involved in the fight when both sides were wrong. He also wonders if it was their greed making Eunseo have Hyunseo…

Hong-Ran paces back and forth in Jin-Myung’s office wondering why she could not remember anything that Eunseo had said to her. She remembers finally that Eunseo also said that Minseo only got into college due to golf…

Jin-Myung just snaps at her to leave since she’s making it difficult for him to concentrate.

Hong-Ran turns on him and asks why he seems to calm when he saw his wife begging Eunseo for forgiveness. Instead of answering, Jin-Myung just tells her to leave instead of venting at her.

At Deok-In’s restaurant, she apologizes to Jinwoo on behalf of her husband as she knows that Jinwoo probably heard a lot of harsh things from him. In the middle of eating, Jinwoo smiles that he is more saddened by her apologizing.


After he finishes eating, they walk home together. Deok-In asks what Jinwoo would do if Jinhee tells his family that he’s dating someone. Jinwoo responds that he can just tell them that he is seeing someone.

When Deok-In just stares, he tells her that they can start dating right now making her laugh.


Jinwoo tells her to stop thanking him and asks her to stop by a bench with him. Once they are sitting, Jinwoo asks what orphanage she used to stay at.

Deok-In asks him to stop asking about these things because she cannot stop thinking about her birth parents after visiting the orphanage the other week. She confesses that she thought about her parents a lot when her child had died. She had thought about how her parents could live after leaving her out of their own volition.

Jinwoo asks if she knows whether her parents are still alive. Deok-In sighs that she has no way of knowing if they are still alive.


The next day, Jinwoo stops by his brother’s office. Jin-Myung gets up in surprise when Jinwoo actually walks in and asks what is the occasion.

Jinwoo asks him for a favor…He asks that Jin-Myung find someone for him.

Jin-Myung muses that it must be an important person if Jinwoo would come and ask him for a favor. Jinwoo answers that he has found someone he wants to love and this person is the mother of that person. He also asks Jin-Myung to keep it to himself.

Jin-Myung smiles and thanks Jinwoo for asking him for this favor as it means that Jinwoo still thinks of Jin-Myung as his brother.

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At a different part of the city, a lady in cheap makeup drinks the leftover soju that one of the customer left behind. As she gulps it down happily, the boss yells at her to stop drinking the leftover alcohol since she is still on the clock.

The woman yells back in confirmation but continues to drink. Afterwards, she walks on by some clothes on the street and decides that one of the tunics is completely her style. Musing that she still has some money that she got from selling cosmetics, she goes in to try it on and ends up deciding to buy it as well as trying on a pair of pants that goes with it.

In his office, Jin-Myung continues working late in the night. Eunseo comes in with a frozen fruit for him to have since he might get hungry while working. Jin-Myung thanks her and she smiles.

As she leaves, she runs into Hong-Ran to snaps at her for being in her husband’s office during the late hours. She also snaps that she forgot why she came in before asking if her husband will continue to sleep in the study. He mutters that he will continue to sleep in the study until this business finishes up.

Hong-Ran stalks down to snap at Eunseo to give her the same frozen fruit. Not fazed, Eunseo answers that there are some frozen fruits in the freezer.

Hong-Ran asks incredulously if Eunseo has written down all of Jin-Myung’s preferences and Eunseo answers that Jin-Myung is the column behind this family. After all, he needs to be healthy to keep the family business prosperous.

Hong-Ran huffs that Eunseo would have made the perfect wife had her husband not died that way. She then wonders how Eunseo could act this way not knowing who made her life into this.

Eunseo turns around to ask what Hong-Ran is speaking about and Hong-Ran backtracks. She barks that she just meant Eunseo’s fate is to have a good life before rushing into the kitchen.


The next morning, Hyunseo asks for another bowl of soup and everyone compliments his health. Hong-Ran jumps in to explain that it’s probably because Hyunseo is happily dating.

The father-in-law smiles that he does not mind anyone as long as Hyunseo is happy. Hyunseo thanks his grandfather as his mother stiffens. The mother-in-law muses that Eunseo might still not be satisfied but Hong-Ran drives it in that at least the family approves of the dating.

Eunseo takes this opportunity to ask if the grandfather would let Hyunseo start working for the company since Hyunseo is getting healthier. Jin-Myung quickly agrees. Hong-Ran also asks about Minseo but Jin-Myung notes that Minseo needs to finish his college education.

After the meal, Hong-Ran finds Minseo golfing outside and snaps at him to stop. She orders that he focus on studying since Hyunseo will enter the company faster.

Minseo refuses as he has a match coming up. To strengthen his position, he tells his mother that he saw his father’s expression…Jin-Myung is set on letting Hyunseo take over the company.

Hong-Ran yells back that as the situation turns to this, Minseo should focus on working harder against the odds. Minseo pauses trying to figure out his response when Eunseo walks up with a cool drink. She smiles that as it’s hot, he should stay hydrated and energized if he wants to fight the odds.


The two women walk back inside where Eunseo smiles that Hong-Ran should just let Minseo continue to be an athlete. When Hong-Ran snaps that Minseo can study if he puts his mind to it, Eunseo replies that only those who cannot study say those things. She adds that some levels of studying cannot be achieved just by trying harder. With that she suggests that Hong-Ran let Minseo focus on what he’s good at instead of turning him into a jobless bum.


At a cafe, Jinhee complains that she knew something was suspicious when Jinwoo advocated for Deok-In so much. She asks Jinwoo what his intentions are.

Jinwoo answers that he does not need to answer the question.

Jinhee huffs that Jinwoo’s answer is enough for her to know his intentions. She tells him that she does not want that “kind of woman” to get between them.

Jinwoo sighs that he just wants Jinhee to be happy and does not think that Kyung-Cheol will make her happy. He tries to reason with Jinhee by reminding her how Kyung-Cheol treated his own wife.

Furiously, Jinhee jumps up and spits out that Jinwoo is underestimating her if he thinks that she will like that woman. She also adds that he should wonder about whether he can make someone else happy when his first wife died the way she died. Them be some fighting words…

Hyojung carefully enters the Kang residence where Eunseo stands in the living room waiting for her. She silently bows to Eunseo before walking up the stairs.

Eunseo frowns as she remembers Hyunseo’s accusations.


As Hyojung checks Hyunseo’s vitals, Hyunseo asks her what she did yesterday. Hyojung answers that she went to see a movie with a friend. Hyunseo smiles that he had thought about her all day wondering what she was doing, whether she had eaten, and whether she also thought about him.

Hyojung sighs and tells Hyunseo that this is her last visit. She has asked the director of her department to change the nurse in charge of Hyunseo.

Eyes widening, Hyunseo asks if this is because of his mother.

Hyojung does not answer directly. Instead, she tells him to make sure to continue to stay healthy and keep eating.

After Hyojung leaves, Hyunseo enters the kitchen to announce to her that he refuses to go into the company from now on. When Eunseo asks why, Hyunseo tells her that he does not want to talk to her. He goes back into his room to sulk.


Eunseo follows him up and tells him with tears that he can decide not to go out to the company if he wants. She asks if he hates her for Hyojung’s decision not to be his nurse. She tells him that she understands and bites her lips before saying that she does not want anything enough to make him suffer. However, she only has him.

Hyunseo looks at her and replies that he hates her tears. Her tears are the reason that he always ends up bending to her will and living as her doll. He also adds that even if he ends up living according to her wishes until she dies, she should know that he’s not doing it because it makes him happy. Then, he throws himself under the covers and ignores his mother’s continued tears.

At another meal, the father-in-law asks for Hyunseo because the family has not seen him for several days. Eunseo answers that he just is not hungry and she will bring him his food later on. The family wonders if his health would suffer and Eunseo reassures everyone that things are fine.

After the meal, Hong-Ran stops Eunseo on her way with Hyunseo’s meal. She anxiously asks if something went wrong with Hyojung and whether Hyunseo’s health is suffering.

Glaring at Hong-Ran, Eunseo asks if Hong-Ran is satisfied now after playing with Hyunseo’s feelings.

Instead of sniping back, Hong-Ran continues to look worried and tells Eunseo that she is sincerely worried about her nephew.

Eunseo just responds that Hong-Ran should be careful if Hyunseo’s health declines…


Back in front of the school, Deok-In washes rice when she realizes someone has entered her store. She turns around to find Jinhee standing there.

Jinhee asks to speak somewhere else. Deok-In refuses as she has to prepare for the day’s business and continues to wash her rice.

Jinhee speaks to Deok-In’s back. She tells Deok-In not to think about entering her family. She tells Deok-In to get out of her life.

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Deok-In throws everything into the sink and walks over. She tells Jinhee that she would be happy to get out of Jinhee’s life. All Jinhee has to do is beg Kyung-Cheol not to divorce Deok-In. Then, Deok-In would not have a way to enter Jinhee’s family.

As Jinhee quivers at her words, Deok-In asks if Jinhee is worried that Kyung-Cheol is still in love with Deok-In and is only courting Jinhee for her money. She quietly notes that even though Jinhee is rich, she looks pathetic today.

Jinhee pulls her arm back to slap Deok-In but Jinwoo stops her. Standing in front of Deok-In, he tells Jinhee to treat Deok-In with respect as she is the woman whom he loves.


Gah, as much as I feel bad for Hyunseo because he has such a scheming and insecure woman as his mother… I cannot help that a part of me thinks that he does suffer from a sense of entitlement. Yes, he lives under the shadow of his mother. However, why can’t he enter the company and impress everyone while dating Hyojung and protecting her from his mother’s ire?

Practically speaking, he does not have to give up on Hyojung just because she has stopped being his nurse. He has Kyung-Tae’s number and presumably has Hyojung’s number. If not, Kyung-Tae would be more than happy to give him Hyojung’s number.

Additionally, if Hyunseo starts to work at the company, his mother would not watch over his every action. Rather, he could very likely see Hyojung outside during breaks or when he tells his mother that he is working late. Then he can try his hardes to continue to woo Hyojung’s heart away from the prying eyes of his mother who is the mistress of the Kang residence. Not sure if it would work, but I could also see the family accepting his wish to get a studio next to the company if he pretends to be fully enthralled by his job. That would get him out of his mother’s shadow physically and he can stop being subjected to seeing the silent war between his mother and his aunt.

While, I sympathize for his illness, I do think that he has become used to everything being fed to him on a silver platter. Not many people can say that he live without a financial care and the worst nightmare is whether or not they have to inherit a large company.

As for this episode, I have to say I felt like Jinhee is not as stupid as she appears. She at least knew that her family would, practically speaking, probably support her brother’s marriage to Deok-In more than they would support her marriage to Kyung-Cheol. Additionally, she knew without Kyung-Cheol having to spell it out for her that Kyung-Cheol still harbors feelings towrad Deok-In. When a woman knows that the odds are against her and still stubbornly insists on continuing on the path toward more destruction, is that stupidity? I do not understand what Jinhee believes she will gain from continuing this relationship when she’s cornered.


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