Love on a Rooftop – E77

Warning! Noble Idiocy and Agnst Galore! If there’s any episode to skip it’s this one.  Basically, Do-Jin decides that he needs to take responsibility for Se-Ryung and breaks up with Seung-Hye.  Seung-Hye takes this badly thinking that he’s not serious but Do-Jin does not give her a second look as he cuts her off.


Mi-Ja grumbles that Beom-Seok looks like he’s set on bringing Do-Jin to the United States and Sang-Man comforts him that he won’t let Beom-Seok take Do-Jin away…He will put his life on it.


Do-Jin brings his clean clothes into Se-Ryung’s room and Yunho asks Do-Jin the burning question…has he decided on accompanying Se-Ryung to the United States?  Do-Jin answers by asking if Yunho is asking out of concern for Se-Ryung or Seung-Hye.

Yunho tells Do-Jin that Seung-Hye is barely holding up by herself and Do-Jin should not let this continue. Do-Jin answers that he knows and leaves.


Meanwhile, Seung-Hye comes to Do-Jin’s apartment and finds his desk full of medical papers…Proof that Do-Jin is spending his whole day either next to Se-Ryung or thinking about Se-Ryung.  She find’s Do-Jin’s ring and puts it in her pocket and then starts to clean up.

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Yunho walks in after Seung-Hye and yells at her for acting like Do-Jin’s made.  He snaps at her to go to the hospital if she wants to see him.

Seung-Hye answers that while it is hard, she knows it is harder for Do-Jin…She does not want to make it harder for him.

Yunho yells back that Seung-Hye should think about herself right now and not others. He asks her where the old confident Seung-Hye left to?

Seung-Hye starts to cry that she cannot be confident when Se-Ryung got got hurt saving Do-Jin?

At the same time, Seung-Jae arranges his modeling schedule and even tells his study group that he’s going to have to skip this semester.  He mumbles to himself that the study group is not important since if he just works a little more, he can give his father some allowance.

Joon-Bae comes along to sleep and gives Seung-Jae something to plug his own nose if his snoring bugs Seung-Jae… ^^ He also warns Seung-Jae about Miss Bong before falling asleep.


Do-Jin washes up in the bathroom when he gets a concerned text from Yunho reminding him to make his decision soon.  When he returns to Se-Ryung’s room, he finds Seung-Hye waiting outside.

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Glaring at her, Do-Jin takes Seung-Hye outside.  Faking happiness, Seung-Hye jokes that she found his ring and gives it back to him.  However, Do-Jin refuses to give her his hand and tells her that he will not wear the ring again…He had been confused for a little bit because he had wanted to rebel from his mother…He’s going to close the cafe and he hopes that both of them can return to their original roles.

Seung-Hye tells him that she cannot believe it and Do-Jin tosses the couple ring into the trees asking her if she can believe him now.  He sees her cry but walks off…back into Se-Ryung’s room.

Meanwhile, Seung-Hye looks for the ring and cries by herself outside the hospital.  After crying her eyes out, Seung-Hye walks along home remember Do-Jin’s confession that she makes him the happiest and their moments together.  See is why a wishy washy boy is never good…He does not know how to suffer and be selfish for the woman he loves.


Entering the world of denial, Seung-Hye tells herself that Do-Jin must just be tired and will change his mind tomorrow.

The next morning, Joon-Bae tries to butter of Dae-Ho who is still peeved about the Mi-Ja / Sang-Man situation.  So, Joon-Bae promises to take responsibility for Dae-Ho getting his license.  Dae-Ho agrees but the two men get caught by Soon-Im.


Called into her room like little boys, they ask for Soon-Im’s understanding and she persists that she disapproves.

At the hospital, Se-Ryung asks for some water.  Do-Jin goes to pour some water but does not realize when he has already filled it beyond over-flowing.  Se-Ryung notices it and tells Do-Jin to go home and get some rest.  Do-Jin answers that he will stay next to her so she should just focus on getting better…He does excuse himself to go on a walk.


As Do-Jin stands in a daze, Yunho asks Do-Jin why he took off his ring.  Do-Jin tells Yunho that he’s going to the United States with Se-Ryung just like Yunho wanted.

Yunho glares at Do-Jin’s retreating back until he gets a call from Seung-Ah.  She asks for his help as Dong-Sook is set on checking out the cafe that Seung-Hye is working at.  Yunho promises to take care of everything.

At the same time, Seung-Hye stares at her phone which is not ringing.  Unable to stop herself, she tears up and the employee tells her to go and rest.  So, Seung-Hye goes to the bathroom where she calls Do-Jin to meet up again to talk it through.

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Do-Jin tells Seung-Hye that he was sincere about what he told her.  He also adds that he’s driving and hangs up.


Do-Jin’s destination is Beom-Seok’s office where he informs Beom-Seok of his decision.  Hearing that Do-Jin has chosen Se-Ryung, Beom-Seok changes his own attitude and apologizes for his strict behavior toward Do-Jin.  Beom-Seok also asks about Seung-Hye and has the decency to look awkward when he hears that Do-Jin broke up with Seung-Hye.


Surprisingly enough, my love for Mi-Ja continues.  When she hears that Do-Jin broke up with Seung-Hye and Sang-Man commenting that he was surprised by Do-Jin’s responsibility, she snaps that Do-Jin showed no responsibility toward Seung-Hye.  Specifically, she rants:  Stupid brat. If he cannot take responsibility, why declare that he loves her?  If he changes his mind like this just because of the circumstances, what happens to the girl?… I’ve had to deal with the pain myself and that scar goes forever!

Sang-Man suggests that Mi-Ja treat her scar with a new love and she snaps that if a new love was so simple, she would not be living like this.


Dae-Shil looks at her new advertisement and beams about her niece and nephew.  Then she gets a call from Kyung-Tae and lies that she’s on her way home.  Except, Kyung-Tae has surmised as much and knocks on Se-Ryung’s office door.

While Do-Jin does his own thing…Yunho takes the brunt of her mother and grandmother’s anger apologizing that he unilaterally lied so that Seung-Hye could continue to work in Do-Jin’s cafe.


Just as Dong-Sook raises her voice, Seung-Hye comes home.  She gets pulled into her grandmother’s room where the two older women ream into her and Seung-Hye tells them that she had to break up with Do-Jin…against her will.   With that declaration, she runs out into her room crying.


She thinks to herself that she would never be able to give up on Do-Jin.



Ahem, apologies for everyone who had to read my rant.  This drama just went off into drama train-wreck territory where the main male character decided that he just HAD to choose the route of noble idiocy not even for his love but for the second lead…ALL the while that everyone around him minus the second lead’s father was telling him to not do it.  Yep, it’s gone off in the marshes.

On a side note, hello reasonable Mi-Ja?  For once, I agreed with everything Mi-Ja said in that one scene. No need for me to say anymore.

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