Love on a Rooftop – E96

Dong-Sook stands firm about her request for a divorce. Meanwhile, drama tropes are tossed in so that we have a romantic moment between Do-Jin and Seung-Hye.



Chaewon barges in to find Do-Jin still awake. She summarizes everything that happened to Do-Jin happily. She asks again if he won’t adopt a kid with her.

Do-Jin tells her that he isn’t thinking of marriage in the near future. Chaewon agrees to leave but only after telling him not to show up in her dreams… He always shows up with Seung-Hye making her tired.


The next day, Soon-Im brings Dong-Sook some porridge. She tells Dong-Sook that it’s not Dae-Ho’s fault… It’s all her fault. She even asks Dong-Sook to divorce after she dies if Dong-Sook really wants to have a divorce.

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Dong-Sook angrily gets up and leaves. She meets Sun-Sook in the doorway and cries that she doesn’t know what is wrong with her… She knows that it’s not only Dae-Ho’s fault but she is so angry!


At the same time, Dae-Ho asks Yunho if they can move the official meeting if the parents to somewhere other than the house. Yunho agrees and asks if there is any problem.

Dae-Ho denies it but Joon-Bae and his loose lips tells all.


Meanwhile, Kyung-Tae complains about Dae-Shil working and tells Do-Jin to be better to his mother.

Feeling guilty, Do-Jin goes to see his mother. Except, she’s fast asleep because she took some headache medicine.


Do-Jin tells Sang-Man not to wake her and comments how he respects his mother so much more now that he’s trying to franchise his cafe… He wonders how his mother would have done it all by herself…


Yunho takes Seung-Hye shopping and they look at some baby clothes for Dae-Shil’s children. Yunho comments that they should buy some extras for their own children… He wants a honeymoon baby!

Seung-Hye gets all weird again at the mention of children.

Seung-Hye changes the topic and finds out that they moved the meeting of the parents from her house.


When Seung-Hye arrives at home, Soon-Im is talking to Dae-Ho. She tells him that Dong-Sook is like a daughter to her so Dae-Ho should never give her what she wants…

Seung-Hye comes home and awkwardly tells her father to go into the kitchen…they find Dong-Sook cleaning the dishes in preparation for the meeting of the parents. Dae-Ho takes Dong-Sook out of the kitchen and Soon-Im explains it off on Dong-Sook feeling moody about the wedding.

Dae-Ho tells Dong-Sook that he already moved the venue of the official meeting of the parents from their house. Dong-Sook snaps back that Dae-Ho should just stamp the divorce papers. Dae-Ho tries to tell Dong-Sook to rethink her decision for Soon-Im’s sake and Dong-Sook blows up. She reminds Dae-Ho that the whole problem started because Soon-Im meddled in his life. Dae-Ho answer by telling her that he needs to protect his mother. Dong-Sook’s response? Dae-Ho can protect his mother without her.


Poor Seung-Jae walks into the fire when he comes home and asks Dong-Sook about her looking off these days… She tells him that she’s happy that Seung-Hye is getting married and warns him that he’s next. Seung-Jae tells Dong-Sook that he doesn’t have a girlfriend and would be happy to marry anyone Dong-Sook finds appropriate for him. Dong-Sook snaps at him that he needs to marry someone he loves. Seung-Jae answers that he’s sure he would love anyone Dong-Sook thinks is appropriate. Ah, poor puppy, how much you don’t know about the world.


Meanwhile, Chaewon calls Kyung-Tae and Do-Jin over for dinner. During which they discuss the upcoming small unofficial reunion.


The next day, Seung-Hye and Do-Jin work on the franchising work… As the drama gives is some product placement of Do-Jin’s phone or tablet. Even Mi-Ja decides not to interrupt seeing the two together.

Seung-Hye organizes the menu for the cafe’s website and gets up to leave. Cue sappy music as Seung-Hye waits at the bus stop. A car drives past and then pauses – it’s Do-Jin. He gets a call from Chaewon who’s dropped by the cafe to go to the reunion together.

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Do-Jin doesn’t realize that she’s in front of the cafe and lies that he’s swamped with work and won’t be able to attend.

Do-Jin walks over to the bench where Seung-Hye is coincidentally nodding off after work… What the writers? Is it past midnight? What is making this girl nod off so early? Talk about an easy life.

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Do-Jin sits next to Seung-Hye and arranges her head on his shoulder. He then proceeds to ignore Chaewon’s call, when she’s standing across the street and watching.

Seung-Hye wakes up and jumps away. Do-Jin offers to drive her home. Thankfully, Seung-Hye doesn’t disappoint us and grabs a cab.

Kyung-Tae calls Chaewon to ask why she’s not attending the reunion that she organized. She tells him to come pick her up and wanders to a park where she can drink in peace.


When Kyung-Tae arrives, Chaewon hands him a beer and declares that she’s just a substitute for Do-Jin… She wonders how she never gave up on anything except for one thing in life… Do-Jin after meeting his mother… Now, she’s not so sure if she can win his heart and she never joins a battle that she cannot win.

Kyung-Tae asks her how she feels about Do-Jin. Chaewon answers that her feelings are different… She doesn’t know if she can give up this time.

Kyung-Tae reassures Chaewon that Do-Jin will have to give up if Seung-Hye gets married. Chaewon comments that she doesn’t know if Seung-Hye will be able to get married to Yunho.


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