Love on a Rooftop – E78

Do-Jin continues to cut Seung-Hye off as she struggles to come to terms with the fact that Do-Jin is breaking all of his promises. Another angst-fest. Readers beware.



Mi-Ja calls Do-Jin to ask if he’s really going to break up with Seung-Hye and go to the United States with Se-Ryung. Do-Jin asks if this isn’t what Mi-Ja wanted and she answers that she does not like Seung-Hye… But she likes Do-Jin staying with Se-Ryung even less.

From her side, Sang-Man also tells Do-Jin that he will not let Do-Jin go to the United States because he does not want the woman he loves to cry anymore… Mi-Ja glares at him.

Yunho breaks the news to Seung-Hye who falters and then runs out for a cab. Always thinking of her, Yunho swings by with his car.

Seung-Hye tries to call Do-Jin but he ignores it. Se-Ryung asks carefully if he would not regret his decision and Do-Jin answers that they should focus on her rehabilitation. Se-Ryung tells him to go home and rest.


Do-Jin runs into Seung-Hye outside the room. She demands to know if he’s breaking up with her out of guilt to Se-Ryung and if he can really live without her. Do-Jin looks at her and then walks off.


Seung-Hye follows and hugs him from behind. She tells his back that she will wait for him… She asks him to not say that it’s over.

Still in her embrace, Do-Jin responds that Seung-Hye knows why they have to break up. Getting out of her hug, he walks off without looking back.

Seung-Hye tries to wall after him but falls to the ground crying. Yunho watches all this from his car and sighs that Seung-Hye should be fine hurting alone for one night and drives off.


Seung-Hye heads over to Dae-Shil’s place and falls into her aunt’s arms. Dae-Shil and Sun-Sook put her to bed and Sun-Sook sighs that Seung-Hye should have gotten together with Yunho… Since you can’t be happy with just love alone.

In the morning, Dong-Sook tries to visit Seung-Hye. Soon-Im suggests that Dong-Sook visit after she makes some side dishes for Kyung-Tae first.


Meanwhile, Kyung-Tae diagnoses that Seung-Hye is suffering from love sickness. Dae-Shil uses her cutesy voice to ask Kyung-Tae to call Do-Jin over. He calls Do-Jin but does agree to come over and Dae-Shil steals the phone to yell at him for being a total arse. Do-Jin notes that Kyung-Tae will take good care of Seung-Hye and hangs up.

At the hospital, Do-Jin forgets to put on the brakes on the wheelchair for Se-Ryung. Looking worried, Se-Ryung asks him if he shouldn’t go home and rest or take care his cafe. Do-Jin refuses.

At the same time, Yunho and Beom-Seok discuss how they feel bad about Do-Jin and Seung-Hye breaking up. Yunho offers to go to the United States with everyone but Beom-Seok asks him to stay and look over the company since Yunho promised to act like his son.


Comedic interlude as a foreigner tries to order toast and milk or orange juice. Sun-Sook tries to get Joon-Bae to help… He listens and awkwardly comments that the girl has a horrible accent? HAHAHAH!


Yunho comes by to order toast and helps out within minutes. Sun-Sook tells him that Seung-Hye is sick and he rushes over. ㅠㅜ Good looking, successful, smart, great personality… Knows how to take care of a girl… Whyyyyyyyyyy is he not getting Seung-Hye?

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He helps Seung-Hye get home and Dae-Ho calla him to the side. In his room, Dae-Ho thanks Yunho and sighs that it should be hard to watch the woman you love, loving someone else. Yunho agrees that it’s exhausting and hard to watch Seung-Hye like this but he wants to continue. Seung-Ah overhears this and walks out in a daze. She tells her brother that her heart hurts and gets angry at Yunho, too.

Seung-Jae sees that Seung-Hye has a fever and stalks out.


Seung-Ah sighs about her insignificance to EQ. He yells that he’s there for her and then offers to introduce her to his friend who is a producer. Seung-Ah perks up right away and EQ takes a bunch of pictures to show his friend.


Do-Jin does stop by his cafe where Yunho waits. ㅠㅜ Do-Jin sits down and asks Yunho to take care of Seung-Hye. What the freaking teddy bear stuffing over a bridge!

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Seung-Jae hears this and yells at Do-Jin. They go to the roof where Seung-Jae demands to know if Do-Jin dumped Seung-Hye. Do-Jin confirms and Seung-Jae slugs him twice shouting that Do-Jin promised to keep Seung-Hye happy. Mrhmhph… I think Do-Jin deserved this.

Seung-Jae only stops when Yunho runs up on the roof.

Yunho also texts Seung-Hye not to be too sad. She stares at her phone when she gets a call from Se-Ryung.

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Seung-Hye answers and confirms that she knows Se-Ryung and Do-Jin are going to the United States. Se-Ryung explains that she felt like she had to talk to Seung-Hye before she left. Seung-Hye answers that she hopes Se-Ryung heals well.

Do-Jin enters the room at this point and Se-Ryung offers to put Do-Jin on the phone. He answers that Se-Ryung should hang up as Seung-Hye us nothing to him.


Seung-Hye goes to the bench and remember all of the fudging promises that freaking arse Do-Jin made to her… Like that he will always be there for her and how she should depend on him… Blah blah blah blabbity blah… Coward…jerk.

She gets angry and takes off her ring, which she tosses into the trees.


Unfortunately, this was another episode of annoying and irritating angst. I think the only thing that this episode accomplished is to make me hate Do-Jin even more…my satisfaction with Do-Jin’s cowardly character with little screen presence unless the script is written such that he’s actually giving Seung-Hye an event… Had been around 57%…in the past two episodes, it’s dropped to the negatives.

I’m honestly starting to wonder if I can stick it out for another 20 episodes after watching Do-Jin basically act in the most cowardly way possible…and Seung-Hye trying to keep him because she believed in his puffery and fake promises. I’m not sure if I can.

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