Everything Will Be OK – 32

The two fathers clear some air



Ki-Chan brings over Daeho’s shoes and Kayoon reassures him that Heejung said the investigation will be cancelled. Ki-Chan comes inside where Mansoo and Daeho are fighting. Grandmama gives the practical advice of letting the adult men fight it out once and for all.

Kayoon and Ki-Chan go upstairs where Ki-Chan officially meets Jung-Eun. The first thing he does is apologize on behalf of Heejung.


At the same time, Daeho tells Mansoo to pay him back for the amount that Daeho gave as Mansoo’s rental deposit. Mansoo tells him back that he paid everything back to Mansoo’s legal wife who asked for the money after Daeho went into prison… They even left their apartment to pay back that amount.

Daeho stops for a second but then adds that Mansoo is still his enemy. He explains how he was waiting for Mansoo to come with his settlement money and got locked up when Daeho never showed. Mansoo leaves and we find out that Daeho had gone to give him the money but his son had gotten in a car accident during his absence… Mansoo never made it to the police station.


As a comedic interlude, Dongsook gets jealous of Mansoo and Soon-Im. She drunk calls him but Mansoo just hangs up.

At the same time, Hyunjoon finds Jingook drunk at the bar. He tells Jingook to go home and deal with things like an adult.


Heejung arrives first to find her mother-in-law confidently yelling at her to leave. Heejung first confirms that her son is asleep before showing Dalja the video. In it, Jongdal recorded that he committed the scam by himself as Daeho only knows how to fight.

Dalja doesn’t back off so Heejung shows the next video… Jongdal had filmed Dalja dancing as she undressed…before they slept together. Heejung doesn’t change her expression as she notes that she will just upload the video online.

Dalja quickly backs off and promises to do everything including letting Heejung get custody over Minwoo. At this point, Jingook comes home to find Dalja brightly announcing that Daeho is not involved.


After Jingook falls asleep, Heejung whispers to Jingook that she’s thankful for all Jingook has done for her… However, she continues that Jingook shouldn’t have gone after her family.


The next day, the bromance between Daeho and Mansoo continues. Mansoo tells Daeho that he disapproves of the relationship between Ki-Chan and Kayoon at which point Daeho changes his mind to approve of the relationship.


In the morning, the power is all in Heejung’s court. Dalja makes breakfast and notes that she’s prepared a small rental apartment and car for Heejung and Jingook to live separately. She apologizes for not being able to do more. Heejung emotionlessly replies that she came in empty-handed and is thankful for anything. They also agree to quickly complete the paperwork for divorce.

We find out that Hyunjoon’s father is helping Heejung by getting her a lawyer.


Later, Dongsook comes over to complain to Grandmama about Mansoo’s behavior. She asks if Grandmama is planning on wedding Mansoo off. Grandmama answers that she doesn’t care as he’s an adult.

So, Dongsook asks about Soon-Im and finds out that Grandmama heartily approves of Soon-Im. Grandmama laughs at how obvious Dongsook is. But Dongsook doesn’t confess to her true feelings and lies that she just came over to help Grandmama out in case Grandmama is bored.

Meanwhile, Ki-Chan finds out that Heejung had met his mother five years ago from Mansoo.


Then we turn to a meeting at Hyunjoon’s company. Jung-Eun tells everyone that Ki-Chan is ready to sign but Heejung insists on the larger company. When Hyunjoon and the secretary ask her if she doesn’t want to help her brother.


Looking surprised, Heejung leaves to call her brother. When Ki-Chan arrives, he demands to know if she really met their mother when she was about to undergo chemotherapy. Heejung answers that she told their mother not to show up to be a burden since she thought their mother tossed them away.

Ki-Chan tells her to never appear in front of him and the family again. She then tells Ki-Chan not to work with Hyunjoon as he’s heartless.

Ki-Chan answers that Heejung herself is heartless so there shouldn’t be an issue and leaves.


Due to some personal reasons, I’ll need to skip out on my usual ramblings again.  Hope you all enjoy the recaps all!

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