Love on a Rooftop – E73

Se-Ryung wakes up to find out that she’s half paralyzed and Do-Jin stays the ever faithful not-fiance who stays next to her during every moment….

Do-Jin sits in his car and remembers Beom-Seok reaming into him about how hard it is for Beom-Seok to see his daughter throw herself into danger for a man who said he does not love her… And then wake up only to ask about Do-Jin’s health. He tells Do-Jin to leave if he understands.

Do-Jin gets a text from Seung-Hye about how relieved she is that Se-Ryung woke up and calls her to meet…


Se-Ryung wakes up and finds that she cannot feel her legs. She screams for her father and Yunho to call Do-Jin so that she can hear the diagnosis from Do-Jin himself…


Meanwhile, Do-Jin takes a few reluctant bites of porridge that Seung-Hye cooked for him but runs out when he gets a call from Yunho with Se-Ryung freaking out in the background.


In a lighter scene, Dae-Ho sneaks into the kitchen and grabs various ingredients to make new sauces for chicken. He gets caught with some garlic in his hand and ends up getting told to quit Joon-Bae’s restaurant.


Seung-Hye washes the dish and worries about Do-Jin who is not even thinking about her. He’s next to Se-Ryung watching her sleep. He tells Yunho to take Beom-Seok home since he can stay next to Se-Ryung to keep her calm until they can get official examination results about whether or not the problem with her legs is just a result of shock.

Beom-Seok grumbles even as he gets home that Do-Jin might not be able to stay with Se-Ryung forever… In which case, he thinks it’s best to separate Do-Jin from Se-Ryung sooner rather than later…

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In the morning, Seung-Hye prepares porridge for Se-Ryung while her boyfriend sleeps peacefully as he holds Se-Ryung’s hand. Beom-Seok arrives in the morning only to glare at the scene before leaving. Yunho smiles and bids everyone good morning loudly so that Do-Jin would wake up. He leaves to wash up and runs into Seung-Hye.


Seung-Hye brings the porridge into Se-Ryung’s room to explain that she brought porridge specially for Se-Ryung. However, Se-Ryung responds angrily that Yunho can take all of the porridge because she would just toss it anyways… She tells Seung-Hye that it’s all Seung-Hye’s fault that she’s in this state…seeing how worked up Se-Ryung is getting, Yunho meekly suggests that Seung-Hye leave…


At home, a funnier scene ensues. Soon-Im angrily tells everyone that she does not approve of Dae-Ho partnering up with Joon-Bae because it is not right for men to be in the kitchen. No sooner than she says this, Kyung-Tae runs out happily that he’s finished with the dishes and can help any time they need him in the future ^°^

Honor student Seung-Jae gets another job offer… To do swimsuit modeling. Worried about his figure, he goes to do some push ups. Then Seung-Ah comes over and And sits on him… This turns out to be too much for poor Seung-Jae who falls down complaining of back pain. She calls for EQ but EQ doesn’t pick up as he’s trying to fix Joon-Bae. He gets a call from Seung-Ah and decides to leave without even putting the acupuncture needle telling Sun-Sook that he has to go see his girlfriend… Back to the hospital.

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Soon-Im thanks EQ for coming over and he laughs that he seems fated to join the family, even winking at Seung-Ah. He begins to put the needle in when Joon-Bae drops by and asks why EQ is there. EQ answers that he had to take care of family first… And smiles at Seung-Ah… =-=


At the same time, Do-Jin and Beom-Seok hear about Se-Ryung’s condition. The doctor notes that even though the hospital director did not say it, it looks like Se-Ryung might not be able to walk again unless she regains the will to do so.

Beom-Seok falters as he walks out and Do-Jin grabs him. Turning to Do-Jin, he asks Do-Jin to stay next to Se-Ryung since she would do anything for him.


Meanwhile, Joon-Bae laughs as everyone in the family agrees that the chicken is tasty. It looks like Soon-Im might relent.


Beom-Seok and Do-Jin go back to Se-Ryung where Beom-Seok lies to Se-Ryung that the exam results are not out yet. They tell Se-Ryung to wait a little longer and Beom-Seok excuses himself.

Dae-Shil tells Seung-Hye the news in a cafe where Seung-Hye worries about Do-Jin…

As for Do-Jin, he tries sending Se-Ryung’s files to different hospitals only to hear that everyone thinks it’s difficult to fix Se-Ryung’s condition. Kyung-Tae complains about how Do-Jin lives like a bum when Mi-Ja arrives.

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She takes one look around and starts nagging Do-Jin… Then she finds Se-Ryung’s diagnosis and gasps… That it says that Se-Ryung is half paralyzed.

Meanwhile, Beom-Seok broods in Se-Ryung’s office… Crying to himself that he will make it so that Se-Ryung can return to work.


I knew it. Do-Jin is only thinking about himself! He does not care at all that Seung-Hye is technically his girlfriend to whom he proposed! His fiancée!

Nope, Do-Jin does not need to see his fiancée, or comfort her, or protect her like he promised and announced that he would do. He does not even look at her when she’s sitting in front of him with porridge…Dude, porridge takes a LOT of freaking time to cook from rice.  You have to stand there and like stir the thing for thirty minutes … =_+Why? Because he’s too busy buzzing around Se-Ryung even though technically Se-Ryung has her hospital director uncle, her CEO father and her best friend from a long time – Yunho.

However, in Do-Jin’s eyes he feels like he needs to assuage his own guilt. To do so, he’s going to abandon Seung-Hye and turn into Se-Ryung’s Knight in shining armor while ignoring Seung-Hye completely… This is why I preferred Yunho who was more decisive. I bet he would have decided to bear his own guilt but stayed with Seung-Hye.

To be fair, once I’ve calmed down… I understand.  He’s young and he feels guilty.  Yet, he could handle the situation much more maturely.  He knows that Se-Ryung would grasp at any straw to keep him close to her.  He also knows that Seung-Hye cares for him enough that she’s starting to get worried about cute part-time employees.  While, I don’t expect him to ignore Se-Ryung completely, I do think he could be more considerate and compassionate towards Seung-Hye who has done nothing but worry about him and tried to make his life easier as he flits around Se-Ryung.

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