Everything Will Be OK – E19

Jingook says goodbye to Jung-Eun as Heejung meets her mother.



Ki-Chan’s mom stares intently at him but he’s busy. He has to go tell his sister that he knows his mother’s name and runs off just as his mother falls to the ground.


He excitedly tells his sister. However, Heejung tells Ki-Chan that their mother is not showing up because she doesn’t want to… Their mother knew where they were living and could visit at any time. She also adds that she doesn’t want to see their mother as their mother will likely be sick or poor.

Ki-Chan tells his sister that family is not just something that takes money away. He leaves.

Then Ki-Chan’s mother asks the front desk about Heejung. The nurse tells her what room Heejung is in and another wheels her to Heejung’s room.


Heejung recognizes her mother who tries to congratulate Heejung on her pregnancy. However, Heejung immediately tells her mother that her wedding might fall apart because of Ki-Chan’s actions… She had lied about her father who is in jail and their mother who ran away.

Looking surprised, Heejung’s mother tries to explain that she left so that her children could have a good life. But, Heejung has none of it.

Heejung snaps at her mother for looking horrible. Her mother lies that she’s fine and will be getting out soon. So, Heejung adds that their mother better not plan to show up in front of Ki-Chan looking so sickly right before he goes to the army.


Meanwhile, Jung-Eun calls Jingook. He apologizes for calling when drunk and Jung-Eun asks to meet at the restaurant. Dalja encourages her son to meet Jung-Eun but he tells his mother that he needs to register Heejung out.


So, Jingook goes to help with the exit paperwork. Foxy Heejung knows that she needs to hold on to Jingook and tells him that they need to get another ultrasound. The doctor shows him the baby and lets them hear the heartbeat.


Jingook hears his baby’s heartbeat and gets excited as Heejung tears up. Back at home, Heejung hands over the envelope of money and notes how Dalja is planning to take her baby away. Jingook looks surprised and reassures Heejung that he had a difficult time growing up without his father, so, he won’t make his child grow up without a mother. He promises to take care of Heejung.

Jingook promises to give up on studying abroad. Heejung instead suggests that Jingook get into touch with his father. Jingook answers that he has been exchanging emails with his father but he hasn’t seen him for a while.

Jingook gets so happy about the future that he tells Heejung that he is going to meet with Jung-Eun one last time. He promises that it will be the last and tells Heejung that Jung-Eun called him.

Heejung waits until Jingook leaves and calls Kayoon to make a fuss about Jung-Eun calling another woman’s man.

Kayoon runs toward Jung-Eun and pulls her into the office. She also tells her father to cut all of Jung-Eun’s hair.


Jung-Eun cries that she doesn’t think she can live without Jingook. Jingook enters the office at that point and interrupts quietly. He announces that he cannot return to Jung-Eun… He’s going to marry Heejung.

Kayoon and Mansoo remind Jung-Eun to listen carefully and see Jingook for what he is before leaving. Kayoon runs into Dongsook outside who consoles Kayoon about how Jingook’s other woman might make a mess again.


Ki-Chan overhears this and demands to know if his sister was the one who called earlier. Kayoon confirms but tells him that there’s nothing they can do.

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At the same time, Jung-Eun tearfully asks Jingook what changed. Jingook answers that nothing has changed as he still loves her. However, he adds that he has to live as a father and not a man… In order to give his child the best environment that he can, he’s going to try to love Heejung.


Jingook then goes to tell Dalja that he’s choosing Heejung. He explains that just like Dalja has no one but her son, he has nothing but his child. He tells his mother that he’s going to register their marriage that day and then throw a grand wedding for Heejung because she is the mother of his child.

Dalja threatens to freeze all of his cards and stop his allowance. This doesn’t faze Ki-Chan who answers that he will just get a job and leaves.


Meanwhile, Ki-Chan excitedly tells the producer that he arrived in the building. The producer calls Ki-Chan’s mother (Soon-Im Kim). Soon-Im hears about how the producer wants to connect her with her son and then remembers Heejung telling Soon-Im not to worry Ki-Chan. She apologizes to the producer that this is not the right time.

The producer goes to Ki-Chan and tells him that Soon-Im refused to meet.


Back at the restaurant, Young-Tae finds the family picture on Mansoo’s desk and cries that he is an idiot. Just then Dongsook and Nari come into the office and Young-Tae hides behind the desk.

From his hiding spot, Young-Tae eavesdrops on Nari telling her mother that it has been too long since anyone showered her with attention… All of that kind of fun stopped after they had to move into a studio. Dongsook tells Nari to tell Young-Tae the truth but Nari whines that she’s worried about Young-Tae getting disappointed and stomps out.


At the same time, Ki-Chan finds Kayoon in the kitchen. She’s prepared dinner for him knowing that he won’t have much of an appetite. She explains that she used to love cooking and even remembers the first time that they met at her father’s old restaurant… She adds that she had a little brother Ki-Chan’s age but he died from a car accident when she was playing in the kitchen. So, she stayed out of the kitchen until now.

Hyunjoon sees Kayoon and Ki-Chan playing around and calls his secretary. He orders that his secretary calls Kayoon over right away.


The secretary calls just as Kayoon and Ki-Chan are having fun with their hats. Kayoon agrees to go over and taste tests some of the rice cakes made by the factories. She notes that they aren’t as sweet as her sample because they didn’t take the same amount of time preparing/cooking.

The secretary thanks her and tells her that he will instruct the factories the next day which surprises Kayoon about how quickly Hyunjoon seems to want to wrap this up. She asks about Hyunjoon and hears that he’s with his mother, making her ask if she could also visit.


So, the two show up in Hyunjoon’s mother’s hospital room the next day. Hyunjoon smiles and tells his mother that Kayoon is the girl that he likes.

His mother’s eyes widen and she freaks out. She grabs her son’s hands and anxiously asks about the other girl who had his child.


Sigh, since this is a daily drama, that scene was probably a fake out. Hyunjoon will probably explain to Kayoon about his mother’s dementia and how she mistakes him for his father. Considering the circumstances, the explanation is so believable that Kayoon will never even suspect that Hyunjoon’s mother is telling the truth.

The interesting part of this situation is that if Hyunjoon reacts in the way that I expect him to react, he’s slowly but surely turning into an antagonist. His decision to lie to Kayoon has major consequences for Kayoon as well as her family.

First, this cuts into Kayoon’s ability to make an informed choice about whether she prefers Ki-Chan who is Heejung’s little brother or if she prefers Hyunjoon who basically used Heejung. Second, if Kayoon’s family knew about Hyunjoon and the possibility that the baby is not Jingook’s, Jung-Eun may still be able to get together will Jingook. After all, if she’s able to forgive him for one night’s mistake does any member of her family have a right to say otherwise?

In that sense, I have a sinking feeling that this drama will end into the limitless depth of angst in the future… Which I hope that I am wrong about. Until then, let’s hope that the army time jump helps move the plot along!

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