Make a Woman Cry – E28

Everyone in the family realizes the truth about Eunseo as she turns Deok-In away with money so that Jinwoo would be determined to go abroad. Hasoon accepts the Kang family money creating strife in her own family. And, Jin-Myung challenges his father to a corporate duel to protect Eunseo from Daddy Kang who was determined to kick her out.


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Deok-In asks Eunseo to get to the point. Pursing her lips, Eunseo hands over an envelope and tells Deok-In to do something good with the money in her son’s name.

Deok-In asks if Eunseo is trying to anger her or to console her. Eunseo answers that she is trying to console her… Why else would she be giving her millions of dollars? She notes that it seems more than adequate as the life price of Deok-In’s son.

Deok-In snaps that Eunseo should stop saying things about her son because she won’t stand for it. However, Eunseo smiles that Deok-In will stand it… After all, Yunseo had been over 14 when the accident occurred… Under Korean law, this would be old enough to force responsibility on Yunseo himself; all Deok-In has to do is find proof that it was not an accident. Deok-In should sincerely look for evidence if she’s going to get revenge for her son. If Deok-In is going to forgive Yunseo, she should stop pretending to be a justified mother and take the money.

With that, Eunseo leaves. Deok-In sends the employee to return the envelope.


Still sharp, Eunseo catches her father-in-law’s secretary spying on her. However, he lies that he was just in the area.


Then, Eunseo goes to Deok-In’s home and gives the envelope to Hasoon. Hasoon worries that if she takes the money, she would anger Deok-In…

Eunseo suggests that Hasoon just takes it and does not tell Deok-In for a while until Deok-In cools her anger.

Hasoon pauses. When Eunseo comments that her father-in-law would not offer the money again, Hasoon tells Eunseo to leave the money there.

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Eunseo then goes home and tells Jin-Myung everything that she said. She also notes that she saw her father-in-law’s secretary there.


Immediately, Jin-Myung calls the secretary and asks him to tell his father that Eunseo tried her best to convince Deok-In. The secretary answers that he serves the CEO and leaves.

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Jin-Myung calls Eunseo into his study and demands to know what she is thinking… He reminds her that his father is capable of ignoring even his own children… He might kick Eunseo out of the house.

Eunseo answers that she does not mind if she gets kicked out.

Meanwhile, Hyojung meets with Hyunseo at a cafe. Hyunseo asks her if she is having a difficult time due to his mother. She tells him to focus on his health.

Hyunseo smiles that she is so pretty that he’s happy just looking at her. He tells her to let him know if it ever gets too much for her since he does not want her to suffer.

Looking worried, Hyojung tells Hyunseo that if he hears something in the future that makes him disappointed in her, he should try not to be too sad.


At the same time, Jinhan goes shopping with his wife in the subway. His wife picks out flats and Jinhan insists that she gets a pair of heels like other women. As they walk off, he pauses next to a record and comments that the song is familiar… He remembers someone singing the song well…

Jin-Myung also listens to the song and remembers how Eunseo used to sing it. Eunseo comes in to give him a drink. She tells him to stop worrying about her and live happily.

Jin-Myung tells her that he cannot stop worrying about her when he is responsible for his brother’s death.

Eunseo smiles that he should take his coffee as they don’t know if it would be her last. She sees Hyunseo on his way in but Hyunseo refuses to even speak with her.

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So, she follows her son up to his room. He silks that he might have to break up with Hyojung since Hyojung is having such a hard time with her.

Eunseo tells Hyunseo to get up. She sighs and tells him that even if she is no longer in the house, he should focus on his health.

Hyunseo realizes that something is wrong and asks her why his grandfather is angry at his uncle. Eunseo tells him not to worry. She knows that he thinks of his uncle like a father…

She also notes that Hong-Ran is unable to be heartless so his aunt and uncle would raise him well even if she disappeared. Hyunseo stares are her mute wondering why Eunseo is taking so weirdly.


At the same time, Hong-Ran drops by with a shirt for Jinhan. She tells him that she got it for free at a fan-signing and gives it to him. Then she shows him a picture of Eunseo and asks if he recognises her, which he doesn’t.

Hong-Ran comes home huffing and wondering why she is so nervous and frustrated. Later, she goes into Jin-Myung’s study and paces back and forth.


Jin-Myung does not realize that his wife just found his brother and snaps at her for buzzing around when he has a lot to think about. She stalks out determined that she won’t tell him.

She then goes to Eunseo and asks about the meeting. Hong-Ran is happily surprised when Eunseo answers that she made it so Deok-In will not accept Jinwoo back. Then she asks if Hong-Ran will take care of Hyunseo if she disappears.

Hong-Ran asks what this is about and notes that she likes Hyunseo. she just has issues with his mother… ^.~ Eunseo sighs that everything would be better if she disappeared.


Hong-Ran asks what Eunseo is speaking about and Eunseo smiles that she thought it would be time for her to disappear…After all, Hong-Ran has suffered enough under her. Momma Kang interrupts to tell the daughter-in-laws that Daddy Kang will be arriving after dinner.

Meanwhile, Hasoon brings up the money carefully over dinner. However, Deok-In reacts sensitively and Hasoon sighs that they can speak about it later. Deok-In realizes that Eunseo must have stopped by and demands to know where the money is. Hasoon does not answer.

Deok-In looks through every single box and finds the envelope. Looking at her mother with disappointment, she accuses her silently.


Hasoon snatches the envelope and asks if Junghoon would return back to life just because Deok-In protects her pride. She tells Deok-In that millions of dollars is not something to laugh about…People suffer for a few dollars…Still holding the envelope, Hasoon runs to the kitchen. She continues to yell that she had to give up her own daughter…had to do everything she could possibly do to earn some money to survive. She also reminds Deok-In that the Kang women disrespected them just because they were poor. Looking at the envelope with obsession, she notes that she no longer has to worry about anyone else with this money.

Deok-In tells her mother to leave her house immediately.

Hasoon agrees that she will leave with the money. She has nothing to fear now.

Deok-In runs after her and grabs the envelope back. Then she cries out that she regrets finding her mother…She cannot believe how her mother is really like this. She stalks out of her own home.

However, Deok-In pauses in front of her building remembering what Yunseo had said when he came to apologize. She staggers on, gaining purpose with every step. Yet, the voices follow her. Jinwoo’s confession then repeats in her mind. Finally, she finds herself seated at a cafe as Eunseo’s words also repeat.


Jinwoo arrives. Handing over the envelope, she tells Jinwoo to take his son and leave as soon as he can instead of looking down on her dead son and her poor struggling mother; this is the most that she can do for him and his son. Jinwoo answers that he will be leaving soon to a place where he won’t be able to come to her even if he wants to.


He also adds that he is thankful because he can feel her sincerity toward himself and his son…her compassion for their individual circumstances, which she did not have to consider.

Deok-In leaves him and walks back while remembering all of their time together.

At the same time, Hasoon goes to Kyung-Soo because she has no where to go. She tells him that she has no place to go and is hungry. Kyung-Soo takes the bait and invites her over to stay at their family house. Hasoon agrees immediately and tells him that she’s only accepting because he begged her.


Hasoon goes to Bok-Rye’s house. She finds everyone eating and comments that she got kicked out in the middle of dinner so she is hungry. Kyung-Cheol gets up and gives her his place explaining that he does not have that much of an attitude. He goes to his room and starts looking for some stomach medicine…. Oh…no… Never good in a drama.

Hasoon explains to the family that she had tried to reject the money but Eunseo threw her the money and left. Kyung-Tae comments that maybe they should not reject the money if the Kang family is trying so hard. Bok-Rye snaps that the children can go inside if they are done eating.

Left alone, Bok-Rye invites Hasoon to sleep with her in her bedroom and Hasoon volunteers to take over cleaning and dishwashing…Bok-Rye asks how long Hasoon expects to stay and Hasoon just smiles.


Meanwhile, Daddy Kang comes home and the family looks tense. Within a few minutes, the tension increases as Jinwoo stops by to return the envelope of money. He announces that they should not use these methods anymore since Deok-In will not stand for it. With those words, he leaves.

Without another a word, Daddy Kang tells Eunseo to leave with Yunseo. Eunseo agrees to leave amidst protests from Momma Kang and Hong-Ran. Jin-Myung immediately volunteers to go abroad with Eunseo instead.

Eunseo interrupts to note that she will leave with Yunseo. She had only stayed with the family because Daddy Kang had asked her to give birth to Hyunseo…She has no reason to stay if Daddy Kang no longer wants her there.

Daddy Kang demands to know how Eunseo can blame him for everything at this point. He yells at her demanding her to repeat what she said to Deok-In when he had asked her to convince Deok-In to help keep Jinwoo in Korea. He adds that he does not need her to leave with Yunseo…She can leave by herself.

Hyunseo runs out at this point. He begs his grandfather not to kick out his mother or he will leave with his mother.


Daddy Kang tells Hong-Ran to take Hyunseo into the garden. She agrees immediately and tells Hyunseo to stay in the garden as Daddy Kang will cool down after a while.

When Hong-Ran returns back into the living room, she hears Daddy Kang tell Eunseo to leave with Hyunseo. He adds that he knows Eunseo turned her back on Jin-Myung for greed and Jinhan would not have died if not for Eunseo.


Eunseo answers that she can leave for the sin of giving birth to a sick son…As a result, she lived her life repenting and making sure that her in-laws would always have something delicious to eat even though she never made a single meal for her own biological mother. She continues as she begins to sob that she never did anything for herself and she only wanted the company so that Hyunseo does not have to worry about anything in the future. She demands to know how Daddy Kang could kick out his sick grandson.

Daddy Kang sighs that he still cannot leave Jin-Myung and Eunseo stay in same family.

Momma Kang tells them that they don’t need to kick Eunseo out. Either Jin-Myung and Hong-Ran can leave or Eunseo can take out Hyunseo and live comfortably.


In the middle of all of this, Jin-Myung kneels to ask Daddy Kang to forgive Eunseo and think of his dead brother Jinhan.

Daddy Kang refuses and Jin-Myung stands up. He reminds his father that the family owes it to Jinhan and he will not stand by to see Daddy Kang kick out Eunseo and Jinhan’s son. He continues on that he met with Baek Do-Hyun, the grandson and asked Do-Hyun to stop CEO Kang’s irresponsible expansion.


Wow, what was the last part? The writer has just thrown us another plot bone. I did not translate it literally but Jin-Myung had demanded that his father remember whose life money protected the company. It looks like Daddy Kang might know that Jinhan is alive…Or at least, he had the right to do something about Jinhan’s death but left it alone for monetary gain. I can’t wait to see the next episode to see what this is all about! >.<

One thing that I have to note is that I love the storytelling in this series.  As much as I think that Eunseo reminds me of a manifestation of a black widow with her scheming and her controlled emotions  (she would technically be the best candidate to take over and run the company), I do see where she’s coming from.  I loved the fact that once her mask was torn off, she went off and told everything as how she felt to her father-in-law.  True to her character, her words were humble and respectful but each sentence had a bite.  For that I respect her and I agree that she did give up her youth and her happiness to this family.  They basically used her as an indentured servant, dangling the carrot of wealth in front of her…I can’t really blame her for scheming to guarantee her inheritance.

Then again, I also feel empathy for Daddy Kang.  As cold-hearted as Daddy Kang is, it is clear that he only does what he feels to be best for his family.  Additionally, it is objectively clear that Eunseo is dangerous and cold-hearted in her own way…almost sociopathic.  For the good of his family and for society, even, it might be better that Eunseo is not given power (well the company).

So, I find myself rooting for neither of the two.  I will just enjoy the story whichever way it goes and that is the best!

Finally, poor Hong-Ran! She finally gets what she wanted in that everyone knows that Eunseo was fake…That Eunseo had a thing with Jin-Myung and stayed in the family even though she chose his older brother out of greed.  Yet, the victory is shallow because she has to watch her husband throw himself against his father just to save the woman who was his first love…

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