Everything Will Be OK – E25

Kayoon realizes that she cannot forget Ki-Chan while Heejung suspects Hyunjoon of facilitating an affair between Jingook and Jung-Eun.


Kayoon tries visiting Ki-Chan. But Ki-Chan hears her arrive and runs into the house, sending Young-Tae out. Young-Tae lies to Kayoon that he lives alone and Ki-Chan moved to a studio in the richer neighborhood of Gangnam.

Kayoon looks around and sees Ki-Chan’s bike.  She doesn’t say anything and goes to her car cursing him.


The substitute arrives and gives Ki-Chan his car back. Ki-Chan goes to set up his stall and sells fish to the neighbors. But, the gangsters arrive again and beat him up with Kayoon watching. Ki-Chan refuses to fight back and the neighbors eventually come to Ki-Chan’s rescue telling the gangsters off.

Soon-Im later finds Kayoon leaning against the lockers in a daze. She asks Kayoon what is bothering her. Kayoon answers that Soon-Im is correct, Ki-Chan couldn’t come to her father cause of his current state… She went to see Ki-Chan and saw Ki-Chan getting beaten up at his stall. She curses Ki-Chan for protecting his pride uselessly.


Soon-Im goes to visit Heejung at her company. She tells her daughter that she’s healed of cancer and asks about how Heejung and Ki-Chan are doing. Heejung gets frustrated that her mother is acting subserviently and snaps at her. But Soon-Im just apologizes again and leaves.


Back at the company, CEO Yoo asks his secretary about Hyunjoon’s romance life. The secretary lies for Hyunjoon but the CEO calls Heejung in. Heejung immediately tells the CEO that Hyunjoon is seeing Kayoon for five years.

The secretary follows Heejung out and asks her if her child is doing well.  Heejung pauses but walks off with her head high.

The secretary tells Hyunjoon that his father knows and that they need to tell the CEO Heejung’s real identity as the girl who threatened Hyunjoon. However, Hyunjoon answers that while he hates Heejung, she is a wife and a mother… He can’t do that to another family.

Meanwhile, Daeho’s friend tries to convince Dalja to get a loan since they don’t have enough money. When Dalja refuses, he suggests that Dalja ask her daughter-in-law.

Dalja prepares a huge meal and tries asking Heejung to get a loan. She explains that it’s costing a lot of money to enter the U.S. market due to all of the regulations. Heejung immediately refuses.

Jingook pulls his mother to the side and tries to reason with her. He tells her that Heejung will already be sensitive since she knows he met Jung-Eun. When his mother asks how he was able to talk to Jung-Eun, he explains that they met in Hyunjoon’s office after he coincidentally saw Jung-Eun in the lobby. Of course, Heejung overhears.

After dinner, Heejung also tells Jingook to leave their son’s care to her and to focus on looking into his affairs to make sure anything that is under his name hasn’t been mortgaged.


That night Hyunjoon drives Jung-Eun home to see Kayoon. Meanwhile, Kayoon sends in her order and pretends not to know who he is. She also tells Dongsook if she knows any restaurants they can connect Ki-Chan.  Soon-Im looks surprised that Kayoon wants to help. Kayoon answers that it would be best since if his clients increase, he might not need to go get beaten up every day.

Hyunjoon is like Heejung in thay they are fast in the uptake. He overhears Kayoon telling a friend to switch over to Ki-Chan’s for his vegetables and seafood.

Jung-Eun happily goes to work and runs into Hyunjoon. Unfortunately, they get in the same elevator as Heejung and Jung-Eun greets her happily.


Heejung turns to Jung-Eun and demands to know if Jung-Eun knows who she is. Jung-Eun looks at Heejung’s name card and looks up in surprise.

Heejung smiles and tells Jung-Eun that she’s Jingook’s wife and warns Jung-Eun not to get too close.

Jung-Eun gets off at their floor while Hyunjoon remains in the elevator. He quietly warns Heejung not to get too cocky just because she has CEO Yoo’s trust.

He steps off after to go comfort Jung-Eun who’s completely shaken up. However, Jung-Eun gets her grit back up and offers to make him coffee.

Hyunjoon doesn’t have a chance to drink his as he sees the company announcements that Heejung has been transferred to his company.

In any other situation, Heejung would be applauded as an extremely supportive wife.  Even though she can suspect her husband of seeing Jung-Eun on the side as she saw his reaction to meeting Jung-Eun, she pretends not to be fazed. Instead, she tries to stop the situation from happening by warning those around her husband. Her reaction to this situation seems to mirror Kayoon’s reaction to Ki-Chan (pretending not to know to the guy) implying that at the baseline,  the two girls are more similar than they can admit.

One thing that seems out of character for Heejung is how she’s reacting toward Hyunjoon. I wonder if it’s because he’s a sore spot for her… A scar that hasn’t healed completely and her logic fails when it comes to him as a result. Even though she has the CEO’s trust, she should very well know that the CEO would have no qualms in cutting her off if he finds out that she’s a threat to his family…

As for Kayoon, she seems to lag behind on the character development compared to Jung-Eun. We see Jung-Eun dealing with these emotional hurdles while desperately holding on to her work. However, Kayoon seems more flippant about her job at her father’s restaurant, going off during the prep time to stalk Ki-Chan and moon over him in the locker rooms. Maybe what we need is a direct conflict that affects Kayoon in addition to this star-crossed lovers issue.

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