Everything Will Be OK – E23

Ki-Chan and Kayoon officially break up their wistful dream of reuniting in five years. Meanwhile, Dalja finds out that her dreams in Jingook are dashed.



As Kayoon is about to go with Hyunjoon, Ki-Chan pauses and asks Kayoon if she met Heejung. When Kayoon confirms, Ki-Chan smirks and tells Kayoon that Heejung would not go to the park for fun…someone would have told her.


Cornered, Hyunjoon confesses to mentioning that he told Heejung he saw her little brother. Ki-Chan gets ready to punch him but Kayoon stops him and asks Hyunjoon for a minute. She tells Ki-Chan that she doesn’t care if he isn’t educated but she cannot handle a gangster. She also yells that they cannot be together because of themselves not because of other people like Heejung or Hyunjoon. She adds that she regrets waiting for Ki-Chan and leaves.


When she meets with Hyunjoon, she sighs that she’s tired of it all… Her heart only beat quickly for a short period of time before things turned sour and their relationship ended with lies. Hyunjoon looks serious but doesn’t say anything.


Later, Heejung comes in to the room and tells Jingook to get off his lazy arse and get a job instead of playing with her little brother. She also tells him to come clean to his mother on why he cannot get a professorship so that she doesn’t have to lie to her mother-in-law. However, Jingook doesn’t come clean when Dalja interrupts.


Young-Tae comes to Mansoo’s house to ask for a job and a short crisis occurs when Dongsook hears that Soon-Im is living at Mansoo’s. However, no one else seems fazed and she leaves.


Meanwhile, the family happily eats dinner until the security guard came to thank Dalja for the meat. She finds out that Jingook didn’t distribute the meat boxes to professors and freaks out, beating Jingook up in the bathroom. Luckily for Jingook, Minwoo sees his grandmother follow his father into the bathroom and tells Heejung.


So, Heejung goes to Jingook’s rescue and tells Dalja to give up as Jingook didn’t get his PhD. She warns Dalja that Minwoo will see how she treats Jingook and that she cannot stay in this house if Dalja continues to disrespect him.

Dalja falls back in shock from the news and then brings Jingook into her room to talk. She reassures Jingook that he can first get an assistant professor position before returning to get his PhD. She also asks where all the money that she sent him went.

Jingook confesses that the money went into all of Heejung’s and Minwoo’s luxury goods… And then adds that he specialized in a narrow field of African Economy…None of the Korean universities are interested in adding that field.


That evening Young-Tae comes home and tells Ki-Chan to forget Kayoon as he saw the family basically treat Hyunjoon as their son in law.

At the same time, Hyunjoon pauses in Kayoon’s courtyard to tell Kayoon to sleep well. Although, he looked like he was going to kiss her, he doesn’t to Kayoon’s relief.

Meanwhile, Ki-Chan sneaks into the restaurant after hours? He even goes into the staff room and leaves his hat in Kayoon’s locker.


Back at home, Grandmama gives Soon-Im some tea and tells her not to worry about the chores.

Kayoon later comes back and Soon-Im asks if Kayoon and Hyunjoon are a couple planning on marrying. Kayoon answers that she hasn’t thought of Hyunjoon romantically but she thinks he would be a great match.

Soon-Im tells Kayoon to marry for love but Kayoon answers that marrying for love is difficult.

In the morning, Soon-Im leaves early so that she can give Ki-Chan a lunchbox when Ki-Chan comes.

At the same time, the Geum family eats breakfast while Grandmama warns Mansoo to be careful about the neighbors. Mansoo tries to defend himself and the girls go up first. Kayoon warns Jung-Eun about Heejung but Jung-Eun answers that she’s not worried.


Things are difficult for Jingook at home because his mom is tired of seeing his son bum around. She starts beating him up with Minwoo’s toy sword and Jingook tells her that she doesn’t want to be a professor… He just wants a simple job and to play with his son in the evenings and the weekends.

Dalja answers that Jingook can ask Hyunjoon for a position. But, Jingook explains that Jung-Eun is working in Hyunjoon’s company. So, Dalja suggests that Jingook join Hyunjoon’s father’s company only to be told that Heejung is working there. Hahahaha!

At the said company, Heejung enters the same elevator with Jung-Eun. They’re happily polite until Heejung sees Jung-Eun’s name tag and recognizes her name.

Then to make matters worse, Jung-Eun gets off first and runs straight into Jingook who came to meet Heejung.


In a way, it’s sad that Dalja is bent on hating Heejung. At this point, their interest in Jingook is aligned. Both of them want him to be able to provide financially for his family and succeed at something instead of playing around at home. Both of them want him to be an amazing and respectable father for Minwoo. It’s too bad that they don’t work together to get Jingook back on track.

As for the plot, this episode totally set the scene for the Heejung-Jingook-Jung-Eun love triangle to come to the center of the drama. I hope that this means the truth about Minwoo’s true father will come out soon as well. Minwoo deserves to know who his real father. Additionally, it puts Jingook in an interesting position as he fell in love with Minwoo believing that Minwoo is truly his son. After giving up his education and deciding to love Heejung for Minwoo, can a man change his feelings after they have taken root?

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