Love on a Rooftop – E56

Do-Jin begins to have symptoms of stage three of lovesickness and sees Seung-Hye everywhere. However, the adults begin to realize that there may be more problems in the horizon as Soon-Im purposefully decides not to think too much about the possibility that Do-Jin is Dae-Ho’s bloodline.

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Mi-Ja stands up and tells Seung-Hye that Seung-Hye can try having a child and see if she still believes that following one’s passion is best for that child. However, she makes sure to add that it will be with another man other than her son. She walks into her office and tells Dae-Ho that she no longer has anything else to say to his daughter. She tells him to take his daughter home and advises that he should have adopted a child who is more like him.

Dae-Ho’s eyes tighten with anger. He tells Mi-Ja that instead of telling this to his daughter, she should go and tell her son to stop following his daughter. Mi-Ja smiles that she is just following in Soon-Im’s footsteps as she does not want to say anything bad or mean to her son. Instead, she would rather warn off the “bad girl” who is “seducing” her “innocent son.” WOA…lines are draw.

Dae-Ho sighs to Seung-Hye that they should go. With shoulders drooping, he walks out with her.

However, while they are still in hearing distance, Mi-Ja sniffs, “How could this girl with no background have the audacity to even consider her doctor son.”

Dae-Ho turns around in anger. Yet, Mi-Ja continues. She explains herself that she was not saying anything wrong. Dae-Ho does not even know Seung-Hye’s parentage. As a result, she cannot be sure of Seung-Hye’s background.


Dae-Ho takes Seung-Hye to a nearby park and tells Seung-Hye to forget everything that Mi-Ja said. Seung-Hye reassures him that she did.

Dae-Ho asks why Seung-Hye even went to see Mi-Ja. Seung-Hye asks in return why Dae-Ho was there…He tells her that he had business…which causes Seung-Hye to ask about that business.

Dae-Ho asks if Seung-Hye wants to go on a trip with him as her grandmother suggested. He explains that he does not care about what happened in the past. However, he cannot stand anyone treating his daughter like Mi-Ja did…because she is a precious daughter to him.


Meanwhile, Seung-Jae meets with Do-Jin. Do-Jin smiles that he still remembers the first time Seung-Jae came and told Do-Jin that Seung-Hye has to meet a nice man and become happy. Do-Jin tells Seung-Jae that he agrees with Seung-Jae now.

Seung-Jae pauses and tells Do-Jin that he’s no longer sure. He does not think Do-Jin’s mother is someone that is easily handled. Do-Jin answers that he will take care of his mother if Seung-Jae would help Do-Jin with Seung-Hye’s grandmother.


At the same time, Sun-Sook is ecstatic. She shows Dong-Sook the flowers that Beom-Seok gave her…She tells her sister that she’s so happy, she would not mind if she died at this moment.

Dong-Sook reminds her sister that she is still Dong-Goo’s mother and should remember that. HAHAHA. Well, a woman even a mother is still a woman…


Mi-Ja discusses Dae-Ho’s reaction about Seung-Hye to Sang-Man. She wonders if Seung-Hye really has Dae-Ho’s blood…if he had accidentally impregnated a woman and sent the kid to an orphanage. Sang-Man denies this as he believes Dae-Ho would not be the type to sleep around. Yet, Mi-Ja is not convinced and tells Sang-Man to look into it.

Seung-Jae immediately goes to work. He brings tea to his grandmother and brings up Do-Jin. He notes that Soon-Im should not hate Do-Jin. Soon-Im answers that the problem is the more she gets to know Do-Jin, it is harder for her to hate Do-Jin…

Dong-Sook worries about what is the relationship between Dae-Ho and Mi-Ja. Sun-Sook asks whether they were in an intimate relationship in the past. Dong-Sook gets angry and tells off her sister that Dae-Ho would never let her meet Mi-Ja if that were the case… If only she knew….

The women decide that Dong-Sook should just be as irritatingly cute to Dae-Ho instead.


That night, Yunho asks Seung-Hye to come to Sun-Sook’s restaurant to see him. Seung-Hye tells him that she has a lot on her mind and does not want to go out. Seung-Ah overhears this and calls Seung-Hye, “unni,” thanking her for drawing the line clearly. She also promises to support Seung-Hye and Do-Jin’s relationship all the way.


Seung-Ah then runs to the kitchen and hugs Dong-Sook from the back. She tells her mother that she’s so happy about her sister. Dong-Sook turns around to ask what made Seung-Ah so happy when Seung-Hye is also nice to her little sister.

Seung-Ah happily brags that Seung-Hye told Yunho that she’s not going out. Dong-Sook gets angry and tells Seung-Ah that she should be supporting the relationship between Seung-Hye and Yunho since Yunho is interested in Seung-Hye. Seung-Ah begins to whine that she’s interested in Yunho as well and her mother cuts her off by yelling that they are not a family without values. ^^ Of course, Seung-Ah does not answer and declares to her mother that as long as Yunho joins the Dong Rak Dang family, it should be fine before stalking off.


At the same time, Do-Jin wonders why every time he sees the part time worker, he keeps seeing Seung-Hye. He shakes his head and mutters to himself that he misses Seung-Hye.

Seung-Ah sees this from outside the cafe and walks in to ask why Do-Jin is watching the employee with loving eyes. Do-Jin denies it and agrees that he’s missing her sister. Seung-Ah approves and tells him that she fully supports her “brother-in-law.”


At the Jang residence, the three come back from a night-time walk. Se-Ryung complains that she did not have to join. Yunho lectures Se-Ryung for not exercising regularly and tells her that she needed this walk more than her father and him. Beom-Seok asks if he should give the two space so that they could go for another walk. Within seconds, Se-Ryung and Yunho yell that that won’t be necessary. Se-Ryung also follows up with the statement that Yunho should not be wasting time like this and trying to win over Seung-Hye’s heart.

Beom-Seok sighs and notes that he’s hungry and… the PERFECT Yunho tells hte two to rest in the living room as he will prepare dinner! >.< Perfect. Perfect! Perfect!!


At the Yoon residence, Seung-Jae awkwardly yells at Seung-Hye that he wants to go on a walk with her. Seung-Hye awkwardly answers that she would join. As he walks her away from the house, he tells Seung-Hye that he will stay out for a little longer since the family will expect them to be on a night time walk. So Seung-Hye can go and meet with Do-Jin. Seung-Hye happily runs off and Seung-Jae sighs that he does not need to confirm her feelings.


At Joon-Bae’s restaurant, Kyung-Tae has worked with Joon-Bae and Miss Bong to propose to Dae-Shil. They turn off the lights and Kyung-Tae comes out with a cake and candles. He tells Dae-Shil to be be “chicken and beer” with him. Dae-Shil sniffs that she does not want to be “chicken and beer” with him since it’s so childish.

Kyung-Tae jumps up and tells Dae-Shil to wait. He explains that to other people, this might just be a chicken restaurant. However, it is the most romantic place to him since he met Dae-Shil there. He tells her that he wants to be with her forever and prove to her that he will never disappoint her again.

Dae-Shil sniffs that she does not know and runs out with Kyung-Tae following.


Meanwhile, Soon-Im finds that sleep is not easy to come by. She remembers Seung-Jae’s words about how Do-Jin tugs at his own heartstrings…since Do-Jin confessed that he never even saw his father’s face. She gasps and then tells herself that it cannot be what she is thinking.

When Dae-Ho comes home, he finds Dong-Sook waiting for him at the doorframe. She tells him that she could not ask the last time because of the circumstances. However, she has to know what he had to talk about with Mi-Ja.

Soon-Im wonders from the back about Dae-Ho meeting with Mi-Ja and falls to the ground. Dae-Ho helps Soon-Im up and Dong-Sook accompanies them into Soon-Im’s room. Soon-Im dismisses Dong-Sook as they have something private to speak about. She leaves but complains outside the door and sneaks back toward the door with her skirt rustling. Soon-Im must either realize what Dong-Sook would do or hear the ruffling because she yells through the door until Dong-Sook runs off.


Dae-Ho confesses that he met with Mi-Ja. Soon-Im asks what that conniving woman would say to Dae-Ho. She asks if Mi-Ja blamed Soon-Im for the past? Dae-Ho answers that from Mi-Ja’s perspective, it’s the truth.

Soon-Im tells Dae-Ho off for calling Mi-Ja by her name before dismissing Dae-Ho since Dong-Sook would be curious as to what they are speaking about. Dae-Ho finds Dong-Sook pacing in their room and tells her that Soon-Im suggested that he take Seung-Hye on a trip. Dae-Ho tells Dong-Sook to take Seung-Hye on a trip instead as he will take care of the household chores.

Dong-Sook tells him that Soon-Im would never let Dae-Ho take care of the house. She suggests that they tell Dae-Shil to take Seung-Hye on the trip instead.

As for the conniving duo, Mi-Ja has told Sang-Man to mess with Do-Jin’s cafe. He wanders into the basement and starts messing with the cables.


What he does not realize is that Seung-Hye is in the cafe with Do-Jin. They wonder if it’s an outage and Do-Jin ends up lighting a bunch of candles creating a romantic atmosphere for the two. Seung-Hye smiles at a candle and muses that this reminds her of the past. The two trade memories about when they met and Do-Jin decides that they must be fated to be with each other.

At the word “fated,” Seung-Hye pauses and tells Do-Jin that Seung-Jae has texted her so she needs to leave. Do-Jin offers to walk her home. She tells him that it can only go close to home since she is supposed to be out with her brother. She suggests that they blow out all the candles and leave instead. As she blows one out, Do-Jin kisses her on the cheek.


Hmmm, Dae-Ho’s reaction to Mi-Ja was quite the high-road. I am impressed. Even though, his usual posture has slumped shoulders, it did not seem to me like he was being kicked out of Mi-Ja’s office. Rather, he seemed to walk off with his dignity intact as a result of a conscious decision to protect his precious daughter from Mi-Ja. In contrast, Mi-Ja seemed so insecure and improper for the way that she kept sniping at Seung-Hye. It was interesting to see this as usually, I would think that the person who has the last word wins… Yet, it was clearly not the case here.

Kyung-Tae’s proposal was kind of hilarious. I have to agree with Miss Bong in the sense that I was not sure if it was a proposal proposal or if it was just a declaration of his intent to see Dae-Shil seriously. Usually a proposal is accompanied by a ring. Additionally, if Dae-Shil ran out with Kyung-Tae following, does this mean that she’s accepted? Or is it an open-ended proposal? Their relationship just makes me smile and wish to see more in the future.

Even though both of them are clearly new to the dating scene. I think they would make the perfect couple. Kyung-Tae does not seem to have any meddling or burdensome parents. He has job security and a secure source of income as a doctor. This would allow Dae-Shil to focus on writing, assuming that she is talented enough to get an offer for one of her books, who’s to say that more won’t follow? ^^

One rant of disappointment? We did not get to see what Yunho prepared. TT_TT

As for DJ/SH. I am starting to slightly warm up to their relationship. I don’t feel like I am drowning in empathy for them, but I feel more like meh, okay that’s kind of cute. At least he’s trying. Also, in a sense, it would fit in well with the theme of this drama as it is focused on family. It’s clear that other than the parents, the Yoon family support Do-Jin more than Yunho because Do-Jin is the one that SEUNG-HYE chose and she rarely chooses or decides anything for herself. In that sense, as much as I am more of a Yunho fan, I support the fact that Seung-Hye’s character is developing. ^^

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