Love on a Rooftop – E95

Friendship blossoms between Seung-Hye and Chaewon, while the writer proceeds to begin to break my heart. = =x



We begin with Do-Jin calling Seung-Jae to let him know about Seung-Hye being passed out at Chaewon’s place. He does pause to put Seung-Hye on a pillow before leaving nonchalantly… Only to pause outside the door.


Chaewon walks out with Seung-Jae, carrying Seung-Hye, and hails a cab for them. Chaewon then asks Seung-Jae to give her his number so that she can check on Seung-Hye later… Oh no! They’re setting up Chaewon with Seung-Jae!

The next day, Dong-Sook prepares stew for Seung-Hye’s hangover. When Seung-Jae comes over, she finds out that Dae-Ho has not been sleeping in his son’s room.


Soon-Im calls Dong-Sook into her room and demands to know if Dong-Sook is going to make a ruckus before Seung-Hye’s wedding. Dong-Sook answers back that divorce is no longer such a big issue but agrees to wait until after Seung-Hye’s wedding.


Meanwhile, Seung-Jae checks on Seung-Hye and tells her that Do-Jin was the one who called him over. He also asks about Seung-Hye’s relationship to Chaewon and let’s her know that Yunho was worried that Seung-Hye wasn’t picking up her phone.


At the same time, Sung-Nam and Seung-Ah meet up with Seung-Jae…Sung-Nam calls Seung-Jae brother-in-law and asks for help…

Seung-Jae answers that the age gap is too big. Which Sung-Nam answers that he can fix with more botox!


Seung-Ah tells Dae-Shil who yells at her for being tempted by the diamond ring. Then she pauses to comment that a younger husband is not as ideal as she expected as well… But, then, Dae-Shil starts laughing thinking about Seung-Ah with Sung-Nam.


Seung-Hye meets up with Yunho who takes her to Do-Jin’s cafe. Chaewon shows up as well and Do-Jin asks her to help with presenting to possible investors. Yunho encourages Seung-Hye to do what she wants and Seung-Hye agrees to help.


Back at home, Sun-Sook tries to convince Dong-Sook not to have a divorce with Soon-Im eavesdropping. When Sun-Sook mentions that Mi-Ja getting with a child is not Dae-Ho’s fault, Dong-Sook kicks her out.

Sporting a new haircut since the last episode, Dae-Ho sighs that he is willing to do whatever Dong-Sook wants him to do…

As for the problem – Mi-Ja – prepares to go meet with Dong-Sook. Sang-Man tries to tell her to stay at home and leave Dong-Sook alone if she wants to help Dae-Ho and Do-Jin.

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With Yunho Watchung from the side, Seung-Hye makes a killer presentation. Afterwards, the group goes to dinner where Yunho and Chaewon get all excited about a possible joint wedding. Yunho brags about how pretty Seung-Hye is in a wedding dress and Chaewon backs off on the idea of having a joint wedding. Do-Jin and Seung-Hye stay awkwardly quiet.


Chaewon discusses the reluctant single mother from the last episodes. She jokes that she wants to adopt the child with Do-Jin since she doesn’t want to have a child… She asks Do-Jin to raise the kid with her since you have to be married to have a child.

Seung-Hye glares at Chaewon and asks her how she could joke about adoptions like that… The notes that being an adoptive parent has ad much if not more responsibility than biological parents.

Not knowing that Seung-Hye is speaking from a past scar, Chaewon angrily snaps back to ask if Seung-Hye is angry about her talk of adoption or her talk about marrying Do-Jin. Seung-Hye leaves without answering.

Yunho runs after Seung-Hye and Do-Jin also snaps that Chaewon was wrong. She runs after Seung-Hye as well to find Seung-Hye answering a call from the reluctant single mother… She’s about to give birth!


They rush over to the voluntary single mother house and help her to give birth. Once the new baby is brought into the world, Chaewon and Seung-Hye smile at each other becoming closer as friends.  Because, what is better for building friendship than helping a complicated birthing process?


Afterwards, Seung-Hye tries to go home and Chaewon stops her for a drink! Seung-Hye agrees and Chaewon brings her home for tea.

Over tea, Chaewon tells Seung-Hye that she wasn’t just joking. Chaewon has seen so many children getting shipped off for adoption and has been thinking about adopting for a while.

Seung-Hye apologizes as well for being sensitice; she explains how she is adopted.

Chaewon asks if they are friends again and Seung-Hye agrees. Chaewon smiles as Seung-Hye takes her hand and sighs that she’s losing her confidence about being able to replace Seung-Hye in Do-Jin’s heart.


As the writer has decided to continue with the horrible idea of having Seung-Hye end up with Do-Jin after all that he did to her… I will recap but forgo the short opinion sections… Otherwise, you will only read repeated complaints. ^_~

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