The Virtual Bride – E06

With the local elections going forward between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law, Junsu chooses his mother’s side forcing Young-Ah to realize that she’s all alone.  Meanwhile, Myungsuk shows more interest in Inyoung and Choonja sets him up on a blind date.  Finally, the threat to Se-Mi and Dong-Suk’s life grows as Se-Mi’s boss gives her a car and an apartment as a bonus for heading his most popular class.



The office congratulates Young-Ah and even Mi-Hee has to offer her hand in front of the others. However, she follows Young-Ah out into the hall to beg her to quit. Young-Ah offers to drop out if Mi-Hee gives up her development project.


Meanwhile, the family tries to convince the grandfather to rethink his relationship with Soonhee. The grandfather is resolute and hands over his latest diagnosis which states that he’s still young in health.

Soonhee comes over and comments slyly that Choonja is lucky that she has both a mother-in-law and a father-in-law. The men of the house try to convince Choonja to just accept it but Choonja is furious.

Se-Mi asks if she can be excused to go the the academy. Choonja yells at her to quit as Se-Mi isn’t qualified to take care of other children when she almost lost her own child.


Meanwhile, Inyoung gets something in her eye and Myungsuk blows into her eye. She gets caught in the act and Choonja storms out. Seeing the two, she kicks Inyoung out. Inyoung promises that she has no interest in Myungsuk because she has a secret boyfriend. Getting a call from her manager, she pretends that he’s her boyfriend.

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Calm again, Choonja tells her son to go on a blind date. This leaves Inyoung and Haji both in a bad mood because Myungsuk accepted the blind date. Myungsuk doesn’t come out unscathed as he keeps thinking about Inyoung talking on the phone…


He walks out to find Inyoung outside wondering if it’s acceptable for her to ask him not to go on a blind date until the end of the program. She ends up toning it down and asking Myungsuk if he is going on the date for schedule purposes. Myungsuk confirms and asks if Inyoung is really dating. Feeling hurt, Inyoung also confirms. Yay for comedic misunderstandings!


Things fall apart for Se-Mi as well. Her class is doing amazing and the parents even want more of her classes. When she asks her mother-in-law’s permission, Choonja stands firm that Se-Mi should quit. Finally, Se-Mi declares that her family can move out and Choonja agrees.

As for Young-Ah, Junsu comes in to ask if he couldn’t just convince his mother. Young-Ah tells him directly that he would never have been able to convince his mother. The next day, Young-Ah and Mi-Hee promote themselves at the same Park.


Inyoung gets curious and asks Myungsuk about his blind date. It turns out his date is a professor at a college, was a Miss Korea and also a volunteer at the UN… Her father is also a hospital director. Inyoung exclaims in surprise that such a girl would be interested in Myungsuk.


In revenge, Myungsuk asks her about her boyfriend. She lies that he’s a tall, successful business man. Myungsuk questions Inyoung’s boyfriend’s taste and the two have to start filming. The mission is washing Myungsuk’s car and the two happily attack each other.

After the filming, Myungsuk even drives Inyoung to her “date”. Inyoung makes up a lie that her boyfriend asked her to buy some snacks and runs off leaving her wallet in the car…


Myungsuk follows to return her wallet. He finds Inyoung when she is by herself as she pretends to be with her boyfriend on the phone. She looks up in surprise. Instead of admitting defeat, she turns to a random passerby and grabs his arm, asking to walk together until the end of the street.

Inyoung comes home to find Choonja still cooking and he dish that the grandfather asked for. Choonja brings the dish into his room and finds out that it was for her friend Soonhee.


Later, Choonja brings Soonhee into the storage room and tells her to get out. Soonhee busts out a marriage certificate. Choonja tells her family members who agree that living together is one thing but marriage is another thing… What if Soonhee makes a big deal out of the inheritance? They decide to do a family vote!

The grandfather bursts in and yells at them that he can marry whomever he wants. Soonhee is only a few minutes behind and she agrees that a family vote will work.


At the same time Se-Mi wonders at the rental, water and utilities prices. She gets called away by the head of her Academy who gives her a key to a brand new car! He even adds that he got her a studio near the Academy as well…he knows that she’s becoming a popular teacher and he doesn’t want her scouted by some other Academy.


Meanwhile, Mi-Hee and Young-Ah hit the same elder centers to gather votes. Mi-Hee jumps in whenever Young-Ah tries to give her name and takes over the tasks. When she comes back to the office, she overhears Young-Ah and the coworker together planning for the upcoming debate. To add to surprises, her husband shows up because he got hired at the community center as well!


Junsu comes home to find his mother completely in pain from the work today. He sighs and goes back to his wife. He finally apologizes for ignoring her when she was dealing with the childless issue. He explains that he was afraid that he would be a bad father like his own father who had an affair and left the family… He promises to work harder with her and asks her to drop out of the race. They can just ask his mother to drop the development plans after she gets pregnant!

Young-Ah seems slightly moved. Riding the sympathetic wave, Junsu asks Young-Ah for a glass of water and goes over to read Young-Ah’s notes for the debate the next day.

Inyoung’s manager calls her about finding the perfect apartments for her. She declines each one citing one issue or another. Then she goes off to tell Myungsuk not to go on the blind date as it might affect their show. Myungsuk tells her that they should ask the PD who answers that a blind date would be perfect as it can turn into a subplot regarding a love triangle! Myungsuk 1 Inyoung 0.


Its almost time for the family vote and Se-Mi gives her car key to Dongsuk reminding him that they will leave his parents house; he can trust her as she will take care of the family. Dongsuk gets all excited about the car but sees a text message arrive on Se-Mi’s phone before he goes to the living room too.

The text is from the head of the academy who asks Se-Mi if she liked his present. It goes on to say that an amazing woman like Se-Mi deserves an amazing life with a better car and a better house… But she looks like she’s imprisoned in her house… He tells her to trust him as he will help her achieve what she deserves. Reading this all, Dongsuk pauses… Hopefully, because he realizes subjecting a beautiful and amazing woman to a life of dealing with a demanding mother-in-law because they can’t afford to live separately does not mean that the woman’s beauty or talent disappears.


The family meeting begins! Soonhee interrupts to show everyone a declaration stating that she gives up all legal rights to the inheritance that she got notarized by an attorney. The vote begins and Soonhee wins at a 4 to 3 vote.

Choonja angrily tells Se-Mi to leave without her son. Idiot Dongsuk whines that he’s not going to leave. So Se-Mi ends up leaving by herself. She tells Dongsuk to tell San that she will come back for him in one month.

The next day, Mi-Hee presents with Young-Ah’s PowerPoint – that the center becomes a one stop shop for the community members. Young-Ah realizes that her husband stole her presentation.

Her friend asks Mi-Hee what one of the words mean making Mi-Hee flounder. Young-Ah jumps in to explain that she had the same idea and gives the rest of the presentation.

Afterwards, Young-Ah goes to give the hospital visit schedule to her husband and announces that she will not resign. Junsu immediately apologizes for stealing the PowerPoint but it’s too late.

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Meanwhile, Myungsuk goes to his blind date which Inyoung crashes. Inyoung insinuates that the girl’s nose is fake but the girl pushes it up showing that it’s real. Inyoung next mentions the harsh schedule in a traditional family. The girl smiles that she’s also from a traditional family. Similarly, a remark about the port on Myungsuk’s computer does nothing.

When Inyoung gets a text from Choonja to being cake home for celebration, Inyoung runs off. She also calls her manager to agree about moving to a dorm. Myungsuk follows her but loses her in the lobby. In a couple of minutes, he runs into Inyoung’s fake boyfriend and angrily tells him off for cheating on Inyoung.

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The man answers that he doesn’t know what Myungsuk is talking about as the girl from the other day was a stranger. Myungsuk realizes what happened and happily returns to the blind date. When his date starts ragging on Inyoung, Myungsuk angrily tells her that he does not know anything about her as she’s a sweet and caring girl. Inyoung’s manager texts Myungsuk if he can move the filming for the next day to the afternoon as Inyoung is moving that night.

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Myungsuk leaves the date and runs home. He finds Inyoung waiting for her ride and tells her not to leave.


Another light and fluffy episode with some speedy developments! I loved how this episode was kind of realistic in that Inyoung gets caught lying about her boyfriend. Yet, Myungsuk assumes otherwise because he’s already infatuated with her. Inyoung’s failed attempt at throwing Myungsuk’s date seemed so cringe-worthily real. After all, women who go on such blind dates know that they are in for a realistic marriage… They aren’t expecting a perfect man and a whirlwind romance – not that they wouldn’t be happy if they chanced upon one.

The question remains how much chemistry can the writers and the team drum up between two presumably motel-solo (never dated people) of two different personalities and professional experiences. So far, I like the cute exchange and I can understand Inyoung falling for Myungsuk who is an assistant professor-about to turn professor… But Myungsuk? Seems more like infatuation with her looks with a dash of gratitude at how Inyoung treated his father. Not convinced, though open to convincing.

On to the side characters, I was uber disappointed in Junsu in this episode. Up until now, I had thought he was being especially kind and indulgent to his mother so that Young-Ah has to deal with Mi-Hee less. Yet, in this episode, he crossed over that last ten percent and fell smack into mommy’s-boy territory. What the heck was with him stealing Young-Ah’s presentation? That was completely uncalled for! As a woman, if my husband pulled something like that on me, I don’t know if I could trust him ever again.

Finally, I’m also intrigued by the love triangle developing with Se-Mi, Dongsuk and the academy head. Sometimes the academy head seems a bit flamboyant and cosmopolitan but then he crosses the line with the texts like he sent this time.

I frown strongly upon affairs whether the husband or wife is cheating. Yet, Se-Mi is in such a bad position because of her husband who is satisfied to live at home and subject his wife to Choonja’s abuse that I hope Se-Mi can leverage this into spurring the complacent Dongsuk into action. The situation is toxic for Se-Mi and she can use outside help that provides resources for Se-Mi to reach her full potential. Hence, I’m glad that Dongsuk saw the message and that Se-Mi left. Now it’s time for Dongsuk to show us why Se-Mi fell for him in the first place, hopefully wooing Se-Mi’s heart and us as well.

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