Love on a Rooftop – E79

The madness continues – Do-Jin basically proposes to Se-Ryung. WHAT?



Seung-Jae finds Seung-Hye wandering around near the house and tries to tell her that it’s for the better that Seung-Hye broke up with such a cowardly person. Still blinded by her fool emotions, Seung-Hye chides Seung-Jae for talking about Do-Jin in that manner. She reminds her younger brother that she loves the idiot Do-Jin and is only giving up on Do-Jin so that Do-Jin does not fall any father.


Meanwhile, Se-Ryung finally starts to feel pangs of guilt. She asks if Do-Jin really broke up with Seung-Hye and confesses that she does not feel comfortable. Do-Jin smiles and walks over to her side, telling her that she does not need to worry about anyone else…she just needs to focus on healing. He tucks her in and tells her to sleep.

Seung-Hye comes home alone and goes straight to the picture of the tree. She thinks to herself that Do-Jin was the first person whom she felt that she could love…So, she did not want to give up on him but she is coming to realize that he was not a person whom she could love…


Dong-Sook looks after Seung-Hye in the morning. She smiles that it’s better that Seung-Hye hurts a little bit but gets back on her feet. Seung-Hye wakes up after her mother leaves and complains to her aunt that she finds it so hard… She notes how she has no right to stop Do-Jin when he says he wants to leave but it’s so hard.

Dae-Shil yells at Seung-Hye in frustration with half of what we are all thinking. She calls Seung-Hye stupid for trying to measure and evaluate her love against Se-Ryung’s love when love is not a physical thing. She also emphasizes that love needs two different people and tells Seung-Hye to do what she wants and feels is best.

Sang-Man tries to get Mi-Ja some porridge and she bites off his head for saying nonsense stuff like her being his woman when she has so much on her plate. She walks off with Sang-Man meekly tailing.

Meanwhile, Yunho stops by the cafe and cutely tries to cheer up a depressed Seung-Hye.

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Mi-Ja’s next plan is to convince Se-Ryung. She asks Se-Ryung to let Do-Jin go and convince him not to go to the United States.

Se-Ryung cries that she needs Do-Jin, too… She reminds Mi-Ja that Mi-Ja used to consider her a daughter-in-law.

Mi-Ja promises to go to the United States with Se-Ryung and asks Se-Ryung if she could even have children now.

Se-Ryung looks up in shock. Before she has time to internalize it, Do-Jin comes in and tells her to leave. As Do-Jin tries to pull her away, Mi-Ja shouts at Se-Ryung to let Do-Jin go.


Do-Jin has had enough and walks out to Sang-Man and tells him to not let Mi-Ja come to the hospital again.

At the house, Dong-Sook talks to Soon-Im about Seung-Hye and Dae-Ho. Soon-Im tells Dae-Ho not to say anything to Seung-Hye who is already having a bad time…she also tells Dong-Sook that she will not let her son wear an apron.


Dae-Ho and Joon-Bae get together and make a presentation to Soon-Im…They hold a graph that shows the revenue jumping after Dae-Ho started looking at new recipes. Soon-Im is not convinced.


Back at the hospital, Do-Jin and Kyung-Tae look at an x-ray of Se-Ryung’s. Do-Jin tells Kyung-Tae that he thinks there is a chance if they go to the United States.

Do-Jin asks about Seung-Hye. Kyung-Tae answers that Seung-Hye has gotten physically better but is still hurting emotionally… However, he notes that Seung-Hye did take off her couple ring.

Do-Jin’s expression does not change and Kyung-Tae tells his friend off for being a heartless jerk.

Do-Jin stops by the cafe that night and dismisses the help.

At the same time, Se-Ryung keeps brooding about Mi-Ja’s words that Se-Ryung might not be able to get pregnant. She calls Kyung-Tae but asks him to drop by when her father comes in.

Beom-Seok tells Se-Ryung that the hospital in the United States has accepted her.

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Do-Jin tells Seung-Hye that he is going to close the cafe so she should stop coming out. Seung-Hye answers that it’s part of her own professional pride… She was scouted for the cafe and she will work hard as long as the cafe is open.

Do-Jin tells Seung-Hye that it is hard for him to see Seung-Hye and asks her not to come out from the next day on… Yunho comes in and hears the last exchange.

He watches Seung-Hye walk off and runs back into ask Do-Jin if he is not being harsh. Do-Jin answers matter of fact that it was necessary and asks about Yunho’s earlier offer to buy the cafe.

Yunho asks if Do-Jin will not regret his decision. Do-Jin answers that he is doing all this so that he has no regrets.


Stopping by his studio, Do-Jin burns up his picture of Seung-Hye.

Beom-Seok gets ready in the hospital while Se-Ryung looks out the window anxiously. She confesses that she knows Do-Jin broke up with Seung-Hye without falling out of love with Seung-Hye. She wonders if Do-Jin does not forget about Seung-Hye, would he ever hate her?

Do-Jin enters the room at the same time. He tells Se-Ryung that she does not have to worry about it. He even adds that he wants to register their marriage before going to the United States.


Meanwhile, Seung-Hye walks over to Do-Jin’s studio and finds her half burnt picture.

Back in the hospital room, Se-Ryung asks if Do-Jin is serious. He answers that she would be less anxious if they are married and he can be her legal guardian.


Beom-Seok of course tells Do-Jin to discuss with him separately after the two have talked.

Se-Ryung loses it. She smiles that it is enough for her if she can get married to Do-Jin. She notes that they will need to do the wedding after she gets fully treated and she also wants to have an official engagement. Do-Jin excuses himself as Se-Ryung begins to repeat her madness to herself.


Has Do-Jin lost it? Now, it feels like it’s gone past train wreck and into comedy. I’ not even sure what to make of it anymore. Basically, even Se-Ryung’s own father paused when he heard Do-Jin basically propose for the sake of practicality only. He was like pause, let’s take this outside where Se-Ryung is not and left the room.

Meanwhile, Se-Ryung seems to be completely losing it. She confesses that she’s not confident about Do-Jin sticking with her just out of guilt and whether or not he would start to harbor negative feelings for her in the end. Ya think?! You basically tie down the guy to the point where he thinks somehow that it is rational to marry you legally so that you would be calm for treatment. While the guy might be acting out of his emotions now…When years past and reason return, so will anger, frustration and blame.

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