Love on a Rooftop – E70

Yunho pampers Seung-Hye who refuses to accept it. Do-Jin decides not to go to Se-Ryung’s birthday celebration and Se-Ryung gets hit by a car for Do-Jin.


Yunho’s draw drops at how pretty Seung-Hye is. He tells her that she’s too pretty for the dress and Seung-Hye shrugs him off to change.


Meanwhile, Se-Ryung stops by Do-Jin’s cafe. He tells her to go home since her father is preparing for her birthday celebration and Se-Ryung answers that she does not need a present; she just wants Do-Jin there. Before she leaves, she also tells him that his mother has started taking sleeping pills.


Returning to Yunho, he asks Seung-Hye what he should do. Thinking that Yunho is buying a present for Se-Ryung, Seung-Hye answers that she found all of the clothes pretty and does not know Se-Ryung’s choice. Yunho smiles and tells the sales assistant that he wants to buy everything that Seung-Hye tried on because he cannot make up his mind as Seung-Hye was pretty in everything. (Yay! Pampering scene in a mall >°<) Thus, Yunho buys everything and has it delivered.

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Next, he goes to buy Seung-Hye shoes…>°< he puts the shoes on her directly and spouts off all if the romantic lines from other dramas such as if a guy buys a girl shoes, she will end up leaving him but he still wants to… And taking from the classic original Boys Over Flowers, that if you give a girl beautiful shoes, she will go to beautiful places. Seung-Hye looks apologetic at Yunho’s words and decides to buy her the pair that suited her best. Yet, Seung-Hye wins this fight and does not accept the shoes. Does this mean there’s hope for SH/YH? >°<

Yunho hands over a bag for Seung-Hye to give to Se-Ryung and leaves. Seung-Hye brings Seung-Jae into his room to yell at him for continuing to model even though she disapproved.


Seung-Jae rebels and tells her that he finds modeling fun and wants to continue it…

Back at Joon-Bae’s restaurant, Joon-Bae tells Dae-Ho that Mi-Ja knows that Seung-Jae is also adopted. He sighs that he does not know the details but it seems she did a background check for her revenge.


As for the topic of the conversation, she finds that she cannot sleep and walks out to see Se-Ryung taking a sleeping pill. Mi-Ja frowns and tells Se-Ryung to go home now that Beom-Seok has given up and is willing to accept Do-Jin. Mi-Ja adds that Se-Ryung can tell Do-Jin that she would return home if he does as well.

Se-Ryung answers that she already told Do-Jin that she will go home if he comes to her birthday party and even added that Mi-Ja has resorted to sleeping pills because that would make him follow Mi-Ja better. Mi-Ja muses that Se-Ryung’s scheming is the only thing they have in common. She goes into her room to see that she’s getting a call from Do-Jin. She ignores it and worries Sang-Man and Do-Jin as usually Mi-Ja wakes up at even the slightest sound…

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After Sang-Man runs out in worry, Mi-Ja picks up and tells Do-Jin that he better come to Se-Ryung’s birthday celebration if he wants to see her again.


Do-Jin calls Seung-Hye out and she asks when he started liking her… After all, he announced to both of their mothers that he fell in love with her but he never told her.

Do-Jin jokes around with her telling her that he needs time to think… But then relents and tells her that it must have been the time they had been fighting and he walked by a cafe, seeing her drinking coffee. He asks Seung-Hye the same question but she also answers that she needs time to think about it.


The next day, Seung-Hye gets a text from Yunho asking her to wear it prettily. She has no idea what he’s talking about until Seung-Ah brings Seung-Hye into her room to show all of the clothes that Yunho had delivered…

Seung-Hye tells Seung-Ah to return all of the clothes. Seung-Ah refuses even if they were meant to be a present for Seung-Hye. She happily tells Seung-Hye that their mother is taking their grandmother to the temple for two days.


Dae-Ho brings Seung-Jae up but does not tell her that Mi-Ja knows. He goes to Soon-Im to ask if she wants to go to the temple with him instead and they can say their goodbyes to Dae-Ho’s child. Soon-Im agrees that it would be best.


Meanwhile, Kyung-Tae comes out announcing that wearing the ironed underwear gives him so much energy. Then he smells the food and starts gagging… Turns out he has morning sickness for Dae-Shil.


Yunho waits for Seung-Hye in the alley to see her in a mood that he sent all the clothes to her. He refuses to take them back as he has the right to show his feelings as well. Seeing Seung-Hye walk off, he muses that Do-Jin will not be coming to Se-Ryung’s birthday party.

At Se-Ryung’s house, Beom-Seok waits while Se-Ryung paces back and forth nervously waiting for Do-Jin. She refuses to go into the kitchen to blow out candles until Do-Jin arrives and Yunho has to tell her that Do-Jin is likely with Seung-Hye.


Se-Ryung runs out as Seung-Hye prepares the kebab that Kyung-Tae had declared that he was craving. Afterwards, they walk out happily with Do-Jin teasing Seung-Hye for getting hiccups and he asks her to live with him forever.


Seung-Hye looks up in surprise and Do-Jin confirms that he’s proposing.


From a street away, Se-Ryung sees the two walking together and runs over to ask why Do-Jin didn’t come to her birthday celebration. She asks if it’s because of Seung-Hye and kneels in front of Seung-Hye begging Seung-Hye to give her a chance.

Seung-Hye stands there unable to say anything. Do-Jin reacts faster, pulling Se-Ryung across the street. There, he tells Se-Ryung that he does not love her and he loves and wants to protect Seung-Hye. Angrily, he crosses the street again but does not realize that a car is coming.


Seeing Do-Jin in danger, Se-Ryung runs out and pushes him out of the way just in time to get hit in his stead.


Oh dear… Looks like what Se-Ryung could not do consciously, she can achieve unconsciously. What person would not feel guiltily knowing that someone got hit by a car in their stead? I see some serious angst coming up.  Unfortunately, while this would probably make good fodder from some genuine drama angst, I’m sad that it ended up being Se-Ryung literally throwing her body to harm for Do-Jin to budge.  If it is the case that she has to be hit by a car for him to remember her… I think the games lost T_T.  Thank goodness there is a new rival in the works?

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