Love on a Rooftop – E85

Do-Jin decides to return to the cafe and Yunho waits on Seung-Hye.



So what happened to the ring? Sun-Sook tries her best to get the ring off with soap and water but it does not budge. Finally, Joon-Bae pulls it off in one go.

Dong-Sook happily accepts it back. However, Joon-Bae then chastises Dong-Sook for giving Sun-Sook a hard time for a simple ring. Sun-Sook takes her ex-husband’s sides and they leave together.


Meanwhile, Seung-Ah refuses to leave with Seung-Hye and Yunho makes the connection that Seung-Ah will only leave if Seung-Hye brings his diamond ring… He tells Seung-Ah to stay put as he will walk Seung-Hye home. He adds in a half joke that he can call Seung-Jae instead.


Yunho walks Seung-Hye home and reassures her that she shouldn’t worry about the ring. If she would wear the ring, he would be ecstatic. Yet, if she’s just going to return the ring, he would rather it stays lost in Dong Rak Dang forever.


Do-Jin wanders to his mother’s house and yells at her when he heard that Seung-Hye was called over. She yells at him back for yelling at his sick mother… She tells him to find himself.

Do-Jin promises to not give up on his cafe as long as Mi-Ja stops bothering Seung-Hye. Meh.

Dong-Sook gives the ring back to Seung-Hye and asks her to try it on. Seung-Hye answers that she feels bad trying it on with Do-Jin in her heart.


Dong-Sook looks at the photo and muses that Seung-Hye’s biological mother planted that tree in hopes that Seung-Hye would meet a good man… Doesn’t it mean anything that Seung-Hye was able to see the tree with Yunho? She smiles and adds that she has known about the tree for a while… She has been going to visit every year; they should go together this year.


Comedic interlude where Joon-Bae asks if he didn’t do a good job and gets yelled at. Sun-Sook tells Joon-Bae that he should try giving her a ring instead of pulling a diamond ring off. Joon-Bae declares that he wants to make a lot of money, and, if he gets married again, he will propose with a diamond ring.


Back at home, Seung-Hye gets a call from Seung-Jae who had decided to stay at Yunho’s place instead of leaving Seung-Ah alone. Yunho has even offered to get a hotel.


Suspicious that Seung-Hye is talking to Do-Jin, Dong-Sook eavesdrops and overhears. The mother and daughter duo go to Yunho’s place where Dong-Sook makes it clear that Seung-Ah is coming home.

Seung-Ah asks to speak with Yunho alone one more time before she leaves and Seung-Hye backs her up. So Yunho drives Seung-Ah home, where she stays silent. When they arrive, she asks if it cannot be her.


Yunho sighs that even if Seung-Hye refuses to the end, he would not propose to Seung-Ah who is like a sister to him.

Seung-Ah starts crying and hits Yunho…

She is still moping in bed the next day. Soon-Im tries to comfort her but Dong-Sook comes in to tell Seung-Ah that she can starve if she wants.

Seung-Ah screams back that she came home anyways and Dong-Sook yells back that this is why Seung-Ah was dumped by Yunho… Seung-Ah returns into sobbing under her blanket.

Seung-Hye offers to bring food to Seung-Ah. All of a sudden, Dong-Sook us a wise mother and tells Seung-Hye not to as Seung-Hye’s face will just piss Seung-Ah off so they can wait until Seung-Ah voluntarily comes out starving.

Seung-Hye doesn’t listen and brings a tray of food to Seung-Ah’s room. She leaves it there to take a call from the other cafe employee.

The employee tells her that Do-Jin returned to the cafe but zones out from time to time. She gets called away to help move a table when Yunho shows up.


At the same time, Seung-Jae brings his parents and his aunt and uncle to the branch shop to buy them each a jacket.

Dae-Shil joins and suggests that they go for a couple look, which makes Sun-Sook and Joon-Bae awkward.

At the cafe, Do-Jin rips up his already executed contract and apologizes but he wants to go back and not sell the cafe. Yunho accepts this change of heart magnanimously. He notes that he doesn’t care about the cafe now that he has proposed to Seung-Hye.

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Do-Jin tells Yunho that he hopes Yunho hears the answer that he wants. Yunho asks if Do-Jin is serious and Do-Jin confirms.

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From the side, Seung-Hye shows up and asks if Do-Jin can take responsibility for his answer. Do-Jin again answers affirmatively.

Yunho pulls an emotional Seung-Hye out of the cafe and tells her that Do-Jin did not mean it. Seung-Hye answers that Do-Jin does…

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The two walk together and Yunho pulls her into a hug. He tells her that she can lean on him if she is having trouble.

Seung-Hye pulls away and tells Yunho that she will walk the rest alone.


Well, that was unexpected. Dong-Sook turned out to be a reasonable and practical mother all of a sudden! I had not expected it but I’ll take it.

Regarding Do-Jin’s “decision” to return to the cafe so that his mother leaves Seung-Hye alone… What a joke? I don’t understand what kind of feeling the writer is trying to elicit. It’s not really suffering for the guy to be pulled out of moping around at home with alcohol to rejoin society as a contributing member. Also, in real life, he cannot just rip up a contract and declare that he changed his mind….

Only 17 episodes to go!

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