Everything Will Be OK – E26

Heejung gets moved to Hyunjoon’s company at the same rank as him. Daeho gets out of jail and Jingook finds out that Dalja was scammed.



Hyunjoon goes straight to his father’s office to argue about the personnel adjustment and meets Heejung outside. They go in to wait for CEO Yoo.

Hyunjoon tells her to decline the personnel move or to quit or he will tell his father that she was the one who threatened him. Heejung smiles that he can tell his father. She adds that if he tells, she will tell his father how Hyunjoon lost a lot of money when he got scammed by a distributor three years ago… She knows that he doctored the books so that neither his father or the board of directors could find out.

Hyunjoon calmly and confidently answers that she has no proof. Yet, Heejung isn’t backing down as she replies that she will be looking for proof.

CEO Yoo interrupts and tells Heejung that her promotion was deserved. He wants her to keep Hyunjoon in line and make Hyunjoon’s brand succeed.

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Back at the restaurant, everyone sits down to eat but Soon-Im excuses herself. She goes off to eat the porridge that she made for Ki-Chan. Kayoon finds her and asks if Soon-Im made the porridge for Ki-Chan after hearing that Ki-Chan got hurt. Soon-Im denies it.

At the same time, Ki-Chan goes to pick up his father who is in good spirits! He brings daddy home where the house is completely decorated by Young-Tae.


Ki-Chan updates Daeho on how Heejung got a MBA even though Jingook couldn’t even get it. Daeho smirks that Heejung is continuing her pattern of stepping on others to get to the top.

Ki-Chan changes the subject to Minwoo to distract his father from his negative feelings about Heejung.

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At the same time, Heejung arrives at Hyunjoon’s company. Jung-Eun goes to Heejung’s office and asks her to apologize first about the accusation that she’s trying to have an affair with Jingook. Heejung just snaps back that if Jung-Eun did not mean to seduce Jingook, she shouldn’t have cried in front of him.

Jung-Eun has no response to that and walks out of Heejung’s office in a daze. Hyunjoon invites Jung-Eun to lunch but she declines to eat at her family’s restaurant.


Kayoon asks if something is wrong. Jung-Eun snaps that she’s in charge of opening five restaurants. Kayoon answers that her little sister is amazing and then asks if there is nothing else going on. Jung-Eun tells her sister that everything is fine and to trust her.


Back at home, Jingook goes through Dalja’s safe to look for her legal papers. He looks surprised when he cannot find the apartment deed… Which Dalja was using to get a reverse mortgage.


Jingook runs to his mother’s shop. He tells her to stop as it sounds like a fraud. Dalja pushes over her legal papers for the U.S. branch and Jingook flips. She overpaid for everything!


Dalja calls the jigolo. He answers that he’s busy in a conference and hangs up. Daeho overhears and asks his friend if he’s still doing his jigolo business and yells at him for taking advantage of innocent women. The jigolo answers that he’s leaving soon anyways and hands over a USB for Daeho to give to Heejung.

Meanwhile, Mansoo comes home where Grandmama corners him. She tells him that they need to do something about marrying Kayoon. Mansoo just laughs that young people these days don’t get married so quickly and Kayoon dodges a bullet without knowing it.

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At the same time, Heejung declines an invite to go to a team dinner and drinks to go home to her son. She wonders why her son is alone and realizes that Jingook’s speaking with his mother.

At that moment, Jingook tells his mother thay they need to tell Heejung. However, Dalja answers that she didn’t lose as much as he spent studying abroad and asks him if he wants to tell Heejung how he distributed the meat to everyone but professors.

Heejung overhears and demands to know if Jingook gave any to Kayoon and Hyunjoon asking for a job. Dalja snaps that if it weren’t for Heejung, the restaurant would have been Jingook’s as hr has been friends with Kayoon for over 18 years… Or he would have gotten a high position in Hyunjoon’s company.

Heejung doesn’t do anything and stalks out.

Meanwhile, Hyunjoon drops by the office to give free hotel coupons for the employees. He excitedly tells Kayoon that his team wants to meet her and drags her to the private room.


Young-Tae and Nari’s flirtatious bickering leads to Young-Tae talking about how the one woman slapped Kayoon. Hyunjoon angrily walks out to see Heejung. He asks if it’s true that Heejung slapped Kayoon. Hyunjoon reminds him that he’s not innocent either since he was the one who told her that Ki-Chan was dating Kayoon.


Kayoon overhears all this and asks Hyunjoon to confirm. He does and apologizes that he didn’t know it was a secret. So, Kayoon answers that it’s fine since it was their fault for dating secretly in the first place.


Kayoon goes to meet with Heejung in the office asking her why she’s there. Heejung answers that she got moved to Hyunjoon’s company and works in the same office as Jung-Eun. She tells Kayoon to keep her sister under control since Jung-Eun was the one who shook Jingook up first by crying in front of him.

What an eventful episode! I feel like a lot of things happened and the episode went by faster as a result. First, it’s good that Dalja finds out immediately that she was scammed even if it was too late for her not to get a personal loan from a loan shark. Let’s home that it wasn’t so much that she gets kicked out of her house to repay the loan.

In Korea, loan sharks work in the shadow market. They are not regulated as harshly as banks and while their abusive tactics are illegal, it’s hard for victims to get continuous protection from the police. Usually, loan sharks are run by organized gains and they force the heirs of the deceased to pay up if the main debtor dies before paying off their debt. Otherwise, some loan sharks are rumored to sell family members into prostitution to pay off the debt. It should be noted that the interest rate and default rates are completely usurious and usually the loans are impossible to pay off.

On a final note, Heejung’s life must be difficult. She basically is warring with everyone in the drama… Dalja, Kayoon, Jung-Eun, Hyunjoon… Etc!

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