Everything Will Be OK – E01

A bright talented young woman with a knack for cooking? Check!  Ill sister causing main character to forgo some dreams? Check!  Rich son of a CEO to a large company with a complicated backstory of being the child out of wedlock? Check! Possible backstory about family to family rivalry and or issues in the past? Check!  Welcome to episode one, which surprisingly was slight and slightly fluffy in the midst of all of the dramatic subplots simmering in the background.



The story opens with Geum Kayoon happily going through the fish market where she gets some fresh fishes. On her way, she runs into a young man wheeling boxes. Both are surprised but politely give their apologies and go off on their separate ways until the dramalords bring them back together again…


Kayoon cooks up a filling stew for her little sister Jung-Eun. Over food we find out that Kayoon has no interest in taking over her father’s restaurant as she wants to live a simple life.


A simple life is not in Kayoon’s fate as her father Geum Mansoo has just contracted for a new restaurant! Kayoon worries about increasing their exposure when the economy is not doing well but takes the time to look around the new place.



As she wanders around, she runs into Kang Ki-Chan who is in the middle of walking his dog.  Affronted by her audacity to be wandering around in his space, he tears into her for trespassing and then for planning to open a restaurant there.


Meanwhile, Yoon Hyunjoon calls Kang Heejung who accepts. It turns out she’s planned to get with the guy and is only taking the job to get close to him…

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However, Kayoon shows up because she doesn’t want to take over the restaurant and needs an excuse to get away from her father…the gut arranging the team suggests that Kayoon and Heejung have a cook-off to decide who will take over. When Heejung hears Kayoon’s name, her demeanor changes and she offers to join them later.


We find out that Kayoon’s father started in humble beginnings but is now a successful restaurateur…and Heejung’s family has some bad blood with Kayoon’s family. In the flashback, Kayoon and her sister bring some food for Heejung and her brother.  However, Heejung snaps at her brother to keep him from eating the food and takes money from Mansoo.

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Kayoon invites the two to her home where she cooks for them. On their way out, Jung-Eun comes home and we see that she has a crush on Jingook.


Mansoo tosses all of Kayoon’s food and accuses her of joining the team to avoid working for him. Kayoon tells him to hire a professional as she doesn’t want to inherit the company. Jung-Eun comes in tries to take her sister’s side. Mansoo sighs that he’s not really angry. He just wants Kayoon to work in their restaurant instead of suffering in someone else’s company. He wonders if Kayoon has still not forgotten THAT INCIDENT.


Meanwhile, Kayoon looks at a picture from her childhood. Hmmm did she lose her mother and brother?

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That night, Hyunjoon tells Heejung that he’s chosen Kayoon to join his team instead of her. She accepts coolly but then pretends to be hit by his car. When he comes out, she’s crying and he hugs her close.

The next day, Hyunjoon wakes up to find Heejung gone. He assumes that she left first and answers a call from the professor who had recommended Heejung to join Hyunjoon’s team…she spills the beans that Heejung requested the recommendation.


By the time that Heejung returns with a new electric shaver for Hyunjoon, the call is over and the damage has been done.  After he’s done shaving, Hyunjoon tosses his shaver telling Heejung that she’s disposable to him… Even though they talked about so many things last night, she never asked him about his family or background; she knew that he was the son of YB Foods CEO.  Heejung cries that she did not know anything and Hyunjoon grits out that he heard from the professor that she begged for the recommendation.

Meanwhile, Mansoo tells his daughter that she needs to succeed with the project…If not, she should at least start dating. At the same time, Jingook’s mom nags him about wasting his time in the competition instead of going to study abroad.  She warns him not to get stuck by a random girl.  Jingook tells her that one of his project members is the son of YB Food’s CEO even if he seems to have an issue…

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Jingook goes to drink with his friend and sees Heejung drinking by herself.  He goes up to invite her to join them…AND is late for the first meeting.  He even tells Hyunjoon that he “slept over at Hyunjoon’s place” if his mom calls… Hmmm, another love square?


Kayoon suggests they look into rice cake that does not harden.  So, they go to research the rice cakes and starts tryign to make their own.  Mansoo shows up to ruin Kayoon’s bowl before leaving in a huff.

Mansoo goes off to ready his own restaurant.  His head of staff (Bae Dongsook) shows up with the idea that they have a huge opening party.  Mansoo vetoes her idea saying that their opening will occur when the first customer walks in.  Dongsook gets angry at his rejection and tries to note that she’s famous in Gangnam – only to be shut down as Mansoo knows that she sucked at her prior jobs.

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At the same time, Kayoon remembers to bring her father flowers for his opening.  As she wanders over to the restaurant, she sees Ki-Chan modeling and pauses to see him in the mode with modeling clothes next to a nice car.  When she realizes that she’s standing in between the photographers and a model, she tries to flee the place quickly but trips.  Ki-Chan feels pity for her and walks over to pull her up.  Cue romantic music.


Not bad for a first episode.  The company competition was a great plot device to introduce the main characters to each other.  Now that we know who will be in the main love triangle: Heejung –> Hyunjoon –> Kayoon –> Ki-Chan and the possible side triangle of Jung-Eun –> Jingook –> Heejung; we can start evaluating which ships we want to ride.  From what I have seen in the first episode alone, I don’t feel like I can make a decision yet as everyone seems equally well suited for each other and no one seems to be an obviously winning pair.

Of course, the last scene with happy flirty music cues us to the likely possibility that the main romance will be between Kayoon and Ki-Chan. This is the least favorable ship for me at this point since I know nothing about Ki-Chan other than the fact that he’s a model and he has a dog.  Oh, and he’s kind of snooty to people who wander upon his studio area.

At a first glance, Heejung and Hyunjoon seem to be quite compatible.  Heejung has some issues in the past with Kayoon as the one flashback shows us Heejung taking money from Mansoo.  She’s not going to stand around if Hyunjoon falls for Kayoon.  Meanwhile, Jingook’s mother’s hand gesture implies that Jingook is the son of the CEO’s girlfriend or an affair… Both kids obviously have some serious scars and healing to do.

One thing that worries me off the bat is the fact that the team’s competition entry was about rice cakes.  This parallels Run, Jang-Mi which kind of fall and burned to a point of no return.  I hope that the parallels end with the highlight on rice cakes or I’m going to turn away from KBS dailies for a while!

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