Everything Will Be OK – 27

Heejung fires her declaration of war while Hyunjoon confesses his feelings to Kayoon. Meanwhile, Daeho begins to stir the plot with his unexpected antics.


Heejung adds that she’s going to make life hell for Jung-Eun now. She even adds that she’s not the same little girl who went to the Geum house for money.

Kayoon asks if Heejung still has not forgotten her insecurity. But Heejung answers that Kayoon doesn’t have any power to stop her since she’s just a cook before leaving.

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Back in the private room, Nari recognizes Heejung and runs out to tell Dongsook and Young-Tae. As Soon-Im is checking on Kayoon, Nari and Dongsook burst in to tell Kayoon that the girl who slapped her is now Nari’s head.

Dongsook runs off to call Mansoo while Kayoon doesn’t explain anything to Soon-Im. Young-Tae runs home to tell Ki-Chan the same news.


Meanwhile Jingook comes home to tell her that all of the paperwork was fake! He asks how she can get scammed like this?! He tells her to quickly file a claim but Dalja refuses because it will start rumors and she doesn’t want Heejung to find out.


Heejung comes home and asks Jingook if he investigated everything. Jingook awkwardly answers that everything was in place.

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Back at home, Grandmama gets angry when she finds out that the other family members are strategizing behind her back. Jung-Eun apologizes that she lied because she was afraid Grandmama would tell her to quit.

Grandmama surprises to everyone by telling Jung-Eun to stick it out and win over Heejung. Mansoo also agrees once he sees Grandmama in support.


Later Hyunjoon drops by drunk to see Kayoon. He tells her that he wanted to confess to her… He lied… He had told on her and Ki-Chan on purpose because he didn’t feel confident that he could win over Ki-Chan.

Kayoon tells Hyunjoon to go back home. Hyunjoon shyly grabs Kayoon’s hand and tells her that he likes her family… He likes them so much that he’s afraid to officially propose to her in case she rejects him and he cannot visit anymore. He stumbles off and Kayoon steadies him…where she gets pulled into a hug by Hyunjoon.

In the morning, Ki-Chan brings Soon-Im a treat as an apology for not taking the porridge.


It’s Soon-Im’s lucky day as she also meets Dongsook in the locker room and Dongsook tells her everything that happened with Heejung.

Soon-Im then goes to visit Heejung. In a park, Soon-Im asks Heejung if everything is true… Heejung got pregnant and broke up another couple’s engagement?


Heejung answers that her mother has no right to say this to her… She tells her mother that she didn’t want to bring a single parent child into the world like her mother did.

Finally, Soon-Im tells Heejung that she never threw them away. She only left because Heejung’s father’s legal wife came in and insisted that Soon-Im left if she wanted her children to be added to the family register. (In Korea, there is an official family register that follows the Father’s line…)

Heejung pauses but snaps that it’s useless to tell her this all now. But Soon-Im insists that she cannot just stand aside as she sees her daughter walking down the wrong path.

Heejung shows a crack of vulnerability as she inputs her number in her mother’s cell and tells her mother to call the next time. She asks Soon-Im about her life before leaving.

Back at the restaurant, Dongsook gives the hotel coupons to Mansoo. Mansoo gets angry and tells Kayoon to call Hyunjoon to their house.

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Kayoon ponders for a little bit before calling Hyunjoon and telling him that everyone was thankful for the coupons. She invites him over for that night.

She turns to find Daeho staring at the restaurant but he leaves without going in. He goes home to demand that Ki-Chan take him to Heejung’s work to make a mess in revenge for not coming to see him with her child.

Heejung calls to ask Ki-Chan if he met with his mother. But then Daeho picks up the phone and Heejung hangs up.


Ki-Chan calls Jingook over. Jingook comes over with his son. Mansoo tells Jingook that he seems like a great guy with only one fault… He doesn’t know how to pick a girl.

Jingook thinks that Mansoo is joking but Mansoo replies that he has a list of people he needs to get revenge on :1) Heejung 2) the kids’ mom 3) his ex-wife 4) Mansoo and 5) Young-Tae.

Jingook and Ki-Chan ask if Mansoo needs to include Heejung and Soon-Im respective hahahaha!

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Daeho’s first attempt us to call and lie that he broke his teeth at the restaurant…Dongsook snaps back that the caller can get treatment first and hangs up. She tells Kayoon and Mansoo that it’s a scam but the two innocent restaurateurs insist that they call the caller back.

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When they call back the number, Ki-Chan answers because his father left to walk off steam. Realizing that his father called the restaurant, Ki-Chan panics and tells Kayoon that she called the wrong number. Just then… Kayoon recognizes his voice.

The scene with Soon-Im and Heejung was really sweet under all of the animosity. It’s true that love isn’t always roses… When Soon-Im realizes that her daughter is off ruining other people’s lives, it’s natural for her to try to correct her daughter. As for Heejung, I think the revelation from Soon-Im is what she needed to begin to heal her distorted vision on life.

Currently, Heejung sees the world as a battlefield because she has had to fight to get to where others seem to arrive easily. She has a troublemaking father and a mother who abandoned her. Meanwhile, she sees from a young age, a girl her age who has everything that Heejung desperately desires… A loving father and a mother… And stability. This shaped Heejung’s self identity and the only thing that could topple the wrong identity was an attack on one of the base premises… Here, it was Soon-Im’s explanation that Heejung wasn’t an abandoned child. Hats off to the writer for making such a complex character! I totally feel like I’m grudgingly in Camp Heejung a lot of times and it’s definitely due to a combination of great writing and great acting.

Daeho’s character was a great breath of fresh air! He’s like the uncontrollable variable as his logic doesn’t make sense to anyone but him. Even in the last minutes of the episode, his attempt at revenge just opened the channel of communication between Kayoon and Ki-Chan! Heh! ^^ Can’t wait to see what else he does!

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