Everything Will Be OK – E22

The game starts with Hyunjoon, Jung-Eun and Heejung all working in the same building while Ki-Chan avoids getting caught as the new seafood vendor by Kayoon.



Fake out! Ki-Chan sees Kayoon and turns the other way quickly. He walks away fast enough so that Kayoon doesn’t see him but runs into his mother who drops her papers when she sees him. Ki-Chan doesn’t recognize her and reassures her that he’s just here to deliver seafood before running away to his truck. Inside, he curses himself for driving a smelly truck to what could have been his reunion with Kayoon.

At the same time, Kayoon opens the boxes to find extremely fresh fish and excitedly calls her father over.

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Back at Jingook’s house, Dalja gets angry to find the state of her son’s clothes (his are all tattered while Heejung’s are all brand name) and yells at him scaring her grandson. Hilariously, Jingook tells a crying Jinwoo that this is how Dalja shows her love and Dalja has to grit out between her teeth, “My beloved son, come out for a talk.”

When he comes out, Dalja tasks Jingook to stop being a bum and to go distribute a bunch of boxes of beef to professors at nearby universities so he might get a chance for employment.


Jingook takes the boxes and distributes them at Hyunjoon’s company where it turns out Nari is also working. He asks Hyunjoon about a job as he didn’t even get his PhD… Because Heejung is such a loving mother, Jingook stayed home to raise his son and only got his masters.

Hyunjoon refuses right away and tells Jingook that Jung-Eun will start soon so to stay out of Jung-Eun’s sight. But then the secretary calls Hyunjoon to the CEO’s office where he sees Heejung. Hyunjoon pretends that they are only colleagues and warns Heejung afterwards that he can always tell his father about who she is… The woman who tried to threaten him with a child.

Meanwhile, Kayoon and Mansoo decide to change their vendor to Ki-Chan. He answers by text and we also find out from Dongsook that Soon-Im fell on hard times because her son-in-law got defrauded and Soon-Im had to sell her house to cover it.


Later, Jingook goes to Kayoon for help with the boxes of meat. He warns her about how his wife also works in the same building but in a different company. Kayoon tells him off for having the guts to come back and Jingook sighs that he wants to be friends again.

Kayoon tells her father but notes that Jung-Eun is pretty set… They should let her find her own path.

At the company, the secretary reports to Hyunjoon that Heejung got hired at a local branch of their company right after she got her MBA. She did a good job and got scouted to the headquarters.


Kayoon stops by Hyunjoon’s company to discuss Jung-Eun and as he walks her down, they run into Ki-Chan. Hyunjoon leaves Kayoon and Ki-Chan lies to his sister that he’s not at the building yet; they go to the park to talk.

Like a little mouse, Hyunjoon sees Heejung at the elevator and tells her that Ki-Chan is off meeting Kayoon at the park.

Kayoon asks him why he never showed up and if it’s because he didn’t get a luxury car yet. Ki-Chan lies that he’s not that small… But then refuses to give her his number. Kayoon yells that they can stay strangers and turns away.


Kayoon goes to a nearby restroom to wash up and Heejung corners her there. Heejung tells Kayoon that she’s happy now, so, she won’t do anything unless Jung-Eun makes Jingook waver in their marriage.


Ki-Chan meets with Heejung who tells him that she doesn’t want to see their father who is coming out of jail next week. She tries to give him an envelope of money but Ki-Chan refuses.


Soon-Im then meets with her other daughter and tells her about how Ki-Chan is back… She smiles that Ki-Chan is just like his father, he didn’t show up because he hasn’t succeeded yet.

Coincidentally, Mansoo was still at the restaurant where Soon-Im was feeding Eunjoo. He overhears and tells Soon-Im that she should come into his house where they have an extra room instead of staying at an apartment with no heater.


The family welcomes her although the Grandmama snaps at Mansoo for not getting her approval first. Now that Jung-Eun is older, she just laughs that she finally feels at home.


Now that Soon-Im is at Kayoon’s house, she confesses that she has two more children both of whom who don’t know about her. She promises to tell Kayoon her full background after she confesses to her children first.

The next day, Ki-Chan runs into Kayoon while biking. He asks her to go out to coffee but Kayoon frowns that she already has plans. Ki-Chan tries to bravely act cool and asks where she’s meeting her friend… But, Kayoon’s answer is that her friend is coming to the park.


Right then, Hyunjoon shows up with his bike.


With that all of the pieces are set! We pretty much know what each of the characters will be protecting and the only question will be what kind of conflicts will result from this situation?

A quick summary:
Kayoon – Protecting her little sister and maybe her heart from Ki-Chan
Jung-Eun – Protecting her right to her own professional career.
Mansoo – Protecting his family.

Jingook – Trying to figure out his life and maybe get a job while protecting his son.
Heejung – Protecting her new family.
Ki-Chan – Protecting his pride and his family.

Hyunjoon – Trying to woo over Kayoon.

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