Love on a Rooftop – E100


Seung-Hye and Chaewon see Mieon (the single mother from a few episodes ago) off.  Then Chaewon asks Seung-Hye to grab dinner with her.  Over dinner, Chaewon confesses that she’s realized that there is a lot to motherhood that she does not know yet.

Seung-Hye answers that she thinks that Chaewon is ready to be a mother.  Chaewon smiles but notes that she’s not so sure…

Next, Chaewon notes that she heard from Kyung-Tae that Seung-Hye called it off with Yunho.  Seung-Hye realizes that Chaewon is speaking about and tells Chaewon that she did not break it off with Yunho because of Do-Jin.  Chaewon looks almost pitifully hopeful and asks if she can continue to like Yunho.

Seung-Hye pauses before answering.  However, she does answer that Chaewon can.

At the same time, Sun-Sook and Joon-Bae try to convince Dae-Ho that he needs to focus on Dong-Sook and not let her finalize the divorce.


Do-Jin calls Seung-Hye and asks her to meet to work on the cafe presentation preparations.  She agrees and tells Chaewon when she returns from the bathroom.  Chaewon offers to go with Seung-Hye in a half-joking manner but backs off coolly emphasizing that it was a joke.

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Chaewon does not have to worry too much at this point.  Seung-Hye literally focuses on work and declines Do-Jin’s offer to walk her home.  She tells him that she needs to walk this path alone and turns around.  Wow, where was this Seung-Hye back when Do-Jin was trying to get married to Se-Ryung?

Seung-Jae helps his father at the restaurant when Dong-Sook calls Dae-Ho out to the court.  Seung-Jae offers to go to his mother in his father’s stead.  He convinces his mother to go inside and cook for him before she goes off.   After Dong-Sook prepares his food, she tries to head off but Seung-Jae stops her.

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Seung-Jae starts off that he already knew that he was adopted.  Dong-Sook asks how Seung-Jae could not tell them that he found out.  He answers that nothing would have changed even if he did tell them…He’s still the heir to the family, the head of the house, the pride and joy of his grandmother, and he still loves his parents so much.  He wonders if that’s how his father felt.

Dong-Sook answers that this is different.  So, Seung-Jae exclaims that he will leave with her because he cares about her more than being heir to Dong Rak Dang.

Dong-Sook holds her son’s hands and wonders when her son matured so much…Tears T_T


At the same time, Chaewon meets with Yunho.  She tells Yunho that she is not giving up on Do-Jin…but, that is not the only reason that she called him out.  She wanted to tell Yunho that she hopes Yunho really finds happiness since she is partially responsible for Yunho’s failed marriage.  Chaewon asks to grab a drink.

Yunho gets up and answers that he would rather just pretend that they already grabbed that drink.  He wishes her well and leaves.  TT_TT POOR YUNHO… I STAND BEHIND YOU…Plus, you look great in a suit!


That night, Kyung-Tae gives Dae-Shil a huge present!  He shows her the site that she had been publishing her novel on.  An apology from the author who had accused Dae-Shil of plagiarizing is published on the front page!  Kyung-Tae explains that he wanted to clear her name before their twins were born…So when he researched it, he found out that the author had also plagiarized other people’s works.  One of the other victim – authors had caught on and was fighting the real plagiarizing author.  So, Kyung-Tae contacted the plagiarizer as well and demanded a formal apology and compensation.  Dae-Shil hugs Kyung-Tae happily. ^^ One subplot tied up.


Seung-Hye gets called away because Yunho stopped by the house.  He tells all of the adults that he only came to say his goodbyes.  He smiles that he knows Dong-Sook really liked him and he had hoped to be her son-in-law as well.  Dong-Sook tears up and leaves.  Yunho takes the time to say goodbye to Soon-Im and Dae-Ho as well.


Yunho goes out tells Seung-Ah to stop bothering Seung-Hye now that she’s been cast in a drama.  Seung-Jae apologizes to Yunho in Seung-Hye’s place.  Yunho smiles that he understands everything and hopes that Seung-Jae can just call him Yunho the next time they meet.

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Thus, Yunho leaves everyone smiling brightly and looking quite handsome.  Seung-Hye meets him in the alley and Yunho jokes around that he feels sadder leaving Dong Rak Dang than breaking up with Seung-Hye.  Seung-Hye pauses and Yunho laughs that he’s joking again.

He pulls her to the side to talk.  In his car, he hands over an envelope.  Kang Sol Foods is preparing to focus on traditional tea and hopes to work with Seung-Hye as their international ambassador.  Seung-Hye looks like she’s going to decline because she feels guilty.  So, Yunho tells Seung-Hye to accept it as his last request; he reminds her that opportunities don’t come around every day. Omg, until the end, he’s HELPING HER… GAH…Min Kin Choi – I WILL NEVER WATCH A DRAMA YOU WRITE EVER AGAIN.


A short scene shows that Mi-Ja has still not given up on seeing Seung-Hye as her daughter-in-law.  She tells Kyung-Tae that she hopes they can convince Do-Jin and Seung-Hye.

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Sun-Sook and Joon-Bae come back to the chicken restaurant and Dae-Ho goes to meet with his wife.  He confesses that he knows he messed up; he knows she suffered so much but he couldn’t really help her.  Dong-Sook snaps back that it was her fault…She blindly followed and waited on him without knowing that his heart with someone else.  Dae-Ho answers that she has become his light and wind…He does not know how he could live without Dong-Sook anymore.

Dong-Sook angrily asks if Dae-Ho is worried that he will lose the person who cooks and cleans for him.  Grabbing Dong-Sook’s hands, Dae-Ho tells her that he loves her and, if she gives him another chance, he will protect her this time.

Dong-Sook starts to tear up and lets Dae-Ho bring her into a hug.



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