Love on a Rooftop – E92

Chaewon continues to test out the waters with both Mi-Ja and Seung-Hye.


On the side arc, Sun-Sook gets all dolled up to go volunteering awards. Joon-Bae gets called over and snaps about how dolled up she looks.


Sun-Sook goes to the ceremony and gets called up to receive the top award. As she begins to make her speech, Joon-Bae steals the Mike and yells into it that Sun-Sook deserves it. He then gives her a bouquet of flowers and then asks her to remarry him… And make a little sibling for Dong-Goo.

The two happily come home to find Dong-Sook waiting for them unhappily. She snaps that Joon-Bae can leave Dong Rak Dang immediately. Sun-Sook disagrees and says she needs to think about it. Well one substoryline almost tied up.


Meanwhile, Do-Jin gets a text from Chaewon demanding that he comes to the medical volunteering event the next day. He sighs and tosses the phone aside.


The next day, the sick child (Inyoung’s) parents invite both Seung-Hye and Chaewon to lunch to thank them.


At the same time, Kyung-Tae complains that Chaewon is the reason Dae-Shil keeps working. Do-Jin snaps that Kyung-Tae is being unreasonable but Kyung-Tae refuses to listen. His next plan is to go bug Dae-Shil during their breaks.

Busy, busy Chaewon! She calls Seung-Hye over and asks for a cup of coffee. Over dessert, Chaewon invites Seung-Hye to the medical meeting as well.


Chaewon asks if Seung-Hye is declining because Chaewon likes Do-Jin. She even tells Seung-Hye that she doesn’t look like a happy bride.

Seung-Hye gets up angrily. But at Chaewon’s insistence, she sits back down and asks Chaewon if she wants Seung-Hye to return to Do-Jin.

Chaewon smiles that she doesn’t want that. She does want Seung-Hye to join the volunteering event for single women.


That night, Dong-Sook complains about how Sung-Nam keeps tempting Seung-Ah with the diamond ring. Dae-Ho disapproves that Sung-Nam is using his material wealth to woo Seung-Ah while Dong-Sook worries more about the age gap.

However, Seung-Hye is convinced. She even prepares a bunch of jars of tea to bring. Her grandmother sees her and notes that it’s good that Seung-Hye is volunteering.

Seung-Hye and Chaewon sit side by side helping mother by mother. A reluctant single mother comes along and demands cold medicine. The girl snaps that she’s going to give the child up for adoption anyways.


Her words get under Seung-Hye’s skin and Seung-Hye yells at the child to skip the chemical medicine and turn to tea… As long as she is carrying the child, she is a mother and should act that way. The girl reluctantly accepts.


After the event, Chaewon smiles that she likes and respects Seung-Hye. She asks to be friends as she likes Seung-Hye. Seung-Hye replies she finds Chaewon uncomfortable but Chaewon just jokes that Seung-Hye is just like Do-Jin and offers up her hand. They shake ^^

Seung-Hye calls Yunho and apologizes for not joining him as he surveyed possible new homes. Yunho is understanding as usual and just replies that he wasn’t able to make a decision himself. He also suggests that Seung-Hye stop wearing the ring and keep it in her case since it probably makes her uncomfortable.

Seung-Hye refuses because she knows what the engagement ring symbolizes.

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At the same time, Chaewon drops by Do-Jin’s place and asks to use his washer. She then plops herself on his bed and brags that she went to the volunteering event with Seung-Hye… And liked her!

Do-Jin yells at her to stop bringing Seung-Hye up in front of him as he is still not over her. Chaewon sighs that she’s leaving and wonders to herself that it’s better this way… If he can let it go, he can forget Seung-Hye.


Returning to the subarc, Sun-Sook totally misses Joon-Bae. She notes that Dong-Goo is off at camp and Joon-Bae bugs Seung-Jae with his snoring. When he worries about sleeping in the market, she invites him home with her.

As for Kyung-Tae, he bursts into her office and complains about her working late again. He announces that if something happens to their children because of her working, they’ll be done, too!


Mi-Ja drops by Do-Jin’s place to drop off some side dishes in the morning. Before she leaves, Chaewon bursts in asking for his hair dryer.

Mi-Ja gasps in horror and asks if they are living together. Chaewon laughs that it’s not exactly living together but something similar…


Do-Jin brings over the dryer and then Chaewon grabs a cup of juice. She then takes out the side dishes and notes that it looks delicious! She asks if she can take it with her and Mi-Ja objects. Chaewon smiles that she will just leave the side dish at Do-Jin’s place and come over to eat it!

Chaewon flounces out and Mi-Ja turns to Do-Jin. Looking like she’s seeing another car crash, she asks if Do-Jin is seeing Chaewon. He answers that it shouldn’t who he sees.


Not far to go now guys! Then this trainwreck is over! At least, it seems like the worst is over and what is left of the crash seems to be chugging along fine with the new addition of Chaewon. She doesn’t seem evil… In contrast, I feel like her character sincerely likes and respects Seung-Hye…Maybe she respects Seung-Hye who managed to win over Do-Jin’s heart when Chaewon had been trying so hard in the past. Then again, if Chaewon turns out to be evil, I will be heartbroken. I will also be heartbroken if Seung-Hye decides to blindly return to Do-Jin…I guess, I should just be careful with the next episodes…Be calm my nervous heart!

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