Make a Woman Cry – E32

Another woman shows up in Jinwoo’s life just in time to save the company with her daddy’s money.  Meanwhile, everyone finds out about Jinhan and Hyunseo becomes well.



Eunseo wets her throat to tell her husband that she is here. However, before she can get a word out, Jinhan’s current wife runs over with kimbap. She gobbles a few pieces and Jinhan has to lovingly remind her not to eat so fast that she might get indigestion.

Eunseo turns away sadly only to get her hopes up when Jinhan calls her… To pay for the pastries. She walks home in a mood and tells a curious Hong-Ran that her husband did not recognize her.

Cue debriefing with Jin-Myung. Eunseo asks how Jinhan would not recognize her when she recognized him in one look. Jin-Myung answers that the only reason that Jinhan might have recognized him is because Jin-Myung was the last person Jinhan saw before the accident. He worries that Jin-Myung will remember how his little brother let his older brother fall into the water.


Daddy Kang tells Momma Kang about seeing Jinhan and she demands to see her son as well. Despite everyone warning her not to overwhelm Jinhan, she goes crying to her son. She tells him that she’s his mother tearfully and Jinhan looks confused at Hong-Ran. Hong-Ran tells him that her mother-in-law has dementia and pulls a sobbing Momma Kang away.


Meanwhile, we see that a company had been paying a lot for product placement since Jinwoo randomly scribbles on a tablet to make a business point before said tablet is ignored. Instead, his father reminds him about an old fling from school… She has gotten a divorce and has started working as a teacher at Jinwoo’s old school. Her father, another CEO has told Daddy Kang that he wouldn’t mind investing in his son-in-law’s company, which Daddy Kang thinks is the answer to their current crisis.


Jinwoo drives back to watch Deok-In clean her windows and gets caught snooping. So, he gets out and walks into the restaurant. To explain his presence, he tells Deok-In about Kyung-Cheol’s words and how Kyung-Cheol might be sick.

Afterwards, they walk back and said old fling comes running up to Jinwoo, asking to be taken to Daddy Kang who always liked her. Deok-In watches this silently.


Meanwhile, Daddy Kang calls a family meeting. He asks what the family thinks about bringing Jinhan and his current wife into the house. Hong-Ran firmly agrees that they have to bring the new wife home with Jinhan and Eunseo’s presence would only make it more difficult for his adjustment. Even Jin-Myung agrees that they need to bring his brother back home. Daddy Kang declares that there is a consensus, stares meaningfully at Eunseo and walks away.


In a last ditch effort, Eunseo asks to speak with Jin-Myung who declines saying that he has nothing to say to her. Hong-Ran then follows Eunseo into the kitchen to gloat that Jin-Myung really only took care of her because of his guilt.

Eunseo snaps back that she’s not just a maid that can be kicked out by the whim of the family. Hong-Ran answers that their father-in-law is the type who might actually physically drag Eunseo out before going upstairs to celebrate. Eunseo spends the night worrying.

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The next day, Deok-In’s regulars come in to praise the new English teacher a la Jinwoo’s ex. Who else comes in later than the ex herself! She brightly orders a dish of the noodles and happily eats it all up cutely.

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Meanwhile, Jin-Myung arrives at the pastry cart and asks for Jinhan who had gone to the bathroom. Jin-Myung and Jinhan go to a cafe where Jin-Myung tells Jinhan that he’s Jinhan’s younger brother… And that Jinhan has a son.

Jinhan’s eyes widen with shock and he even tears up to know that he has a family…that his family is alive. Jinhan registers the fact that he has a woman, who gave birth to his son, still living with the family and almost breaks down. He returns to his cart but pauses a little ways away and looks at his poor wife who has no idea that he had a wife and son.

Jin-Myung returns home to find Eunseo anxiously waiting. She asks if Jinhan doesn’t have any more children and seems relieved that he doesn’t.


Later Hong-Ran wonders out loud if they can hire help to replace Eunseo. Eunseo angrily turns around and tells Hong-Ran that the game isn’t finish. She might still be able to win if Hyunseo regains his health; now that Jinhan is alive, there is no question that Hyunseo is the heir. Eunseo warns that if Hyunseo inherits the company, there will be nothing for Minseo.

Jinwoo also visits Deok-In. Even though that they are not dating, he tries to explain away his relationship with his ex. He tells Deok-In that her father has invested in their company and saved the company from bankruptcy… He also adds that they have been friends since childhood.


Deok-In asks if this was all Jinwoo had to say. Jinwoo answers that Kyung-Cheol seems sick.

Deok-In calls Kyung-Cheol over to yell at him for keeping it a secret. She tells Kyung-Cheol to get treatment.


However, Kyung-Cheol responds that he wants to spend the rest of his time earning money so that his family could have a pizza shop by the time he dies. He also tells her to stay out of his family’s affairs now that they are divorced.

Deok-In comes home to find her mother living in her own world. Hasoon tells Deok-In that she will marry of all of Deok-In’s siblings-in-law. Then, Deok-In can return to Kyung-Cheol.


Deok-In tells Hasoon about Kyung-Cheol’s illness. The first thing that Hasoon worries about is that Deok-In would return to suffering to provide for her in-laws.

Hasoon also brings the compensation up again. She tells Deok-In to ask the Kang’s for the money again… They can use the money to treat Kyung-Cheol. If he still dies, they can give half of the amount to the Hwang family.

Deok-In asks how they could ask for the money again. Hasoon angrily answers her daughter that this is the power of money… It is the reason that Kyung-Cheol is not even trying treatment! She offers to go ask for the money if Deok-In would be too embarrassed.

Deok-In answers that she would never forgive her mother if Hasoon asks for the money.


Meanwhile, Kyung-Cheol asks his mother if there is anything she wants to do… Like go on a trip. Bok-Rye answers that she hasn’t even seen cherry blossoms.

Kyung-Cheol tells her that he will send her and Hasoon on a trip to see the cherry blossoms this year!

This makes Bok-Rye happy as she reminisces that Kyung-Cheol hasn’t always been an arse… He used to be sweet when he was younger. ^^

Kyung-Cheol walks outside to see his younger siblings arguing adorably about a pot of ramen.

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At the same time, Deok-In closes up shop and sees Jinwoo come to pick up his ex. The ex invites Jinwoo to a musical and Jinwoo agrees. Unable to do anything, Deok-In hides from the glass and walks out after the car has left.


Next, we get some good news! Hyojung tells Eunseo that Hyunseo has finally fully healed! She tells Eunseo that Hyunseo has only been able to heal because of his mother.

Holding back tears of joy, Eunseo even apologizes to Hyojung for all of her harsh words. She then goes to tell her mother-in-law and Jin-Myung.

Momma Kang happily tells the news to Daddy Kang. However, Daddy Kang seems less than enthusiastic and tells Jin-Myung that he’s worried about giving the company to Hyunseo because of Eunseo.


Later that evening, another family meeting is called. This time, Eunseo has called the meeting. She announces to everyone that she will leave the house with Hyunseo.

When Daddy Kang orders that Eunseo cannot, Eunseo responds that Daddy Kang told her to leave the house with Hyunseo just the other day. She then gives a thinly veiled threat. She tells everyone that she will wait until Jinhan returns to let him decide whether or not she should leave with Hyunseo even though she gave birth to and raised Hyunseo as a single mother…

As for Hyunseo? He couldn’t care less about the company. All he cares about is Hyojung’s confession.

His brooding session gets interrupted when a Eunseo comes in. She tells him that she will take him to see his father the next day.

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So, the next day, she takes Hyunseo and introduces him to Jinhan.


Another episode where the family politics was more fun to watch than the fading drama between Deok-In and Jinwoo. I’m not sure how the romance will be picked up again and…a part of me did wonder if Hasoon’s words didn’t make sense. As much as it seems impossible for a mother to accept compensation for her son’s death… She now knows that her ex-husband has a fatal illness. She also knows that he’s not getting treatment because of the cost.

It appears that swallowing one’s pride for any chance of her ex-husband and the father of her son to win against his illness is not too much to ask. Chalk one up to the writer for creating such a gradual and organic ethical conflict.

As for the family politics, I’m excited to see what will happen when Jinhan comes home. Even though Hyunseo has been disappointed at his mother, he still loves her dearly. He won’t stand by for seeing her get replaced by another woman. Yet, Jinhan’s current wife, if they are legally married, is the only legal wife since Eunseo never married Jinhan. Also, he’s spent nearly two decades with this current wife! Total fodder for some emotional roller coasters to come.

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