Make a Woman Cry – E31

Things get started moving quickly once everyone find out.  Hyojung confesses to Hyunseo about her past relationship with Kyung-Tae…and each of the family members start to take turns going to see Jinhan.


Jin-Myung warns Eunseo and then tells Daddy Kang. Hearing that Jinhan might actually be alive, Daddy Kang calls a family meeting and asks Hong-Ran all about finding Jinhan.

Hong-Ran tells him about when she saw Jinhan but refuses to give the location until they kick out Eunseo. Daddy Kang yells that this is not something she can not talk about if she does not want to. However, Hong-Ran doesn’t back down and even goes upstairs… Jin-Myung follows but Hong-Ran returns with a packed weekender bag… She walks down to let everyone know that she’s not going to tell anything until Eunseo is kicked out.

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Daddy Kang yells at Jin-Myung who obediently goes outside to pull Hong-Ran back in… Meanwhile, Daddy Kang snaps at Eunseo for not leaving already and tells Momma Kang what is going on. Pulled back into the house, Hong-Ran announces that she doesn’t know what to do as well and stalks upstairs to lock herself in.

Cue brooding, sighing, and general weeping about the possibility of Jinhan being alive!


Meanwhile, slap a suit on Jinwoo and all of a sudden he’s born to be a business man… Giving a presentation on what it takes to be a top golf ball brand. He throws out some basic business elements and we switch to Deok-In who has called in Jin-Myung.


She gives Jin-Myung his brother’s address. Jin-Myung asks why Deok-In would do this when she probably still has not forgiven his family. Smiling, Deok-In answers that she will have to live with the guilt of letting her son die early… She knows that he has lived with the guilt of letting his brother die… She doesn’t think he wants to live with the knowledge that he might have been able to find his brother but could not.

Jin-Myung asks why Deok-In didn’t tell Jinwoo. Deok-In explains that she doesn’t want Jinwoo to think that this is compensation for sending his son away.

She hands over a piece of paper with the warning that Jin-Myung should handle this carefully… His brother is married to a bright and sweet woman.

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Jin-Myung immediately heads over to see his brother. However, seeing Jinhan with his wife, Jin-Myung turns away.

When Jin-Myung comes home, he finds Eunseo anxiously waiting for him. She whines that she doesn’t know how she’s to survive another day with two members of the family waiting to kick her out… They need to find her husband.

Jin-Myung comes over to sit down with Eunseo and answers that he found his brother. He also adds that his brother was not alone…he notes that things will get complicated from now on.


Eunseo snaps that there is nothing complicated.

Jin-Myung answers firmly that his brother won’t throw away his wife before coming into the house… He’s been with his wife for twenty years while he only spent one year with Eunseo… Jin-Myung warns Eunseo that if Jin-Myung brings the woman home, Eunseo might not be able to stay in the house.

Eunseo runs out to ask Hong-Ran if it is true that Jinhan has a wife. Hong-Ran whines that Eunseo already found out. Then she asks Eunseo what she will do if Jinhan comes back with a wife?

Eunseo answers that Jinhan will always pick her as Jinhan loved her so much. Hong-Ran smiles that she will have to tell Jinhan just how Eunseo was faithful to his memory, flirting with his younger brother.

Eunseo runs to ask Jin-Myung the address so that she can demand that the other woman leaves. Jin-Myung refuses.


At the same time, Jinhan goes with his wife to a hair salon so that he can explain what kind of cut she wants. He tells the woman how they go everywhere together.

Jin-Myung calls in Jinwoo to tell him the news. He explains that Hong-Ran announced that she found him but Deok-In was the one who told Jin-Myung the address.


Jinwoo goes to Deok-In’s restaurant to thank her. She responds that he doesn’t need to be polite to her now that they have both hurt each other. Jinwoo answers that neither he nor Yunseo blame her. However, Deok-In answers that it hurts whenever she sees him because he reminds her of Yunseo.

Deok-In goes in and Kyung-Cheol comes by. He brings Jinwoo to a cafe and asks Jinwoo to take Deok-In away to some place where they can be together. As an explanation, he notes that he doesn’t want Deok-In stuck taking care of his family after he’s gone.


Jinwoo tells Kyung-Cheol to get medical help. Kyung-Cheol responds that he doesn’t want to spend his limited time in the hospital and repeats that it’s his last request.


Kyung-Cheol stops by to tell Deok-In that the results came out negative. They go to a park and Kyung-Cheol begins that he thought about a lot of different things when he realized he might die. He tells Deok-In to just marry Jinwoo and forgive him.

Deok-In snaps that she can’t forgive Jinwoo for Junghoon.

Kyung-Cheol reminds Deok-In that her anger doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love Jinwoo anymore. Also, Junghoon wouldn’t want her to be unhappy…so, she should just go with Jinwoo as life is short.

Deok-In looks at her ex-husband with new eyes and sighs that he’s matured. She notes that even if he says so, she cannot forgive Jinwoo because she is Junghoon’s mom.

Deok-In goes back and sits in her restaurant thinking about Kyung-Cheol’s words. Jinwoo comes by and watches her from outside.


Meanwhile, Kyung-Cheol heads over to the pizza shop where Kyung-Soo works and wonders how much it would cost to start one… One should be enough to take care od their family.

Jin-Myung stops by his brother’s cart again and gathers up the courage to speak with him. Jinhan smiles and recognizes him as Hong-Ran’s husband, asking if she wanted some pastries.


Jin-Myung asks how Jinhan remembered him. Jinhan answers that he obsesses about anything from the past… And looking at Jin-Myung’s picture, he felt like he knew Jin-Myung from prior to the accident. He also asks Jin-Myung to think about whether he might remember seeing Jinhan in the past. Handing over a note with his number, he asks Jin-Myung to call if he remembers anything.

Still haunted by his meeting, Jin-Myung warns Eunseo and then tells his father. Daddy Kang immediately asks for Jinhan’s address.

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He goes to check on Jinhan who doesn’t recognize him but is completely polite. Jinhan explains that he doesn’t have parents so he always feels empathetic toward elders… Then he notes he’s not sure he should be speaking about his parents like this since they can be alive.

Daddy Kang looks at Jinhan tearfully thinking to himself that he found his son.


At the same time, Hyunseo buys and presents Hyojung with couple rings. (FYI – they are like promise rings for couples in Korea.)

Feeling moved, Hyojung tells him that she has to confess something… She tells Hyunseo that Kyung-Tae is not her brother but her ex-boyfriend. Hyunseo asks why she lied but the scene cuts.

Later, Hong-Ran gets cornered in the kitchen by Eunseo. Eunseo reminds Hong-Ran that Jin-Myung has Jinhan’s number so Hong-Ran can’t hide him again… She might as well tell Eunseo Jinhan’s address.

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Hong-Ran does and Eunseo pretties up to go see Jinhan. She carefully walks over… But he doesn’t recognize her.


Woa, the last ending song seems so sorrowful and appropriate in mood (not lyrics) for Eunseo and Jinhan. The lyrics don’t work since they talk about only loving one person in life and it appears that both Eunseo and Jinhan moved on. Yet, it really is a depressing situation that Eunseo finds herself in…

This isn’t a new plot device – the lost memories and falling in love again – but it feels so fresh. I am not exactly sure why but I think it is a combination of of good writing and good acting. Additionally, the stakes seem especially higher. In other dramas, the person who loses his or her memory develops a new family… But that is the extent of the damage. Here, Eunseo has (albeit for selfish reasons) dedicated her life to the family of her son’s father. If they keep her son because he is part of the bloodline and kick out Eunseo, all of her suffering is in vein. Even if Eunseo’s acting is a bit stilted, I still see the tension on the scene and that is amazing.

One thing that I didn’t like is the random Kyung-Cheol sickness plot device. It was okay to randomly ship Jinhee off abroad since we felt a cathartic release when she tricked Kyung-Cheol into divorcing Deok-In… However, this fatal disease seems more random and hand-of-writer meddling for convenience.

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