Everything Will Be OK – E18

Ahhhh if only the actors acted out what they wanted…Pieces start to fall in place as Heejung comes to terms with her brother’s plea for help in finding his mother.  Meanwhile, Dalja tries to ask Grandmama for help and gets kicked out on her bum for being the rude and conniving woman that she is.



Ignoring Kayoon, Ki-Chan demands to know if Hyunjoon remembers him… After all, he is Heejung’s little brother. He yells to ask why Hyunjoon put his sister’s number as spam.

Hyunjoon gets up as well and answers that all he did was not give Heejung Jingook’s number.

Ki-Chan doesn’t buy it and repeats that he spoke with Hyunjoon and he was an arsehat on the call…

Finally Hyunjoon grits out that it shouldn’t matter since Heejung got a paternity test done and the baby was Jingook’s. This comes as a surprise to Ki-Chan. He pauses for a second before noting that normal people answer all calls even if they are spam… He tells Hyunjoon that Hyunjoon is the worst before leaving.


Kayoon waits outside the door and asks Ki-Chan if something is wrong. Ki-Chan answers curtly that they have to prepare for opening and leaves. Next Hyunjoon comes out and reassures Kayoon that nothing is wrong as well.


The staff prepare for an onslaught of customers that arrive due to the broadcast. Ki-Chan gets a call from the producer and he goes to the office to take the call… A lot of leads are coming in regarding Ki-Chan’s mother. He asks that the producer send all the information through email since he’s working.

Ki-Chan calls Heejung but she ignores his call. Jingook answers in her stead and repeats out loud that it’s amazing that so much information is available.


Heejung snaps at Jingook to hang up. Jingook hangs up and asks Heejung why she’s getting so stressed when it would be a good thing to find her mother.

Getting up Heejung yells back asking if Jingook knows how it feels to have a gangster father who keeps getting into debt… She had to work as a hotel maid all through her college education to pay for tuition and then her father got into debt within jail! She adds that she knows what his mother is planning to do by sending only Jingook abroad while hiding her in Korea…

The nurse runs in to remind everyone that Heejung needs to stay calm and Jingook goes home.


Dalja decides that she has another plan. She goes to Grandmama and begs her to help Jingook get together with Jung-Eun. She promises that she will raise the child.


Grandmama graciously answers. She tells Dalja to live happily with her daughter in law as they deserve each other… She cannot believe both the child who would get pregnant before marriage as well as the mother who would even think about taking a child from its mother. With those words, Grandmama kicks Dalja out and throws salt at her.

Jingook calls Jung-Eun but she doesn’t answer…back in his room, Jingook sobs that he erased Jung-Eun’s number but cannot forget it.


Dalja goes to Heejung and throws an envelope of money at Heejung. She tells her that Jung-Eun will return to Jingook some day and Heejung should accept the inevitable.

Meanwhile, the staff starts to clean up. Young-Tae finds Kayoon and Nari in the employee room and sighs about all the work as well as the fact that Ki-Chan has to deal with all of the mean comments; people are accusing him of being stupid for not knowing his mother’s name.

As a side note, Ki-Chan takes over washing the dishes for a young cook. Mansoo sees this and ponders… We turn to Daeho who tells his fellow inmate that the reason Ki-Chan doesn’t know his mother’s name is because Daeho never told the kids.

At the same time, the mother wakes up from her surgery. She cries that she has to leave over and over again.

Back at the restaurant, Kayoon goes into her father’s office now that they’re closed. Mansoo asks if she knew about Ki-Chan’s relationship to Heejung and that’s why they broke up. With Kayoon’s silent confirmation, he tells Kayoon that she was too harsh as none of this is Ki-Chan’s fault.


Kayoon gets a call from Hyunjoon and tells him that she is going to get off work late… She cannot meet him. Instead, she goes to see Ki-Chan to cheer him up. He gloomily confesses that he didn’t know his sister was the one who wrecked her sister’s wedding. Kayoon sighs that their fate must be a joke from fate.

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The two walk off. In the Lobby, Ki-Chan considers confessing that he still likes her and wants to date her with a kiss… Kayoon considers running after him to hug him from the back. But neither does anything in real life.

Kayoon and her father go home to hear about Dalja’s antics from Grandmama. Kayoon goes to her sister’s room and warns her not to meet Jingook ever again.


The next day, Ki-Chan returns the “Manager” hat to Kayoon. He tells her that he washed it three times and not to lose it again. He also tells her that she should have told him as soon as she saw him with his sister. Kayoon answers that they never had a problem, it was just their families.

Meanwhile, Hyunjoon’s mother wakes up and asks about his father as well as Heejung. She notes that Heejung looked pregnant. Hyunjoon answers that his mother is mistaken.


Hyunjoon goes home to meet with his father and ask his father to check on his mother. CEO Yoo refuses saying that he doesn’t want to see her as she’s a nuisance. Instead, he gives Hyunjoon an invitation for his brother’s wedding and tells him to come for family pictures.

Hyunjoon reminds his father what happened the last time he attended a family wedding. There was a fight because the in-laws made a fuss about an illegitimate child attending.

The father angrily replies that that couple divorced and it’s about time for brothers to make up with each other.


At the same time, we find out that the surgery was not a success. Ki-Chan’s mother will still need chemotherapy. She gets in her wheelchair and goes around in the hospital only to run straight into Ki-Chan. She recognizes him and freezes but he doesn’t recognize her.


Continued strong acting from all of the actors. However, Kayoon’s acting felt more stilted in this episode. I don’t blame her as this episode required her to do a lot more subtle expression acting which is really hard. She had to convey longing, resignation, hope and resentment all through her face (such as the scene in the Lobby where both she and Ki-Chan were supposed to want to run to each other but don’t). She wasn’t able to do this but it’s OK.

Other than that small nit, this episode was a pretty laid back episode to push the plot forward. I feel like we aren’t going to get much resolution until Ki-Chan goes to the army. The only thing that might change prior to the army in “two weeks” dramaland time is what happens between Jingook and Jung-Eun.

One final question…When will Hyunjoon find out that the child is actually his?

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