Love on a Rooftop – E63

Soon-Im and Dong-Sook try to influence Seung-Hye toward Yunho but the plan backfires when Seung-Hye only confirms that she likes Do-Jin so much that she cannot give up. Mi-Ja also drops her facade and tells Seung-Hye to back off her son again.



The episode begins with Soon-Im cleaning dishes that she had bought for Dae-Shil’s wedding while Dong-Sook wonders about Seung-Hye not picking up. She decides to call Yunho who is on his day off and invites him over, telling him that Soon-Im has decided to support Yunho as well.


Do-Jin and Seung-Hye arrive with the materials for Dae-Shil’s squid bread. Soon-Im tells him to leave after leaving the materials here but Do-Jin explains that he wanted to make it at the house so that Dae-Shil could eat it while still hot. They start cooking it in the living room.


Yunho arrives with Dong-Sook who had gone out to meet him in the street and Soon-Im has to walk out to awkwardly warn Yunho. They all walk in all together and Dong-Sook asks Yunho to make the squid bread, which he agrees happily.

At the same time, Beom-Seok goes to visit Sun-Sook to ask her a favor.

Back at Dong Rak Dang, Yunho has a hard time baking the bread prettily and gets into a tug of war with Do-Jin.


Sun-Sook smiles that she would be happy to help Beom-Seok by leaning Seung-Hye away from Do-Jin because their families have a bad relationship. She basically tells Beom-Seok that Seung-Hye’s family will never accept Do-Jin so all Beom-Seok has to do is wait. She gets worried that she spoke too much and explains that she’s not usually this talkative but Joon-Bae comes in and tells Beom-Seok that he’s Sun-Sook’s ex-husband and she lies all the time.


Back at home, Soon-Im tries the squid bread and compliments it as being tasty in contrast to how it looks. Yunho feeds Seung-Hye’s mother and Dong-Sook invites him to feed Soon-Im as well. At this point, Dae-Shil yells out that the two women should stop being so childish by favoring Yunho over Do-Jin in front of him.

Dong-Sook asks Dae-Shil if she could support Do-Jin even after Mi-Ja described Dae-Shil as dirty water. Dae-Shil responds that that was Do-Jin’s mother and is irrelevant of the conversation. Soon-Im dismisses Do-Jin telling him not to come back or see her grandddaughter.

Do-Jin answers respectfully that he will leave but he hopes to win over Soon-Im’s support and his own mother’s support so that he can see Seung-Hye with everyone’s blessings. Seung-Hye jumps in as well and tells Yunho that she hopes that in the future, he does not visit unannounced again just because her mother or grandmother invites him.

Yunho takes this like a man and smiles that next time, he will wait for Seung-Hye’s invitation.


Dong-Sook brings Seung-Hye into Seung-Hye’s room to yell at Seung-Hye for being so rude to Yunho when he was a guest of Dong-Sook and Soon-Im. Seung-Hye asks why her mother and grandmother invited him over in the first place.

Dong-Sook snaps back that Seung-Hye should understand that if her mother and grandmother are getting this involved, it’s important to the family and return to the obedient Seung-Hye. Seung-Hye asks her mother to understand her own heart…she’s being trying to change her heart but she cannot even though her mind understands what would be best.

That night, Kyung-Tae asks Do-Jin to accompany Dae-Shil to Se-Ryung’s company. Do-Jin tells Kyung-Tae to do it himself and also check on Se-Ryung. Kyung-Tae answers that he’s busy with just Dae-Shil.


The next morning, Kyung-Tae visits Se-Ryung with Dae-Shil and tells Se-Ryung to treat Dae-Shil nicely since she is pregnant even though she’s on the older side. Dae-Shil glares and Se-Ryung thinks to herself that Kyung-Tae is an idiot. She reassures him that the job is not strenuous and should be fine for pregnant people.


At home, Seung-Ah whines to her brother to accompany her to the shooting as her manager.

Meanwhile, Seung-Hye goes to Mi-Ja’s restaurant. Mi-Ja knows that the act is up and acts coldly toward Seung-Hye, ordering her to follow quietly.


Seung-Hye tells Mi-Ja that she understands Mi-Ja’s feelings but thinks that Mi-Ja went too far with this lie. She asks Mi-Ja to think about not acting in this manner so that Mi-Ja’s behavior does not hurt Do-Jin any further.

Mi-Ja snaps back that Seung-Hye should wake up; she is not fit to date someone like Do-Jin who is better suited to Se-Ryung. She advises Seung-Hye to give up before Do-Jin realizes that it is just a phase. Seung-Hye answers that it may be the case, angering Mi-Ja that Seung-Hye is not offering to back off. She dismisses Seung-Hye who leaves.

Seung-Hye quietly broods on the bus as Do-Jin calls his mother. He asks her if she said anything harsh toward Seung-Hye, which Mi-Ja denies. Mi-Ja tells Do-Jin that Seung-Hye was the one who visited Mi-Ja and said everything she wanted before leaving.


Seung-Hye’s arrival interrupts the call. Seung-Hye tells Do-Jin that she is willing to support Do-Jin’s decision whatever it may be. Do-Jin asks her what is making her nervous…Seung-Hye confesses that Do-Jin might be feeling this way right now but his feelings might change.


Do-Jin tells her that he’s the type that takes a while before giving his heart…However, once he makes his decision, he’s not the type that changes his mind. He also tells Seung-Hye that she can change her feelings, he will just work harder to win her over again. >.< Then, he invites her out to a cafe since he’s kind of hungry. They check out the cafe for market research at the same time.


Seung-Ah arrives with Seung-Jae to the photoshoot. The director is not really interested until an aide comes over to tell the director that one of the male models never showed up, which could mean that they have to cancel Seung-Ah’s pictures. When he turns around in frustration, he sees Seung-Jae and suggests that Seung-Jae sub in.

Seung-Jae declines but Seung-Ah begs him until he’s in the room getting all prettied up. Seung-Jaw walks over awkwardly and ends up standing in front of the background awkwardly as well but tries his best for his little sister.


After several shots, the director likes Seung-Jae so much that he asks Seung-Ah to leave so that they can get a couple of individual shots of Seung-Jae. She walks off and fumes of course.

Do-Jin walks out of another realtor’s office and it’s left to our imagination on whether or not he contracted on another space. He then goes to a copy shop where he gets his menu printed.


Sigh… T-T Yunho is like the perfect guy for Seung-Hye but Soon-Im’s and Dong-Sook’s efforts look like they are just pushing Seung-Hye toward Do-Jin. I guess if Do-Jin is not even Dae-Ho’s biological son, there is no reason for me to be against the relationship as well. I’m not sure if this had been planned, but it definitely looks like the writer wants to move away from the whole Do-Jin/Dae-Ho connection as any possible reason for keeping the two love birds apart. Instead, the focus has turned to Mi-Ja’s mother’s death.

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