Love on a Rooftop – E60

Time for some confusion and misunderstandings! Dong-Sook finds the ultrasound and believes that it’s actually Seung-Hye’s.


Seung-Hye walks to the park looking for Do-Jin who sneaks up on her. He tells her happily that his mother has agreed to accept her!


Seung-Hye does not smile at the news and Do-Jin asks why she’s not happier. Seung-Hye tells him that she’s not happy to hear that Mi-Ja is willing to accept her for Do-Jin returning to the hospital. She tells him to not give up as she can work harder to get Mi-Ja’s approval…However, she’s not able to be happy when the person she loves has to give up his dreams.

Kneeling before her, Do-Jin tells her that she is mistaken. If he had not met Seung-Hye, his dream would be to open a successful cafe. However, after meeting her, his dream has changed to just being with her.


Back at home, Dong-Sook tries to wake up Dae-Shil to ask where Seung-Hye snuck out to. Dae-Shil asks her sister-in-law to leave as she’s being loud and Dong-Sook takes Seung-Hye’s laundry in a huff…The laundry which includes Seung-Hye’s jeans and the ultra sound picture…

Dong-Sook remembers Seung-Hye gagging over lunch and starts to hyperventilate that her daughter might be pregnant. As she stalks out to the doorway, she overhears Do-Jin telling Seung-Hye to go inside and not to worry about anything. He tells her that he’s so happy that Seung-Hye “grabbed his ankle.” (In Korea, when a girl forces a boy to get married to her by getting pregnant, they call it – grabbing his ankle.)


Dong-Sook rushes out furiously and yells at Do-Jin for being a horrible person. She then drags Seung-Hye back into the courtyard and asks Seung-Hye how she could do this to Dong-Sook. Seung-Hye tries to ask her mother for understanding as she cannot give up on Do-Jin.


Dong-Sook answers that she understands that Seung-Hye cannot give up on Do-Jin since she’s pregnant! She thrusts the picture back at Seung-Hye demanding to know how Seung-Hye can deny it when there’s proof. Seung-Hye sighs about the ultrasound but remembers Dae-Shil’s request that Seung-Hye wait for the right timing. Seung-Hye tells her mother that she will know soon but Seung-Hye, herself, is not pregnant.


This conversation gets interrupted by Soon-Im. Dong-Sook and Seung-Hye go inside to sit with Soon-Im who wonders about what Dong-Sook was yelling about. Dong-Sook pretends that it was nothing. Soon-Im wonders out loud about the dream that she had the other night…She had gone out to the field and picked a bunch of red and green peppers because a guest was coming. She believes that its a “taemong” and Dong-Sook agrees. (In Korea, people believe that if someone is about to give birth, either the pregnant person or someone nearby will have a dream that predicts the pregnancy.)


Meanwhile, Yunho eats breakfast with Beom-Seok who sighs about Se-Ryung’s refusal to eat. He tells Yunho that he’s going to ask Do-Jin to be nicer to Se-Ryung and reconsider Se-Ryung’s emotions. Yunho tells Beom-Seok that this won’t change Do-Jin’s mind…Instead…He offers up an idea that we do not hear.


Seung-Hye barely makes it through the awkward meeting and rushes to her aunt. She tells Dae-Shil about Dong-Sook finding out about the ultrasound picture and not believing that the ultrasound is not her picture. Dae-Shil asks Seung-Hye to hold on just a little longer and she will tell the family as soon as she can.

Dae-Shil calls Kyung-Tae who has to run out for a surgery. She offers to go tell everyone herself and Seung-Hye stops her. Seung-Hye tells Dae-Shil that she can wait until Kyung-Tae comes over for the confusion to be sorted out.

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Seung-Ah is hard at work. She stomps into Se-Ryung’s office and throws a folder at Se-Ryung’s desk. She demands to know how the new theme for the fashion line is the same as her aunt’s project proposal, “Family as soon as you wear it.”

Se-Ryung answers that Dae-Shil did survive until the final round. However, the company was not so sure since Dae-Shil has the plagiarism issue in her history. The two girls end up glaring at each other at a standstill.


At Dong Rak Dang, Dae-Ho tells Soon-Im about Mi-Ja keeping her mother’s ashes. He asks if they could bury the ashes at Dong Rak Dang. Soon-Im gets angry when she hears and dismisses her son.

Do-Jin drives Seung-Hye to his mother’s restaurant as they flirt with each other sweetly. He tells her that she does not need to worry since his dream is sitting next to him. When Seung-Hye looks back at him lovingly, he tells her to stop staring at him or he might get in a car accident because his heart is about to explode. >.<


At Mi-Ja’s restauarant, Mi-Ja has completely changed. She apologizes to Seung-Hye for her past behavior and tells her to happily eat. She even suggests that Do-Jin feed Seung-Hye and leaves the table so that the two can have some time together.

Se-Ryung walks in to see Mi-Ja appearingly approving of the couple. She shouts at Mi-Ja for betraying her and Mi-Ja drags Se-Ryung into her office. Mi-Ja explains to Se-Ryung that she is pretending to approve of Seung-Hye so that Do-Jin would return to the hospital. She tries to calm Se-Ryung by explaining that Seung-Hye’s family would never approve of the couple either.


Se-Ryung does not seem convinced and gets up to go separate the two. Mi-Ja stops her and reminds her that even if she is able to drag Do-Jin out, she’s not going to be able to win his heart.

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So Do-Jin and Seung-Hye happily go off to have a date. They start off at a shop where they are able to make couple rings together. He puts it on her finger and asks her never to take it off until he gives her a better ring.

At the same time, Dong-Sook goes to talk with Sun-Sook about Seung-Hye. Sun-Sook does not pick up on the fact that Dong-Sook thinks that it’s Seung-Hye and encourages Dong-Sook to support the relationship. Dong-Sook decides to go and demand to know what Mi-Ja is going to do about this.


Seung-Hye and Do-Jin go get their horoscope read and the fortune teller tells Do-Jin that he is the wood element while Seung-Hye is earth. Therefore, they are perfect together. He does wonder at the end that there is going to a random problem that comes out of the blue…

As they walk out, they run into Seung-Ah and Yunho. Yunho invites Seung-Hye over to his cafe to try out his new blended coffee.


While it makes everyone but Yunho look awkward, Yunho insists and the group returns to the cafe. Dong-Sook calls in the middle of the meeting to ask about Seung-Hye and Seung-Ah vouches that they are together… Of course, Dong-Sook gets worried when Seung-Ah tells her that she has to return to her coffee. Dong-Sook shouts into the phone that she cannot let her older sister drink coffee.


Afterwards, she gives Mi-Ja the ultrasound picture. Mi-Ja’s first reaction is that Dong-Sook has no proof that it’s Do-Jin’s children. She asks how Dong-Sook is raising her daughter and states that it’s different for boys. Dong-Sook angrily snaps back that in this generation, it does not matter whether the child is a son or daughter; they need to figure out what they will do next.

Mi-Ja tells Dong-Sook to go tell Soon-Im first since Soon-Im has the last word in the Dong Rak Dang family as she will go confirm with Do-Jin.


Well, if at anything. I just feel like I’m watching the story of a neighborhood family. It’s definitely fallen back into the slice of life type of pace giving people something to talk about without awkwardly venturing into the category of personal matters of someone you know.

Although I am not a fan of overly sugary flirtation comments, I have to say that I am continuing to warm u to the DJ/SH couple because the wishy-washy momma’s boy has finally started to act. This makes it much easier not to sigh about Yunho who takes every opportunity he has to act in a way that cannot be mistaken.

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