Everything Will Be OK – E24

Jung-Eun survives her first reunion with Jingook and Heejung starts getting pressure from Dalja to help get Jingook employed. Meanwhile, Daeho’s friend butters Dalja up to scam her.



Jingook turns around and sees Jung-Eun. Jung-Eun freezes with the mouth open. Without saying anything, she runs away crying.


Heejung watches Jingook look like he’s about to call Jung-Eun and asks him what he’s here for. Jingook hands over an envelope and explains that it’s his resume and cover letter.

Heejung asks him what he wants her to do with the documents. Jingook answers that Dalja freaked out when she found out that only Heejung got hired at YB. He asks her to take care of the matter so that Dalja doesn’t have to come herself… Which makes sense since if Dalja comes, their rouse that Hyunjoon doesn’t know Heejung might be up as well.

Heejung sighs and takes the envelope saying that they can speak with Dalja at lunch. But Jingook is distracted by Jung-Eun and asks Heejung to go up first while he stops by Hyunjoon’s office.


In Hyunjoon’s office, Jingook explains how Jung-Eun is crying and confesses that he feels like his heart is tearing apart. Hyunjoon tells Jingook to leave before Jung-Eun returns.


It’s too late as Jung-Eun is at the door. Jingook asks for some time alone with Jung-Eun. Hyunjoon refuses at first but Jung-Eun also asks for the same thing and Hyunjoon gives them space

Jung-Eun tells Jingook that she didn’t cry because of him; she cried because she was frustrated about everything she suffered through in the last five years. She tells him to forget about it.


After he leaves, Hyunjoon also checks on Jung-Eun. She asks him to keep it a secret from her family as she was surprised by her tears. Hyunjoon humors her and tells her that she was probably pushing herself too much. He even sweetly offers to move their office since all they have to do is sublet the space to another company for the rest of the lease. D’awww, points!


Back at the prison, Daeho’s friend come and apologizes that he won’t be able to pick Daeho up when he comes out. However, he’s set up a room with a suit and shoes for Daeho so that he can enter Seoul in style.


Then the friend goes to meet his current girlfriend – Dalja! Omg, he lied to Dalja that he was meeting with his CEO. He tries to tell Dalja that they need more money to enter the U.S. market. He suggests that she takes out a private loan. Dalja refuses but the guy keeps buttering her up.


Heejung interrupts and asks Dalja if she would be fine with Jingook entering the company as a simple employee under her. Dalja snaps that she can bring Jingook’s papers to Hyunjoon instead. Without batting an eye, Heejung answers that it would be difficult since Jung-Eun works there.


Later Young-Tae returns to the restaurant and manages to join the taste testing. The ever sweet Mansoo tells Dongsook that Young-Tae looks like he needs a job and to hire him.

Dongsook refuses saying that Young-Tae knew that Nari was lying about being Mansoo’s daughter but pretended not to know. Now that Nari found out, their pride is in the toilet!

Kayoon follows her father’s suggestion and tells Young-Tae to come to work the next day.


Meanwhile, Soon-Im sees Kayoon brooding over Ki-Chan’s hat and mentions shyly that maybe Ki-Chan only returned it because Kayoon ended the relationship first. She suggests that Kayoon see if there is nothing else going on.

Kayoon is so emotional that she looks persuaded by this argument until Soon-Im suggests that Kayoon ask Ki-Chan’s sister since it sounds like Kayoon knows where she works. That gets Kayoon angry and she tells Soon-Im that she doesn’t even want to think about Heejung as they seem to be twistedly connected by fate.


At the same time, CEO Yoo calls Hyunjoon into his office and tells him to go to Dong Gak Group’s youngest daughter’s new restaurant. Hyunjoon reminds him that CEO Yoo and Dong Gak Group’s head are enemies. But, his father laughs that there are no eternal enemies… Enemies can become in laws if you need them.

Hyunjoon declines and leaves. On his way, he stops to ask the secretary to keep Kayoon’s name out of his reports.


Later, Ki-Chan starts packing up after a good days’ work. However, a bunch of gangsters come over and take his money. They tell him they’re annoyed only he’s doing well and even beat him up.

Back at the restaurant, Dongsook gets annoyed that Soon-Im is going home with Mansoo. She tells Soon-Im that everyone has financial difficulties but they protect their pride.


Soon-Im take a offense at Dongsook’s words and tells Dongsook that she went too far. Mansoo enters at this point and tsks knowing without being told that Dongsook probably said something tact less. Of course, Dongsook sees this as Mansoo taking Soon-Im’s side and gets even more furious.


Back at Jingook’s place, Heejung tells Soon-Im that Minwoo will sleep alone from now on. However, Dalja refuses and Minwoo falls into her bed happily. Dalja dotes on Minwoo saying that she can forgive Heejung since she gave her a grandson… Making Heejung even more nervous.

Feeling nervous, Heejung tells Jingook to look into Dalja’s financial affairs. Jingook just laughs that no one can pull anything on Dalja.

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Getting a text from the manager, Kayoon adds more to her order for the next day and recognizes Ki-Chan’s voice when he picks up groggily. She goes to the restaurant early to see who delivers the seafood but a stranger gets out of the truck.

Oh no… No… No… Poor Heejung. The girl is just trying to survive and succeed but her father is just not helping her. It’s pretty clear that Dalja is going to lose everything to Daeho’s friend under the promise that she will open up a store for her in The USA… To add insult to injury, Dalja is bound to find out that the guy is friends with Heejung’s father…

On a side note, I wonder if Heejung’s character would not be worried that Minwoo is growing older. Mothers usually can tell if a son does not look like their own sons and I doubt that Minwoo looks like Jingook did when he was younger. Luckily Dalja seems infatuated enough that she won’t suspect anything thanks to the DNA test.

Finally, Jung-Eun. I was very satisfied with the change that they wrote into her. It’s understandable that a person won’t change over night and Jung-Eun has been coddled. So, I wasn’t surprised by her tearing up when she ran into Jingook for the first time in five years. But, what showed that she had grown is that she didn’t run away and hide. She asked for some private time with Jingook without the support of her brother figure (Hyunjoon) and told Jingook herself that she doesn’t care about him anymore; he can even come to the company all he wants. That is an amazing reaction to your ex!

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