Make a Woman Cry – E38

Deok-In gets involved in the investigation of Dohyun’s death and the police even benefit from Eunseo’s determined snooping.  However, everything is not as it seems when the answer comes out.  Believing that her back is against the wall, Eunseo turns to extreme measures and everyone has to deal with the repercussions.



Now that Deok-In has a reason to be involved with the investigation, she starts giving the detective basic tips so that us viewers can guess how a detective thinks. Basically, Deok-In tells her junior cop that there must have been a third party who helped the transaction get completed between the murderer (driver) and the man who wanted Dohyun dead. The junior cop guesses that it would be the wife and Deok-In tells him to have the wife watched.


At the same time, Hasoon tells her daughter to tell Bok-Rye about Kyung-Cheol so that she can prepare for the inevitable. Deok-In calls Bok-Rye out for noodles and tells her ex-mother-in-law that Kyung-Cheol is very sick. Even though Deok-In notes that every sickness is fixable, Bok-Rye reads between the lines that it’s a fatal disease. She stops eating and starts to sob again. This poor woman…


Then Deok-In calls Kyung-Cheol that he should tell the family that he’s going abroad for a couple of months and get treatment. She explains to Kyung-Cheol that she has the money Bok-Rye gave her which they can use to wed Kyung-Ah off… She will also pull the junsae money (basically a full deposit and no month rent situation) and then turn her apartment into a monthly rental. They can use the junsae money for his surgery fees.


Kyung-Cheol answers that he doesn’t want to go after relying on her again. So, Deok-In answers that he should think about the people he’s leaving behind; none of them would be happy if he didn’t at least try treatment. This convinces Kyung-Cheol who tells her that he also has money for surgery.


Kyung-Cheol then goes home and tells his mother that he has been assigned to a position abroad for a couple of months. Kyung-Soo also tells his younger siblings about Kyung-Cheol’s illness and encourages Kyung-Ah to bring her beau home sooner to see Kyung-Cheol…

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The next day, Kyung-Cheol starts settling up his affairs. He goes to see Kyung-Soo and gives Kyung-Soo his account book. He explains that it’s all of his savings, which should help in taking care of the family. Kyung-Soo understands what Kyung-Cheol is doing and accepts the account gratefully so that Kyung-Cheol might feel a little better.


Meanwhile, Deok-In and the Kang brothers (separately) strategize about the investigation as CEO Kang brings Hong-Ran and Hyunbok to a jewelry store. He offers to buy Hyunbok something worth a house and Hong-Ran something worth a car. After Hyunbok dons a diamond necklace, they all go to a happy lunch.


Calm has resettled among these members as Daddy and Mommy Kang apologize to Hong-Ran for being too harsh on her. Hong-Ran answers that she has a bad memory so she doesn’t remember anything but she will try to be careful in the future. Momma Kang surprises everyone by saying that Hong-Ran should stay the same.


After Daddy Kang comes home, we get an emotional meeting between him and Jin-Myung. Jin-Myung implies and Daddy Kang knows that Dohyun’s side has painted him as their culprit. Jin-Myung quietly tells his father that he looks tired and anxious these days… But he also adds that he really respects his father for all that he’s done. He ends with the question of if there is anything he can do to assist. Daddy Kang answers that he spent his life relying on Jin-Myung and all he hopes is that Jin-Myung continues to protect the family.


Finally the family gets ready for Kyung-Ah’s boyfriend’s (Junho) dinner with the family and Kyung-Cheol’s last meal with the whole family. It’s a happy but heavy affair…

The next day, the cop comes back and tells Deok-In that they couldn’t find anything. The wife hasn’t contacted anyone suspicious as everyone has caught on about the investigation.


So, Deok-In goes to Eunseo. When Deok-In explains that the cops came up empty, Eunseo snaps that the police are useless. She has already confirmed that the suspect has a large amount of debt while the wife is having an affair. The person that she has watching the two also overheard the suspect fight with his wife about a tape that includes the voice of the person who ordered the killing.

Deok-In agrees. She’s figured out that the cheating man has the recording. But he’s decided that instead of handing over the evidence to keep the husband in jail forever, he’d rather take the money. Eunseo agrees that the man will go directly to Daddy Kang soon for more money.

Deok-In asks Eunseo for pictures of the wife’s boyfriend. Eunseo answers that she doesn’t get anything by giving her help since Deok-In won’t promise to give Eunseo a chance to deal with Daddy Kang before turning the suspect over to the police. So Deok-In reminds her that the police are stuck; without more evidence, they might close the case as a simple accident.


Eunseo hands over pictures which Deok-In gives copies of to Jinwoo. She tells him to try his best to find the man as he will hold the answer to everything. She then gives the pictures to her junior cop.

As a short side plot, Jinwoo tells his father that the revenue has increased due to their new product of pretty golf balls. Daddy Kang hugs Jinwoo telling him that he always believed in Jinwoo.


With the next scene, the murder subplot gets resolved. The police find the boyfriend and keep him in custody. The cop tells Deok-In who informs Eunseo that the main culprit who ordered the kill was not Daddy Kang… It was the husband of the wife with whom Dohyun was having an affair.

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Eunseo falls apart and Deok-In goes to tell Jinwoo as well. As she gets up to leave, Jinwoo thanks her for saving his father and family in the nick of time. Then he gets up and pulls her into a hug, repeating that he’s thankful and he loves her.


After meeting with Jinwoo, Deok-In goes to meet with Daddy Kang. He also thanks Deok-In for helping as he heard that she helped instead of leaving it to the cops. He also adds that he is sincerely sorry for the death of her son and bows his head.

Deok-In freezes and stares at his bowed head. So, Daddy Kang continues that he knows just how important family is… He can understand now that he has taken his desire to protect his family too far… To repent he notes that he’s going to donate their education foundation to the government; he knows their family doesn’t deserve to be a family in education. As he leaves, he notes that it’s a pity she cannot be his daughter-in-law.


Eunseo has also come to a decision. She calls Jin-Myung out to ask him to arrange a meeting with her father-in-law. He agrees and she asks if he has no other words for her.

Jin-Myung answers that she called him out first. Clenching her fists, she thanks Jin-Myung for always protecting her and apologizes for choosing Jinhan over him.

At the same time, Kyung-Cheol packs his bags to go to the hospital. Deok-In comes to get him and everyone pretends not to know the truth. But, everyone tells him to come back… After he turns around, Bok-Rye breaks down and yells out that she loves him.

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Kyung-Cheol drops his bags and runs back to hug her. She then adds that she’s sorry for making him suffer, thankful that he was born as her son… Kyung-Cheol cries as well that he loves her too.

Things are not normal with Eunseo as she seems overly emotional when she tells Hyunseo that she’s leaving. She even tells Hyunseo that he should turn around to see her when she’s leaving but Hyunseo is tired of his mother at this point. Eunseo looks like she’s about to tear up but she goes.


She goes to see Daddy Kang and he offers to speak with her outside. Eunseo falls to her knees in front of Daddy Kang and asks him to take Hyunseo back. She also promises to end her relationship with Hyunseo.

Daddy Kang answers that he would if he can reliably believe that she won’t return to Hyunseo’s life even after he dies. Eunseo agrees and bows again to thank him.


Meanwhile, Hyunseo finds a letter from his mother in the kitchen. We don’t get to see what it says but it’s serious enough that Hyunseo calls Jin-Myung for help. The music turns all dramatic as Jin-Myung tells Hyunseo that he will figure it out.

Jin-Myung calls his father who remembers Eunseo’s promise that she can make it so he doesn’t worry. He quickly orders his driver to turn around.

As Daddy Kang rushes back to where he met Eunseo, Jin-Myung replays his last meeting with her… Dramatic music continues… And Hyunseo begins to remember how his mother was weird to him, too…


Daddy Kang gets out of the car to find the bench empty. He and the driver split up to look for Eunseo. As Daddy Kang wanders toward the river, he finds Eunseo walking into the river… She sees him to and starts walking in faster.


Daddy Kang runs in and pulls Eunseo out against her will and crying that she needs to die for Hyunseo to live. But just as everyone is thinking reason as returned, Daddy Kang suffers a heart attack and falls.


WHAT THE FUDGE? I didn’t realize that the writer was prone to dramatics. I mean, there are many different alternatives that Eunseo could have done while still convincing Daddy Kang… Such as making it clear that she’s going abroad forever and disappearing with some cash once the plane lands in another country. We really did not have to go the route of attempted suicide by river and a heart attack for Daddy Kang.

Additionally, did the resolution of Dohyun’s murder was extremely anticlimactic. It’s like the writer is having a difficult time patching the relationship between Jinwoo and Deok-In… So, the writer is weaving the plot device of everyone forgives Deok-In for being harsh / honest to Yunseo because she saved the company route. Otherwise, it would appear that the writer changed her mind after wanting Daddy Kang to go to jail…

I really cannot wrap my head around how the main points in this episode were so radically different from anticlimactic to dramatic…

Finally, the writer did resolve Kyung-Cheol entering the hospital well. We got all of our closure as everyone knows about why he’s leaving and Kyung-Cheol was about to see most of his main worries taken care of before he goes to get treatment. I wouldn’t even mind it if we did a time jump and he comes back healthy and in a recession. >°< After all, for all that I want dramas to be believable in their storytelling, I want the drama to make me feel good after I’ve lived the story.

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