Everything Will Be OK – 28

As Soon-Im grapples with the new information that her daughter ruined Kayoon’s family’s life, Heejung finds out that her mother is in a lot of debt. Meanwhile, Ki-Chan and Kayoon start to unofficially see each other again.



Kayoon wonders why Ki-Chan is playing pranks. Meanwhile at Ki-Chan’s house, he asks his father why the restaurant is calling. Daeho confesses that he played a little prank and makes Ki-Chan sigh.

Later, Young-Tae comes home with steak for Daeho and tells Ki-Chan that Kayoon asked to meet Ki-Chan. Ki-Chan runs to the meeting location immediately.

Kayoon begins by asking for the prankster’s name since it wasn’t him. Ki-Chan refuses and Kayoon moves on to her next question – is he their seafood vendor?


Ki-Chan denies it and Kayoon resorts to calling Ki-Chan’s cell phone. Caught in the act, Ki-Chan answers in denial by boasting that he is the best working so he’s not ashamed. Kayoon smiles that this is the Ki-Chan that she knows.

Ki-Chan coughs and awkwardly asks about whether her family is treating Hyunjoon as her future husband. Kayoon denies it and gives Ki-Chan back some more confidence.


At the same time, Jung-Eun calls Kayoon to ask her about when she’s coming home since Hyunjoon came over at Kayoon’s invitation. Kayoon thinks about the situation for less than a couple minutes before answering Jung-Eun that she will be late.



Hyunjoon take a the news like a man but spots Kayoon happily walking home with Ki-Chan on his drive off… To make matters worse, Hyunjoon tries calling Kayoon and sees her ignoring his call.


At the same time, things are shakily calm at Heejung’s. She finds out that Jingook took Minwoo to see her father and Dalja even pretends that Heejung should have taken Minwoo herself once her father came out. Heejung pauses with shock before quietly excusing herself to put Minwoo to bed.


Soon-Im takes a vacation and Kayoon meets up with Ki-Chan to see him when he arrives for delivery. She takes him to the private room and serves him soup which makes him smile. He confesses that he had been dreaming about eating with her on the restaurant again all through his army time…

Kayoon laughs that he should have come sooner. But, Ki-Chan avers that Heejung said it wouldn’t make a difference.


When they finish eating, Kayoon sees Ki-Chan out. He pauses in the lobby and turns around telling her that there was one more thing he wanted to do… He bends over and kisses her on the forehead.

Meanwhile, Young-Tae accidentally forgets and tells Daeho his real name. Although Young-Tae tries to cover it up, it’s too late and Daeho grabs him in a headlock. Young-Tae is only saved by a call from Minwoo.


Heejung’s calm is also interrupted as the creditors converge on Dalja’s house demanding that she repay them for all of the money that her representative borrowed under her name. Heejung takes Minwoo over to Ki-Chan’s place.


Young-Tae takes the child away giving Daeho some quality time with his daughter. He asks her if she’s met with her mother and Heejung confirms. Daeho snarls that he’s going to kill Soon-Im once he finds her. Heejung just stares at him back reminding him that Soon-Im probably lost the children to his sister. The short reunion is interrupted by Young-Tae’s return and Heejung leaves Minwoo there before Daeho can remember that his friend told him to pass over a USB.


Heejung goes back home and asks her mother-in-law why she’s not reporting the fraud to the police. Dalja manages not to answer by focusing on how stressed she is. Jingook gets tasked to check on the status of all of the rest of their property to salvage whatever they can.

Ki-Chan has no idea that Heejung is dealing with another crisis and continues flirting with Kayoon through texting.


When Dongsook comes into the restaurant wandering about Soon-Im not showing up at her daughter’s house, Kayoon gets worried and asks Dongsook what she spoke about last with Soon-Im. Dongsook answers that Soon-Im asked about Heejung and Kayoon starts putting all of the clues together realizing that Soon-Im is probably Ki-Chan’s mother.

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Meanwhile, Mansoo hears about the prank call and calls the caller back. He guesses that it’s Daeho and the two start yelling at each other on the phone.

After the call is over, Mansoo finds Soon-Im waiting to talk to him. She confesses that she’s actually the biological mother of Ki-Chan and Heejung… She had only thought that Ki-Chan would return to the restaurant when he got out of the army and asked to be hired. She asks that she didn’t know about Heejung until the day before and felt like she had to come clean.

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Mansoo looks at Soon-Im in surprise. But before he can process the new information, the two are startled by Daeho yelling for Mansoo to come out.

I don’t have much time today so I’ll keep this part short. My main thoughts were on Ki-Chan and Kayoon’s random return to lovey dovey-ness after Kayoon cleared the air about the prank call and him being her vendor. It’s one of those developments that is abrupt and jarring as a result of the writing. Although the writer developed it as a result of Daeho’s wildcard character, it’s a bit random that the two can just fall back into courtship after five years. However, I’ll let it go since the plot seems to be premised on the thought that although short, the two characters’ connection was deep enough that five years apart was nothing.

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