Everything Will Be OK – E29

Ki-Chan realizes who his mother is just as Heejung gets into another lurch.



Kayoon and Ki-Chan arrive at the door just as Daeho starts to make a mess in Mansoo’s room. Daeho snarls to a scared Dongsook not to be taken in as Mansoo used to be called the “Silver Ax.”

As Mansoo begins to yell back, the children run in and Ki-Chan and Young-Tae work together to pull Daeho out of the restaurant. Ki-Chan returns to apologize to Mansoo before he leaves and Mansoo excuses him explaining that it’s between the adults.

Mansoo remembers Soon-Im and goes back to the private room but she’s already gone.


Meanwhile, Ki-Chan brings Daeho home and tells him that Mansoo is the one who paid for Heejung’s last tuition. Daeho furiously yells at Ki-Chan that if Mansoo had just given them money when Daeho needed it most, Daeho would not have gone to jail and Soon-Im would not have run away…

Ki-Chan answers that it’s all in the past but Daeho is not convinced.


At the same time, Soon-Im tells Grandmama her real identity, thanks her and leaves. Kayoon hears about this afterwards and calls to ask if Soon-Im was able to find a room. Soon-Im comforts Kayoon thay she found a nice room near the restaurant and explains that she didn’t think she would be able to leave after seeing Kayoon.

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Kayoon shyly apologizes for not recognizing Ki-Chan’s mother and all of the stuff she said about Ki-Chan. Soon-Im responds that it sounded more like Kayoon missed Ki-Chan than actually had hard feelings.


As for the other families, Dalja whines that none of her friends are taking calls. She tells Jingook to borrow some money from Hyunjoon since he’s the head of the family. However, when Jingook calls Hyunjoon, Jingook gives up and gives the phone to Dalja.  But Dalja pretends like nothing is wrong and Jingook has to hang up the phone.

Dalja mentions giving all of their unencumbered assets to Heejung and having a legal divorce. Just after she says it, Dalja changes her mind but Jingook thinks that it’s a great idea so that Minwoo would have some money to live off of.


Jingook tells Heejung the idea but Heejung surprises everyone. She tells him that it was hard enough getting married that she doesn’t want a divorce; she adds that if Jingook gets a job and she and Dalja work, they can get through this.

Later, Ki-Chan texts Kayoon to apologize for his father’s behavior. She calls him back to reassure him that everything is fine and Ki-Chan remembers seeing Soon-Im look off color. He asks about her and Kayoon answers that Soon-Im had cancer five years ago but she should be fine.


All of a sudden, Ki-Chan remembers how Soon-Im always took care of him… And how she looked so affected by Daeho’s antics. When Young-Tae gets out the bathroom, Ki-Chan asks Young-Tae about the kitchen lady’s name and finds out that she is his mother.


The next morning, Ki-Chan finds Soon-Im waiting for him at the restaurant. They go to the room where Soon-Im explains that she couldn’t find him five years ago because she had to go though chemotherapy. Ki-Chan sighs that his mother should have found him when she had it bad but then changes the subject to Heejung. He bravely tells his mother that Heejung is living well.


Later, Dongsook keeps asking Mansoo why his nickname is the “Silver Ax.” Mansoo finally answers that he had sharpened the lid to the Chinese takeout delivery box and carried it around. Dongsook gets shocked at the though and runs out.


Meanwhile, Hyunjoon’s father calls Kayoon into his office and asks about her relationship with his son. Kayoon answers that they are just colleagues from the same school. The CEO smirks and murmurs that his son is in a one-sided love… If Kayoon loved Hyunjoon back, she would have been nervous but she’s too peaceful.


At the same time, Heejung hears from Hyunjoon that Jingook asked him for money. She freaks out but gets interrupted by Kayoon. Heejung leaves and Kayoon apologizes that she told his father they are not in a relationship. She explains that she’s meeting Ki-Chan again and wants to try her best.


As for Jingook, he’s off at Daeho’s house. Daeho asks if his mother is bankrupt and explains that he used to be a well known gangster. The nickname triggers a memory and Jingook remembers the scam artist saying Daeho’s nickname. Looking shocked, Jingook quickly picks up Minwoo and goes to Heejung’s company.

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However, Jingook has to run to the bathroom and asks Hyunjoon to watch Minwoo for a second. So, when Heejung walks down, she sees Hyunjoon holding Minwoo.


Oh dear. Our poor Heejung just cannot catch a break can she? Even though she’s just trying to succeed at a normal life, the circumstances around her just continue to knot up. The fact that Jingook didn’t ask Daeho about finding Jondal (the scam artist) implies that he is suspicious about Daeho’s involvement in the scam…Add to the pot that Dalja hates Heejung anyways, this could end very badly.

I looked up the fault divorce system on a cursory level for Make a Woman Cry. I’m afraid that in Korea’s patriarchal society, the circumstantial evidence will be enough for Dalja and Jingook to force a divorce and take Minwoo if they allege that Heejung’s father scammed them out of all of their money.

In contrast, Kayoon’s situation seems more controlled. She’s meeting with Ki-Chan again and she finds out that she met his mother. It’s more of a simple romance. I’m not sure how her character will develop with this lack of hardship and toil.

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