Love on a Rooftop – E65

Yunho kidnaps Seung-Hye to bring her back down memory lane at her old orphanage.  In the visit, we find out a little more about Seung-Hye’s parents who had been volunteers there.  At the same time, Se-Ryung comes close to blowing a fuse when her father tells her to leave the country.


Seung-Hye pauses in the room and wonders to herself that she does think of her biological parents more often…

Dae-Shil sneaks in and tells Seung-Hye some good news. Dong-Sook is going to help Sun-Sook for a couple of hours so Seung-Hye can sneak out and meet Do-Jin.


As predicted, Dong-Sook goes to meet Sun-Sook and happily hears that Beom-Seok dropped by and told Sun-Sook about wanting to set up Se-Ryung with Do-Jin. Dong-Sook then worries about Seung-Hye sneaking out as the time of the day is when Soon-Im usually takes a nap. Of course, by the time she gets home, Seung-Hye is long gone.


Meanwhile Seung-Hye meets Yunho on her way to Do-Jin’s cafe. Yunho promises to drive Seung-Hye to Do-Jin’s cafe and she gets in apologetically. Yet, Seung-Hye soon realizes that it’s not the road to Do-Jin’s cafe. She demands that he let her get off.

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He tells her that there is a place he really wants to go with her and continues on… Until they get to Seung-Hye’s old orphanage. She asks him why he brought her here and Yunho answers that Seung-Hye knows the answer better than him.


At the same time, Joon-Bae helps Sun-Sook deliver a large order of toast to Beom-Seok. Sun-Sook reassures him that the family has Seung-Hye grounded so she does not meet Do-Jin but Joon-Bae intersects that he saw the two together the night before. Then he realizes whose office they are in and states that he’s been tired lately…


Seung-Hye walks by all of the old landmarks in her orphanage…and meets the old director. The director brings Seung-Hye into her office and tells her that it is fine that Seung-Hye took so long… She comments that she would have understood if Seung-Hye never returned since her biological parents died on their way back from volunteering at the orphanage. She also asks about Seung-Jae and Seung-Hye tells the director that they have kept the adoption a secret from Seung-Jae.


Seung-Hye tells the director to not mind her as she will just wander around before leaving. She goes to a near by tree and wipes the leaves telling it that she’s back. Yunho asks why Seung-Hye is talking to the tree.

Seung-Hye answers that her parents planted the tree here… Her father had told her that the tree is to help Seung-Hye and the children grow healthily… Her mother had told her that the tree is to help Seung-Hye meet a wonderful husband in the future.


The two go to eat in the cafeteria next. The director comes by and notes how great it is that Seung-Hye has such a wonderful boyfriend. Seung-Hye tries to deny it but Yunho stops her each time by feeding her.

They walk around everywhere that has a valuable memory to Seung-Hye… Play with the children and meander around some more.

In the evening, Dae-Shil calls Do-Jin to check on Seung-Hye. He tells her that Seung-Hye never arrived and has her cell phone off.


At the same time, Seung-Hye arrives in front of her house. She asks once again how Yunho knew about the orphanage but he refuses to answer. Instead, he just asks if she is no longer angry at her for earlier. She confirms.

Yunho then asks about what Seung-Hye thinks of him. She answers that she did like Yunho in the beginning and was ecstatic to be learning how to brew coffee from him. However, her feelings have changed and all that is left is gratitude… So, she feels apologetic when Yunho is overly nice to her.

Yunho sighs and tells her that if that is the extent of her discomfort… He would appreciate it if she could just ignore it as it is much harder for him to try to hide his feelings even more than he currently does.


Seung-Hye sneaks back into her room successfully. However, when she turns on the light, she finds her mom sitting there in the darkness.

Her mother throws a duffel bag at Seung-Hye. Dong-Sook tells Seung-Hye that after Seung-Hye returned to her as a child after THE INCIDENT, she promised to never tell Seung-Hye to leave until she meets a wonderful guy. She had angrily packed the bag for Seung-Hye but cannot tell her to leave as she does not believe Do-Jin is the right match for Seung-Hye. However, she adds that Seung-Hye should look at this bag and reflect.

Dong-Sook tells her that marriage is not just about the guy… You have to look at the mother as well. Dong-Sook angrily yells that she knows what married life will be under Mi-Ja…


Jumping into Mi-Ja’s imagination, we see Seung-Hye right after the honeymoon when she is still wearing the traditional Korean dress. Mi-Ja tells her to prepare 60 chickens because there is a large group coming to the restaurant the next day. Seung-Hye is to do this by herself and pluck all of the feathers with a pair of tweezers.

When Seung-Hye asks if she will get any help, Mi-Ja asks how Seung-Hye could have imagined her life to be any different after getting married without bringing any bride gifts. Seung-Hye just answers that she had trusted Do-Jin’s words that it does not matter if she comes with nothing…Mi-Ja just sighs in exasperation that Seung-Hye’s naivete is frustrating and leaves.

Dong-Sook screams at her own imagination and then tells Seung-Hye that she cannot send Seung-Hye to be the daughter-in-law of such a woman and still fall asleep at night. With that announcement, she leaves.

Meanwhile, Do-Jin waits outside the end of the street of Seung-Hye’s house wondering about Seung-Hye’s well-being. He looks up in time to see Yunho leisurely walk out of the house and frowns.


The next day, Kyung-Tae and Do-Jin strategize. Kyung-Tae tells Do-Jin about Beom-Seok bribing Sun-Sook with large orders to hinder the relationship between Seung-Hye and Do-Jin. At first, Do-Jin does not believe it but he realizes that it makes sense…So he resolves to do something about it and goes to meet with Beom-Seok.

Beom-Seok asks if Do-Jin came about Beom-Seok’s meeting with Seung-Hye. Do-Jin agrees. Beom-Seok sighs that he did not expect himself to react this way as well…However, having Se-Ryung as a daughter, he finds that he cannot just watch Se-Ryung crumble. He asks Do-Jin if he really cannot try accepting Se-Ryung into his heart.

Without a pause, Do-Jin answers that he cannot and asks Beom-Seok not to talk to Seung-Hye about this issue again. Beom-Seok comments that Do-Jin must be determined if he does not have to even think about his decision before answering. He agrees and lets Do-Jin go.


Soon-Im talks to her husband’s picture about how relieved she is about Dae-Shil getting engaged. Then she sighs about Mi-Ja’s words that Kyung-Tae is like a son to Mi-Ja…She also starts imagining Mi-Ja ordering Dae-Shil around at the restaurant even when she’s pregnant. In the imagined scene, Dae-Shil tells her that she might be giving birth as she has contractions. Mi-Ja answers that she worked until she saw the crown of her own son and tells Dae-Shil to continue working. The imagined Dae-Shil starts crying as Mi-Ja asks what Dae-Shil learned from her mother…


Soon-Im walks out into the courtyard to find Dae-Ho brooding about Mi-Ja holding on to her mother’s urn. He asks Soon-Im again about reconsidering burying Mi-Ja’s mother’s ashes in Dong Rak Dang. Soon-Im refuses again telling her son that only their ancestors and family members can be buried on Dong Rak Dang.


Beom-Seok calls Se-Ryung into his office and orders that she goes to an international branch office. Se-Ryung answers that she cannot follow her father’s directions.

Finding that he cannot handle Se-Ryung’s antics anymore, Beom-Seok tells Se-Ryung that she is no longer his daughter. He has no need for a useless daughter like her. Se-Ryung asks how Beom-Seok could say such words to her with tears.


A knock interrupts as Yunho walks in. He has no idea what is going on. Beom-Seok tells Yunho to call his parents in the United States as Se-Ryung will be going to the United States branch office; he wants Se-Ryung to stay with Yunho’s parents. Se-Ryung yells at her father that she can leave if he finds her burdensome and useless; he does not need to send her to the United States. She runs past Yunho and into her car where she fumes as angry tears fall down her face.


Phew!  I waver back and forth when I see Se-Ryung like this.  A part of me wants to keep Seung-Hye’s life simple and happy as this girl kind of deserves to be pampered at this stage in life…and I feel like I’ve gotten really close to the character at this point. So, I don’t want Se-Ryung to change from her schizophrenic self which wavers between crying frantically about Do-Jin and glaring at Seung-Hye’s relatives.  Yet, this is going to get old and REALLY soon.  I hope that the writer moves on from this “pitiful” Se-Ryung soon to a more active one even if it means that Se-Ryung’s off to make Seung-Hye’s life miserable.

As for Yunho, that was really random how he knew about Seung-Hye’s orphanage.  Advantages of presumably being rich and being able to hire a private investigator?  Additionally, while the gesture overall seemed really sweet.  There was something wrong about how he ignored Seung-Hye’s wishes completely and tricked her into getting into the car.  That could have ended very badly and I never support taking away a girl’s agency. +_+x  Since, it’s Yunho, I’ll ignore it for this one episode but if it comes up again, you guys are forewarned, a very long rant will probably follow in my rambling section after the recap.

Finally, I thought it was an adorable touch of how both Dong-Sook and Soon-Im had these horrible imagined visions of what Mi-Ja would be like as a mother-in-law.  It really shows how Dong-Sook literally thinks of Seung-Hye as her daughter, in addition to Dong-Sook yelling at Seung-Ah to find another man.  Also, it provides a lot of insight to why Koreans (I don’t feel comfortable generalizing to other Asians even if I am tempted to) find that marriage is an issue of two families rather than an issue of just the two people in love.  Especially in Korea, where more than 90% of the population live in one city.  Once married, the couple has to deal with the pressures and influence of the in-laws directly and frequently.  As a result, a lot of parents worry about how their children will be treated after the marriage and try to work around it preemptively.  This is where a lot of the issues about bride/groom gifts come in as a lot of parents feel that by providing a larger/more valuable gift protects their child from the more extreme hardships of dealing with in-laws.  Those who cannot afford such large or expensive gifts like Dong-Sook and Soon-Im usually end up being very critical of potential in-laws who could be overbearing.

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