Love on a Rooftop – E57

Looks like Dae-Shil and Kyung-Tae are making up for lost time with their relationship speeding violation. Dae-Shil’s condition gives Seung-Hye and Do-Jin some private time together in the middle of nature and the two reaffirm their feelings for each other.



Seung-Hye sniffs and asks if she is that pretty. She jokes that Do-Jin is in trouble if he has fallen for her so much. Do-Jin answers honestly that he is in trouble because she is beautiful to him. Seung-Hye awkwardly responds that they should stop joking and leave.

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At the same time, Kyung-Tae invites Dae-Shil on a trip before he sees Soon-Im again. That way, they can enjoy nature and he can get some positive energy from nature.


Dae-Shil finds Seung-Hye dazing off into space. She accuses Seung-Hye of meeting Do-Jin instead of going on a walk with Seung-Jae, which Seung-Hye confesses to. Dae-Shil advises Seung-Hye to be careful about her expressions and Seung-Hye pulls her hands up to her cheeks. Dae-Shil gasps but Seung-Hye reassures her that nothing happened before running off into her room.

At Kyung-Tae’s apartment, Do-Jin wonders out loud to his friend whether he should return back to the hospital. He explains that he feels like he could do anything if it means that he would be with Seung-Hye.


The next day at breakfast, Seung-Ah gives her modeling contract to her mother. She tells her brother to explain to everyone about the news and Seung-Jae announces to everyone that Seung-Ah got hired as a model. Seung-Jae reassures everyone that he reviewed the contract and everything is fine. However, Seung-Hye looks troubled that Seung-Ah would be working for Se-Ryung’s company.

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After breakfast, Dong-Sook asks Dae-Shil to take Seung-Hye on a trip. She refuses at first but then remembers Kyung-Tae’s invitation and agrees. She calls Kyung-Tae.

Seung-Hye innocently follows her aunt to find two two boys driving up.


At the same time, Sun-Sook cleans her shop while singing. She stands up when Yunho calls out. When she sees that Yunho is not alone but he brought Beom-Seok, she freezes. Beom-Seok sits down as Sun-Sook goes back and forth between staring at Beom-Seok with loving eyes and rushing off to prepare toast.


Se-Ryung visits Se-Ryung while wearing sunglasses. She asks Se-Ryung if there are any other perks of being a model for the company such as cosmetic treatments or personal training. Se-Ryung sniffs and warns Seung-Ah that she is still a newbie in the industry, if Seung-Ah keeps acting audaciously, she might find that her career ends before it begins. She thens asks about Seung-Hye and Do-Jin.

Seung-Ah tells Se-Ryung that the parental disapproval has enflamed the romantic feelings between the two. She advises Se-Ryung to give up. In explaining her reasoning, she exclaims that her family even sent Seung-Hye on a trip with her aunt.

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As for Seung-Hye, she follows Do-Jin up a hiking path on a hill. Do-Jin keeps turning around and telling Seung-Hye to lean on him considering him as a tree. Seung-Hye trips and Do-Jin catches her. Looking down, he tells her to be careful.


Behind them, Kyung-Tae huffs and picks Dae-Shil up. Walking past Seung-Hye and Do-Jin, he announces that a guy should be able to do this much.

Back in Seoul, Sun-Sook continues to prepare the toast sandwhich when Joon-Bae arrives with Dong-Goo’s backpack. Sun-Sook wonders out loud why Joon-Bae is at her store when they have no relationship. She shoos Joon-Bae out.

Yunho comments that Joon-Bae seems to like Sun-Sook a lot but she denies it.

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At the camping grounds, Dae-Shil and Kyung-Tae have fun taking selfie pics and even falling to the ground together. That is until, Seung-Hye and Do-Jin awkwardly call out for them.

During lunch, Dae-Shil only takes a few bites before explaining that she does not seem to have an appetite. Kyung-Tae jokes that Dae-Shil must be so in love that she’s full just looking at him. Do-Jin tries to say the same thing but Seung-Hye tells him to eat as she’s hungry.


Joon-Bae seems to have realized that Beom-Seok is Sun-Sook’s crush. He wears a suit and announces that he looks just like a company president. He goes to Sun-Sook’s restaurant and leisurely pulls out a chair. He asks if he looks like a large company president.

Sun-Sook tells him that he looks more like a loan-shark or a ganster and spits on his tissues before pasting it on his forehead.

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The two boys pamper the girls by telling them to rest as the boys handle all of hte work from cleaning up and washing dishes. Seung-Hye tells Kyung-Tae that she has something to say and he answers that he knows already what she wants to say…He will take good care of Dae-Shil and make sure Dae-Shil is happy.

At the same time, Dae-Shil tells Do-Jin that she cannot approve of his relationship with Seung-Hye. However, since Seung-Hye is having such a hard time because she cannot see Do-Jin, she finds that she has no choice but to reluctantly support them. She tells Do-Jin to be careful not to make Seung-Hye cry.

Seung-Hye’s conversation with Kyung-Tae also wraps up with Kyung-Tae telling Seung-Hye to promise that she will never run from Do-Jin. He holds out his pinky but gets intercepted by Do-Jin who tells his friend not to touch Seung-Hye without his permission.

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Dae-Shil’s condition gets worse so Kyung-Tae takes Dae-Shil to a nearby pharmacy. However, before she can drink the medicine, Kyung-Tae stops her and takes her to a hospital to check on something. He checks something on the screen and sighs.

He goes off to get a print out and Dae-Shil anxiously worries if she has some kind of tumor as she saw something on the screen. Kyung-Tae comes back and grabbing her wrists, tells her that they have twins!

Unaware that her son is off camping with Seung-Hye, Mi-Ja smiles that Do-Jin’s cafe is closed due to Sang-Man’s antics. The landlord had to close the whole building to confirm that they are in compliance with the fire regulations. She decides to visit Do-Jin when he does not pick up the phone.


At home, Kyung-Tae is telling Dae-Shil to be comfortable as he will take care of everything. Dae-Shil tries to call Seung-Hye but worries when Seung-Hye does not pick up. Kyung-Tae muses that the battery must be out or they are having an intimate night as well. Dae-Shil snaps at the last possibility and Kyung-Tae tells her to keep her calm for the health of the babies.

He tells her to relax and spend the night at his place. Dae-Shil can go home with Seung-Hye the next morning.

As he begins to prepare food, Mi-Ja drops by. She barges in and asks where Do-Jin is. As Mi-Ja wonders around, Dae-Shil walks out wondering if they should call Do-Jin.


Mi-Ja sits both of them down and continues to ask about Do-Jin and Seung-Hye’s whereabouts. Dae-Shil pretends to fall asleep until Kyung-Tae takes her to the bedroom so she can sleep in peace. When Kyung-Tae looks like he’s about to go back out to Mi-Ja, Dae-Shil throws him on the bed and tells him to sleep.

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Seung-Hye finds that she cannot fall asleep and goes out to join Do-Jin in front of the fire. Looks like they are waiting for word on Dae-Shil. Do-Jin tells Seung-Hye that Dae-Shil and Kyung-Tae will return soon. He asks instead what Mi-Ja told Seung-Hye.

Seung-Hye tells him that Mi-Ja told her to make Do-Jin return to the hospital…When asked for her opinion, Seung-Hye tells him that she wants Do-Jin to be happy.

Do-Jin tells Seung-Hye that the thing that would make him happiest is Seung-Hye. The two stare at each other for a charged moment as Do-Jin puts his arm around her shoulders. Then Seung-Hye leans into his shoulder and the two agree that they wish that time would stop.


Well, the writer does not keep the adults in the dark for too long. Right away, Dae-Shil and Kyung-Tae’s relationship gets cemented with the appearance of twins. How Soon-Im will handle her innocent baby daughter getting pregnant before marriage, I have no idea. Plus, Soon-Im seemed more interested in EQ than Kyung-Tae…. I hope that the two end up living together at Kyung-Tae’s place out of Soon-Im’s reach since they can continue living their honeymooney – lovey – dovey – dramatic relationship together. ^^

As for DJ/SH. This episode seemed more like a supportive episode. Now that both of them have confirmed that they love each other…until now, Seung-Hye never answered Do-Jin… AND there was this overnight camping trip where DJ/SH spent the night alone together, the adults can no longer hold any cards without using it. Additionally, the preview showed Mi-Ja telling Soon-Im that Do-Jin is part of Dong Rak Dang’s bloodline!

Looks like in the next two episodes, things will fall apart. What is Seung-Jae’s place when the true bloodline comes home? What will Seung-Hye do when she finds out that she needs to choose between the family who accepts her and who gave her love and her first love? What will Do-Jin do when he finds out that the father who abandoned him was off being a wonderful father to Seung-Hye and her siblings? AHHHHH. POPCORN TIME!

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