Everything Will Be OK – E10

Just as the crisis over the wedding planning seems to stem, Jingook finds out that he might be Heejung’s baby daddy.



Dongsook brings Jingook’s mother into Mansoo’s office. She keeps her neck stiff and tells Mansoo that she’s here to discuss the wedding planning. Of course, Mansoo is at a loss at how to handle her.

But, Dongsook is certain that Jingook’s mother is there to bully Mansoo. So, she runs back into the office with an excuse that there’s a crisis in the kitchen. Mansoo gladly runs out while Jingook’s mother glares at Dongsook. When Jingook’s mother threatens to fire Dongsook, Dongsook calmly replies that Jingook’s mother can leave peacefully or leave after Dongsook calls Kayoon’s Grandmama.


Jingook’s mother reluctantly leaves and finds Jingook on his knees because Kayoon gave him the heads up. Jingook begs his mother to let him get married and she agrees on one condition – she will stop meddling if Kayoon’s Grandmama also stops meddling.

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Jingook excitedly tells Jung-Eun who goes to butter up Grandmama. Grandmama smiles when she heard the condition and agrees to approve of Jingook… But, she tells Jung-Eun that Jingook’s family still needs to apologize to Kayoon. Jung-Eun agrees and calls Jingook up to say the same. He tells her that his mother might not apologize but he will in her stead. All is right in the Geum house.

We turn to the photographer’s aid who’s preparing for another photoshoot with the photographer. One of the lights blow out and the photographer ends up firing the aid for using the equipment for side projects – he found the picture of Ki-Chan on the computer.

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So, the aid packs up his bags and heads over to Mansoo’s restaurant to try to convince Ki-Chan to work with him. Ki-Chan declines as he no longer has the luxury of going without a steady salary. to join Ki-Chan which has them both showing off their fish drying skills in front of the current staff to see if Dongsook will hire then. She doesn’t seem particularly impressed but agrees to take him on as they are so short staffed.


Meanwhile, Jingook goes to Hyunjoon to confess that something is making him uneasy… He’s so happy that something will go wrong. A flashback tells us that he’s worried about sleeping with Heejung as he should be since a guy should take responsibility for his actions.

Hyunjoon is too busy trying to develop a business so that he keeps his father’s approval and doesn’t pick up on Jingook’s real worry. Rather, he takes it as Jingook subtly bragging.

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So, Jingook doesn’t tell Hyunjoon about Heejung and goes to apologize to Kayoon instead. As they walk along for a place to step into, he sees Heejung and conspicuously ducks into the nearest cafe. Heejung sees this and gets annoyed… Following them into the restaurant to eavesdrop.

At another table, Heejung hears Jingook apologize to Kayoon and about the upcoming wedding planning. She also overhears Kayoon leaving a message for Hyunjoon (thanking him for coming to look for her and asking him to remain friends) making it clear in her mind that Kayoon has the perfect life while she’s suffering.


Afterwards, Heejung sits outside the school wondering why her life is so different from Kayoon. Her thoughts are interrupted when her little brother calls to check in and Heejung pulls herself together for her little brother. But, when she stands up, she gets dizzy and faints back onto the bench.

Jingook drives by and sees her. He pulls up and carries her to the hospital where they wake her up and then the doctor asks Jingook what relationship he has with Heejung. When he answers that he’s just a colleague, the doctor pulls a curtain around Heejung for privacy and then asks her about her pregnancy.


The curtain doesn’t have much soundproofing and Jingook overhears making him jump to the conclusion that it’s his child. He nervously goes over and asks her why she didn’t tell him about the child; is it his?

Heejung quickly calculates that it would be easier with a father than as a single mother and answers that it is his child… Jingook hears the deathbell to his marriage and falters… But, he does wait for Heejung and drives her home.

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At Heejung’s house, she begins her web of lies (maybe truth?). She tells him that she heard he was engaged and didn’t want to ruin his life with the news of the baby.

Meanwhile, Ki-Chan brings over a plate of leftover pizza and offer some to Kayoon. She happily takes a slice and agrees that it’s tasty. The mini-work date is ruined when Mansoo comes in and find them both snacking on leftovers. He yells at them for eating leftovers like beggars and doesn’t listen even when Kayoon tries to point out that the pizza was pretty clean.

When Mansoo and Kayoon come home, though, we see the beginning of the coming storm. Jung-Eun and Grandmama are sitting in the livingroom angrily waiting for Jingook who bailed on Jung-Eun and doesn’t even answer her calls.

We find out from Heejung’s flashback that Jingook saw Heejung’s empty fridge and went to get her groceries. Heejung pretended to act cool that he doesn’t need to worry about her but Jingook is too nice to turn the other way.

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As for Heejung, she wonders why she is so different from her little brother when they are biologically related. Ki-Chan answers that she’s pretty and smart but he has a great body. Ki-Chan asks her what has gotten into her.

Heejung answers that he wouldn’t be so flippant if he knew how bad she is… Probably feeling guilty about her manipulation of Jingook. She doesn’t tell him about Jingook. Rather, she tells Ki-Chan that the reason that their mother never looked for them is because of her… She went to see their mother and told her never to look for them again.

Finally hearing about their mother, even Ki-Chan has to pause with tearful eyes.


As for their mother, she gives all of her husband a account books and information to her daughter. She tells the girl that they need to be emotionally prepared for the inevitable as the doctor said the father does not have long. The girl responds back that if everything is in her name what will her mother do… And is her mom leaving her? The mother answers that she won’t be leaving her but felt that it was best to get everything properly sorted.

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We turn to Jingook who is frozen with fear in front of his house. He gets a call from his mother and he asks tearfully what he’s going to do. His mother has no idea and just yells at him for not calling Jung-Eun back who is going crazy with worry… Her words are pretty much accurate as Jung-Eun is staring at her phone at that moment and only gets ready to sleep because Kayoon reassures her that Jingook’s mom said Jingook’s phone died; so, might as well sleep since Jingook won’t be able to return a call until the morning.


Hmmm… A dramatic episode this one is…

First, my thoughts revolve around Heejung who I don’t think is a horrible girl. Rather, I’d say she’s just very mercenary. If she was born as a male mercenary in the period of the three kingdoms in Korea, she might have done well for herself.

In the current situation, I do wonder if she’s feeling guilty for no reason. We haven’t seen her go to get her baby checked up by the doctor against either the DNA of Hyunjoon or Jingook. For all we know, the baby is Jingook’s… I am not exactly sure about the timing but I think she slept with Hyunjoon and Jingook days apart.

If the baby is Jingook’s baby, the story takes on a new perspective as Jingook is only dealing with what he should be dealing with as a human being – responsibility for his actions. It would be mighty selfish of Jingook to expect Heejung to raise the baby by herself as a single mother while he goes off to get married and lives happily ever after.

Turning to Heejung’s foil, Kayoon is kind of cute. It’s clear that parental and/or adult approval is important to her. She tries her best to make her Grandmama comfortable when she could resent Grandmama. She also has a good relationship with her father, which implies that other than not really getting a job, she hasn’t been particularly difficult to raise. She’s just a swe

She also seems to be falling for Ki-Chan as she follows him around the restaurant calling him “oppa” when she’s probably older. The implication seems to be that Kayoon never dated before, which would mean this is an important relationship for Kayoon. ^^ Too bad that Ki-Chan is Heejung’s little brother and Heejung is basically ruining Jung-Eun’s marriage right now because the KY/KC couple is kind of cute.

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