Everything Will Be OK – E02

Kayoon and Co lose the competition because Hyunjoon’s father turns out to be the petty type that hates his child because of his feelings toward the mother. Meanwhile, Kayoon finds out that Ki-Chan is a struggling model and Heejung starts to crack with her obsession over Hyunjoon.


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Magical music playing, Kayoon shyly looks into Ki-Chan’s eyes. He coolly pulls her up and notes that it’s been a while. Kayoon asks what he’s doing and he answers modelling. Ki-Chan gets called away so Kayoon goes to give the flowers to her father. Mansoo wishes her well as she’s competing with food.


Kayoon and her team go off to the final round of competition but the CEO’s lacky has already spotted Hyunjoon. The CEO shows up at their presentation and makes a ruckus that the team does not know what the market is.


Afterwards, Hyunjoon bursts into his father’s office where his father comments that the rice cake was good. Hyunjoon asks if the reason they got dropped was because of him and the father agrees. He reminds Hyunjoon that Hyunjoon is the son of his mother who embarrassed the CEO so much.


Kayoon goes to the bathroom to wash up and meets Heejung who smirks that they lost even though Hyunjoon is the CEO’s son. Kayoon stalks off to accuse them of not telling them. She asks if Hyunjoon was worried that she’d want to seduce him for his money before leaving.


Jingook’s mom also goes to yell at him for losing even though she went around and told everyone that he’s best friends with the heir to YB Foods. Meanwhile, Hyunjoon goes to see his mother in the hospital. The woman holds a bundle and murmurs that it’s father will come soon…


Kayoon goes to tell her father that she lost and he consoles her that the judges must have been blind. Dongsook tries to kiss up to Kayoon but Kayoon notes that she has no interest in running the restaurant.


At the same time, we see the sorrow of being a less popular model. Ki-Chan is told to take off his clothes for the actor who came much later. He’s even told to leave the set so that they can focus on the actor. Then the photographer even calls off the shoot because he’s tired.


Ki-Chan follows the photographer’s aid and asks for a reshoot. The aid tells Ki-Chan that he’s a model and shouldn’t get angry about taking off his clothes; if Ki-Chan is so unhappy about the shoot, he can get famous.


Overhearing this and the actor’s negotiation with the photographer where he offered to let the photographer do more shooting of the actor if the photographer kicks Ki-Chan off, Kayoon walks over with a smile. She explains that she’s Ki-Chan’s manager and after the actor’s manager slinks away, notes that the designer picked Ki-Chan personally and fitted him personally. She asks the photographer to either reshoot Ki-Chan or to touch up the pictures that Ki-Chan is in so that he’s more in focus… Or she will go to the designer and note how the photographer changed the setup.


By the time that Ki-Chan comes out of bathroom, Kayoon is picking up the trash. He assumes that she’s just an employee. As he walks out, he sees the restaurant license and goes to see his father in prison. He tells his father (Dae-Ho) that he found Mansoo. Dae-Ho makes a ruckus yelling that it’s all Mansoo’s fault…as he’s pulled back into prison.


At the same time, Jingook jokes about Kayoon having no sense of her environment which is why she hasn’t dated. He flirts with Jung-Eun until Kayoon comes home. Jung-Eun runs up the stairs and Jingook lies that his earlier failed confession was about Hyunjoon.

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Heejung calls Hyunjoon like a stalker and smirks that she knows they failed. When he hears that Heejung came to the competition and met Kayoon, he yells at her not to call again and hangs up.

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Ki-Chan happily raps as he goes home to his sister at their rooftop apartment. Heejung demands Ki-Chan’s phone before kicking him out. She calls Hyunjoon and explains that he put her number as spam and hangs up on her…but not before Kayoon comes out and exclaims in surprise to see Hyunjoon. She smiles that she was just about to call him to ask of he’s had dinner. Cue romantic music.


So, nice timing of developing the back story. Looks like Heejung and her father blame Mansoo for something that happened in the past. Mansoo must feel some responsibility or pity since he gave Heejung some money. Meanwhile, Heejung and Ki-Chan are saddled with their father’s debt (in Korea, the loan sharks go after family members) which turned Heejung into this calculating, cold witch. Sensing that Heejung is only trying to use him, Hyunjoon is turned off of her unconsciously until he gets confirmation from the professor… Meanwhile, Kayoon shines brightly because she’s been sheltered. She’s the perfect foil to Heejung as she grew up with a father who provided for her and lives quite comfortably. Heck, she can take over her father’s restaurants and live a pretty decent life even if she did not want to do anything else. I can’t wait to see the writer try Kayoon’s spirit a little more.

Turning to things that weren’t done so well. The last scene with romantic music was a bit forced. I guess that the writer wanted to paint Hyunjoon as a young man who is craving warmth and attention. In Korea, parents generally ask if their children have eaten as an informal greeting to show that they care…which is why the music started after Kayoon asked Hyunjoon the same.

While I understand Hyunjoon’s actions in wanting to explain himself to Kayoon and not lose a friend for keeping his identity a secret, the jump to fluffy romance was less believable. Even if Kayoon had not known Hyunjoon was the illegitimate heir as she became his friend, shouldn’t Hyunjoon be suspicious that Kayoon is friendly all of a sudden even though less than a day has passed? I guess the judgment is out on how they developed the Hyunjoon/Kayoon relationship.

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