Make a Woman Cry – E35

When Jinhan refuses to come home without his wife, the Kang family realize that they underestimated the relationship between the couple.  Eunseo starts to lose it at the offense that this woman could mean more to Jinhan than herself, Hyunseo and the house.  So, she turns on Jin-Myung and the rest of the family turns on her.



Jinhan stands firm that he just wants his wife as she was the one who has been with him after the accident. He notes that Jin-Myung had the chance to save him but did not when Jinhan reached his hand out. He turns to leave and ignores Eunseo’s pleas to return.

Jin-Myung walks over and kneels in front of Jinhan asking for his forgiveness. Jinhan repeats that he wants his wife back and leaves to go up to his studio.

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Eunseo returns home in a fit and then tells Jin-Myung to leave. She declares that this would be the only way that Jinhan returns since Jinhan does not want to live in the same house as them together. Hong-Ran walks in on this and angrily stomps over to yell at Eunseo for being ridiculous. This doesn’t faze Eunseo who leaves with her nose in the air… A pitiful heartbroken Jin-Myung left behind.

Hong-Ran follows Eunseo to ask how she could be that way to Jin-Myung who lived his life protecting her. Eunseo snaps back that Hong-Ran should try living without a husband. Cue ice treatment and Hong-Ran calling Jinhan in front of Eunseo. She manages to get out that Eunseo made her married life hell by seducing Jin-Myung all the time and even lead to Jin-Myung and Hong-Ran almost divorcing. Eunseo grabs the phone and tosses it to the ground. But Hong-Ran has the last word, she reminds Eunseo that Jinhan won’t come here without his wife.


We get the complimentary business scene where Jinwoo does his market research by checking out one branch office and asking the manager what customers demand. He reports the same to CEO Kang who tells Jinwoo to speed up the the engagement with the teaching girl (Yaejung). Jinwoo asks his father for more time as Yaejung’s father might invest without the marriage if they succeed with the new product. CEO Kang answers that timing is important in everything including marriage.


Yaejung spills the news to Deok-In when she stops by for lunch sighing that Jinwoo probably has no heart for the engagement due to Yunseo. Deok-In cuts her finger in shock but laughs it off.


She runs out when Jinwoo arrives to ask him about Yunseo. Jinwoo answers that he thought he understood her pain about her son in the past; but, now he realizes that he was only feeling it in his head and not his heart. He notes that not knowing if Yunseo is alive makes him really understand the pain of losing a child.

Deok-In tells him that she didn’t want him to suffer. Jinwoo replies that he knows that she’s also suffering since he also felt pain about Junghoon… Deok-In changes the subject to congratulate him on his engagement and Jinwoo asks if she thinks he should go through with the engagement. Deok-In doesn’t rise to the bait and turns around to return to her restaurant. Jinwoo yells back that they can never forget each other since they will never forget their sons and thinking if their sons will remind them of each other…


Later, Deok-In has a walk with Kyung-Cheol. He tells Deok-In to forgive Jinwoo and Yunseo so that she can be happy again. Deok-In let’s him know that she’s lost the chance to forgive him as he’s about to get engaged.


Meanwhile, at the Kang residence another family meeting ensues. The father hears about Jinhan’s wife leaving and asks if it was Eunseo. Momma Kang jumps in that she was the one who asked. Eunseo also adds that the reason that Jinhan isn’t coming home is because Jin-Myung is still at the house… Jinhan has remembered that his little brother let him die.

Everyone freezes in shock that Eunseo would suggest kicking Jin-Myung out. Having come down to hear the last part, Hyunseo interrupts to take Eunseo away for a chat. In her room, Hyunseo yells at Eunseo for turning on Jinhan who had protected them for so long. He even emphasizes that Jin-Myung was so cruel to Minseo because he was afraid the healthier child would take the spotlight away from Hyunseo.

Eunseo snipes that Jin-Myung was the reason they needed his protection in the first place. But, Hyunseo reminds her that she knew about Jin-Myung’s role earlier on and did nothing; she’s just changed her tune because Jinhan is alive. Thoroughly disappointed, Hyunseo snaps that his mother is a selfish being who doesn’t truly love anyone including himself and leaves.

A moment of truth occurs for the rest of the family who all know Eunseo’s true self now. Even Momma Kang sighs that she wrongfully hated on Hong-Ran when Hong-Ran was probably responding to Eunseo.

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Daddy Kang tries to fix the problem by going to Jinhan himself. He asks Jinhan to forgive Jin-Myung who has lived the rest of his life in repentance, protecting Eunseo and Hyunseo. He even adds that Jin-Myung has done nothing that would be a sin against Jinhan. Jinhan answers that he cannot return without his wife.


Momma Kang asks Eunseo to give up so that Jinhan can return. She apologizes that she cannot do what Momma Kang is asking and goes to see Jinhan. She demands to know what she did so wrong. She reminds him that he was the one who knew that Jin-Myung liked her but still stole her from Jin-Myung. Breaking down, she cries for him to remember how he loved her so much that he was willing to go against his brother.

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Jinhan answers that his memories have all returned but she’s changed. Eunseo’s tears disappear and she tells Jinhan that he can continue to love his wife from her side; she still needs him.


Daddy Kang broods for a little longer and then calls Hyunseo down. He tells Hyunseo not to forgive him as he needs to bring Jinhan home.

Hyunseo smiles that there is nothing to forgive; he wouldn’t be alive if not for his grandfather. CEO Kang promises to make sure that they won’t need anything and Hyunseo agrees. Hyunseo gets up and gives a final bow to his grandfather and promises to live well, asking his grandfather to take care of his father. (Erm for all of the sad music, the kid and his mother are just leaving the house and the Kang family will still financially support them. Sad scene? Nah. Move on!)

The very next day, CEO Kang tasks his secretary to finding Jinhan’s wife. Hong-Ran hears about this and runs to Eunseo to gloat. Eunseo goes to ask her son if he would never abandon her. Hyunseo sighs that he thinks there is nothing he can do at this point.


Meanwhile, Hasoon continues on with her matchmaking. She asks Bok-Rye about a young man who’s the son of the owner of a vegetable shop, who even has land in the suburbs! Bok-Rye looks interested until she hears that the other side has not heard about Kyung-Ah’s limp.


Hasoon sighs that it’s not Bok-Rye’s fault since they didn’t have the money to get her treatment at the time. So, Hasoon continues on her plot and invites Kyung-Ah and the young man separately to a cafe. She then asks Kyung-Ah to move to a side table so that the young man can see and leave without hurting Kyung-Ah’s feelings since Hasoon had technically just invited him to join them. The young man looks surprised but quickly tells Hasoon that they shouldn’t keep Kyung-Ah waiting and joins Kyung-Ah. ^^


The next day, Kyung-Cheol stops by to thank Deok-In for Hasoon. He explains that he had been worried about Kyung-Ah the most. But now that Kyung-Ah and Kyung-Soo seem to be finding their places, he’s relieved. He also comforts Deok-In that good times will come for her as well.


A philosophical debate occurs at dinner where Hasoon tells Deok-In not to rush anything. When the time comes, Kyung-Cheol will go to the hospital voluntarily. Hasoon continues on with her perspective on life that no will give you anything for free if you cry so you might as well laugh. Deok-In smiles that she’s glad she’s not alone right now.


Meanwhile, Eunseo paces around before calling someone. She reminds the person to take the woman’s cell phone as well. The other person answers that they lost the cell phone.

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A stranger finds a the cell phone on the street and calls Jinhan. He runs over to take the cell phone back and has it when his wife’s friend calls to ask why she’s not home yet. She tells Jinhan that his wife went out to meet Eunseo but never came back. So, Jinhan goes to ask Jin-Myung for his help getting his wife back.

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Jin-Myung goes home and yells at Eunseo about letting Jinhan’s wife go free. She pretends that she doesn’t know anything as she had planned to meet the wife but never saw her. Jin-Myung grabs her and yells at her that he won’t protect her if she continues like this… Doing what a human should not do. Eunseo repeats that she doesn’t know.


Daddy Kang hears the same thing and rushes home. He asks Eunseo where Jinhan’s wife is. Eunseo pretends not to know anything.

So, Daddy Kang tells Eunseo to leave and take Hyunseo with her. Eunseo refuses so Daddy Kang calls in his secretary to drag Eunseo out.


The secretary tries to grab Eunseo’s arm. She pulls away and slaps him. Glaring at the secretary, she yells that her son is alive and her husband is as well. When they inherit the company, she will fire them.

However, at one gruff back from the CEO, the two staffers pull Eunseo out against her will.


Thus, Eunseo hits rock bottom. She has slowly but surely begun to lose her mind if you ask me. In the beginning, everything she did was so that she could increase her son’s chance of inheriting the company. But, somewhere along the way, when she started to make too many enemies, she began to focus on her pride. Her manipulations for Hyunseo turned into a zero-sum war against Daddy Kang. That’s where I think the breaking point was.

I have to note that while I think giving Eunseo power over the company is dangerous, I do understand where her anger stems from. She worked like a maid in that house for over two decades. The parents knew that she wasn’t just doing it out of the goodness of her heart. So, by cutting her off with likely just a house and a stipend, Eunseo loses everything that she had hoped for. Rather, it might be a more fair exchange for the family to give Hyunseo one or two branch shops. Something that she can’t leverage into a takeover but still gives her power to take care of herself and Hyunseo without having to rely on the Kang’s generosity.

It probably goes without saying that Kyung-Cheol’s character has done a remarkable change. The actor playing him should also be commended since he’s taken his role seriously. Kyung-Cheol looks sickly thin like he has difficulty eating, which he does. He also changed the cadence of his speech to mimic how people who are sick or on medications might speak slower due to the influence of the strong medications clouding their thinking. It’s heartbreaking to watch but he does it well.

Finally, I never thought of it but this drama really does a good job in emphasizing how human everyone is. Jinhan is a victim. However, Eunseo is correct in her accusation that even if he was younger, he probably had an idea that his little brother liked her. He was willing to take her away from Jin-Myung and live in the same house, where Jin-Myung would have to see his first love as his sister-in-law every day. Again, I have to admit, Jinhan takes after his father the most and would have been the perfect heir to the company had he not gotten into the accident.

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