Love on a Rooftop – E83

Beom-Seok lets Do-Jin go and Yunho PROPOSES!


Do-Jin checks on his mother’s vitals seeing that they have stabilized.  During this time, Beom-Seok calls because he heard about Mi-Ja’s loss of consciousnesses and asks to meet up with Do-Jin later that day.  Do-Jin updates Beom-Seok that his mother is fine and agrees to meet.


Meanwhile, Dong-Sook, Dae-Shil and Seung-Ah take stock of what is going on with Do-Jin and the risk that Seung-Hye might fall back into a toxic relationship with Do-Jin now that Se-Ryung is out of the picture.  Dong-Sook and Dae-Shil are determined that Do-Jin would not be a good match but for different reasons…Dong-Sook is completely frustrated that Seung-Hye cannot move on while Dae-Shil is more sympathetic that the heart does not move on as easily as the mind does.

Seung-Ah is Seung-Hye’s sole supporter.  She reminds everyone that Seung-Hye cannot get matched up with Yunho because he’s hers.

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After the meeting, Seung-Ah decides that she cannot wait for Do-Jin and Seung-Hye to get back together naturally.  She sneaks over to Seung-Hye’s room to find Seung-Hye brooding over the giraffe ears that Do-Jin had bought her.  Seeing this as an opportunity, Seung-Ah takes a stealth pic and sends it to Do-Jin.

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To Seung-Ah’s surprise, Do-Jin does not respond to her text message and picture.  Seung-Ah calls him to confirm that he received the picture and Do-Jin responds curtly that he has nothing to do with Seung-Hye now.  Somehow the short exchange confirms to Seung-Ah that Do-Jin is not over Seung-Hye.  Confirmation bias?


Then Seung-Ah runs over to Yunho’s house to update him that Do-Jin and Seung-Hye have not gotten over each other.  She shows him the picture as proof.

Yunho looks at the picture and frowns with worry that Seung-Hye is still suffering from Do-Jin’s absence.  However, he does not change his mind that he should move on and turns Seung-Ah’s argument back on her…that if Seung-Ah truly loves him, shouldn’t she support his feelings for Seung-Hye?


Meanwhile, Beom-Seok drops by Do-Jin’s house to apologize for everything that has happened.  Mi-Ja hears his voice and runs out.  Skipping over pleasantries, she asks him if he has decided his answer to her proposal.  She is still willing to marry Beom-Seok and go to the United States to take care of Se-Ryung like her own daughter if he would just give up on Do-Jin.  Beom-Seok dismisses Do-Jin to speak with Mi-Ja alone.


Back at Dong Rak Dang, Seung-Jae finds Seung-Hye brooding in the courtyard.  He joins her and tells her that he was highly disappointed in Do-Jin who had promised Seung-Jae that he would make Seung-Hye happy.  He adds that he hopes Seung-Hye does not accept Do-Jin back just because Se-Ryung has left.


When they get some privacy, Beom-Seok tells Mi-Ja that he’s finally regained a semblance of objectivity.  He knows that as much as his daughter is important to him…Do-Jin is important to her…He also remembers that they used to have a good enough relationship that he would propose to Mi-Ja….Therefore, he has decided to go to the United States by himself.

Of course, Mi-Ja is overjoyed to hear this outcome.  Beom-Seok leaves Mi-Ja appeased and asks Do-Jin to join him on a run the next morning.

Unable to fall asleep, Seung-Hye goes into the kitchen for a late night glass of water where her father finds her.  Dae-Ho tells Seung-Hye that she should not feel like she has to obey anyone else’s words.  Even if they have broken up, if she wants to see Do-Jin, she should see Do-Jin.


Seung-Hye forces a smile and answers that she knows seeing Do-Jin now would be harder on her later on.  So, she’s going to wait a little longer.


The next morning, Do-Jin reports to Beom-Seok for a morning jog like a dutiful future son-in-law.  After a full run, Beom-Seok tells Do-Jin that he has spoken with Se-Ryung.  He now understands that for Se-Ryung her pride is more important than having Do-Jin next to her…She wants Do-Jin to see her as a woman.  So, he asks Do-Jin to wait for Se-Ryung back in Korea.


The next day, Seung-Hye gets all dressed up to go see Yunho at her cafe.  He cautiously asks her if she would not mind meeting Beom-Seok who wanted to see her before he went to the United States.  Seung-Hye agrees and Yunho suggests that Seung-Hye see Beom-Seok off.

So, on the day of Beom-Seok leaving Korea, Seung-Hye shows up at the airport.  Beom-Seok receives her happily and tells her that he wanted to tell her that she should move on with her life…She should not feel indebted to Se-Ryung anymore.

Seung-Hye thanks him and wishes him well.  She also gives him some tea that she just blended together to give to Se-Ryung.

Meanwhile, Do-Jin finds a response from Se-Ryung’s American doctor in his inbox.  The doctor responds to Do-Jin’s inquiry that she cannot disclose Se-Ryung’s process or status with the stem cell treatment.

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Then Yunho takes Seung-Hye out for a wall by the sad wall.  He tells Seung-Hye that he wants to change the story of the wall into a happy one…They can do this by starting their happy relationship together here.  Then he busts out a ring and asks Seung-Hye to marry him! >.< KYAAAAA! CUE SQUEALS!

Seung-Hye looks surprised and worried.  She confesses that she does not know if she would change her mind.  Ever the faithful supporter, Yunho smiles that Seung-Hye should hold on to the ring as she thinks about it for at least a week.


Unfortunately, after Seung-Hye comes home.  Seung-Ah goes through Seung-Hye’s bag and finds the ring.  Realizing that Do-Jin is ignoring Seung-Hye and not proposing to her with a ring…She jumps to the conclusion that it is Yunho and bawls.


Fireworks! Balloons! Bells! Yunho proposed! >.<

Considering the timing, I guess this is the nail in the coffin that Yunho will not get Seung-Hye as his wife.  She has not moved on from Do-Jin and springing a ring and a proposal on her at this point does not seem efficient.  It’s almost as if Yunho is playing his last card with the proposal.

If we take Yunho’s proposal as his last ditch effort to win Seung-Hye over, it seems like it would not fit into the plot.  However, we are nearing the end of the series…So, the writer might be trying to tie up loose ends.  At this point, I have no idea how the writer will clean up Mi-Ja’s revenge issue and Seung-Hye’s relationship. Looks like we are in for a faster ride. ^^


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