[TEASER] My Mother is a Daughter-in-Law

Bringing you another teaser from the lesser known series internationally.  This should actually be titled My Mother-in-Law is a Daughter-in-Law but My MIL is a DIL seems a bit long, no?  This is a daily drama from SBS that began on June 22, 2015 and expected to run for 120 episodes.  If I were not so behind on my current dramas, I might be tempted to watch this because the story line is quite intriguing.  Basically, a poor young woman has to marry an older man who is old enough to be her father.  She suffers to a life full of suffering at his family’s hands and lives for her own son – her pride and joy. Then one day the son betrays her by falling in love with a woman and getting married.  Hurt that her son/substitute husband would love another, the mother-in-law makes the new daughter-in-law’s life a living hell, even making sure that the two do not have privacy at night.  The new daughter-in-law tries to endure everything but loses it all when her husband dies in an accident.  The two women part ways…until they both get remarried and all of a sudden the old mother-in-law is now the daughter-in-law!  This is a type of drama, which done well could be quite addictive but, if not, would be quite arduous to watch until the end.

The drama stars Kim Hye-Ri, a lesser known veteran who has been in the entertainment industry since 1992.  From the dramas that I recognize, she has been in Trot LoversWar of the RosesThe Kingdom of the Winds, Unstoppable High Kick, and even Jealousy.  Shim Yi Young also stars in this and she has been active in more recognized dramas from Divorce Lawyer in LoveMissing Noir M, Birth of a Beauty,  Empress Ki, and The Suspicious Housekeeper to  Unexpected You.  Shim Yi Young has also appeared in various movies from  Paju to Perfect Love in 2013. It appears that the male lead is Kim Jung Hyun.  He’s also not a newbie in the drama zone as he has been in Korean dramas from 1995 with the famous Sandglass.  From there, he’s been steadily appearing in a drama or two every year.  Some of his more recognizable ones seem to be Little Women, Nonstop, Queen Seondeok, and Empress Ki.

As for the story, it is less clear.

Without further ado…




A seeming older woman who looks not too old walks into a cafe with class and confidence.  She drives over to see her son happily kiss his wife and glares.  Her fury grows when her friend comments that the couple looks so loving that she will likely be a grandmother soon.  In revenge, she takes her daughter-in-law to a mall where she picks out a bag and tells the daughter-in-law magnanimously that she will just pretend her daughter-in-law bought it for her mother-in-law prior to the wedding.  Then the tables turn?  In a restaurant, the daughter-in-law calls the mother-in-law by name and declares that she’s the mother-in-law.



It begins with a mother-in-law following her son around happily … being a total third wheel.  She throws a fit and even tosses food on the ground shouting that the daughter-in-law ruined the relationship between the mother and son.

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