Everything Will Be OK – 34

Tell me more…Tell me more… ^-^ Heejung bonds with Kayoon as Heejung’s marriage falls apart.



Having no friends, Heejung invites Kayoon to join her for a drink. Kayoon tells Heejung to leave Jung-Eun alone. Heejung answers that she doesn’t understand why Jung-Eun flits around Heejung when Heejung cannot forgive the man who betrayed her five years ago. She also adds that her mother-in-law was so happy to hear that Jingook met Jung-Eun, she kept saying that Jingook should have married Jung-Eun… Finally, Heejung asks if it’s normal for a child’s father to meet another woman in front of his son.

Kayoon goes off to the side and calls Jingook to ask about the situation. Jingook answers that the divorce is a fake divorce because of the debt or Heejung would be pulled down as well. Kayoon sighs and yells at him to grow up and live well for once now that he’s a father. She also asks if Jingook has any feelings for Jung-Eun left. Jingook quietly answers that he’s a father now. Kayoon accepts this and hangs up.

Meanwhile, Heejung continues to drink and asks Kayoon why she’s supporting Ki-Chan working for Hyunjoon. Heejung asks if Kayoon really doesn’t know that Hyunjoon is just helping Ki-Chan to tear him down. Kayoon responds that Hyunjoon is not that type of person… But Heejung replies that Kayoon has no idea what kind of person Hyunjoon is.


Kayoon leaves and Heejung gets a text from her mother telling her not to worry about anything other than herself…


Just in case we get too depressed, Young-Tae comes home crying about the fact that Ki-Chan met his mother. Hahahaha! Daeho snaps about grown men crying and goes into his room.

Then Ki-Chan calls Kayoon to ask about their order. Kayoon answers that she forgot the order at the restaurant and asks for half an hour. She runs back to the restaurant to find Ki-Chan there. He’s already picked up her order and prepared a late night snack.


They go off to eat and Ki-Chan apologizes for being harsh in the morning. Kayoon takes his apology and apologizes back for getting involved when he does well on his own. Kayoon tells him that his sister is worried about her and the two adorable play together.


Kayoon arrives at home to find Hyunjoon waiting in his car. He asks if Heejung hasn’t said anything harsh to her and explains that he’s worried about Kayoon since Heejung can be harsh. Kayoon answers that nothing happened and asks why Hyunjoon is so sensitive about Heejung but Hyunjoon doesn’t answer and leave a.

So, Kayoon goes home and tells Jung-Eun to stay away from Jingook since the couple isn’t really getting a divorced.


In the morning, Mansoo complains about the state of laundry. Grandmama smiles and suggests that Mansoo gets married to Mansoo since he only cares about a woman’s looks; after all, Kayoon’s mother also sucked at working.

When Dongsook gets into work, she puts flowers on Mansoo’s desk and smiles at Kayoon now that she knows Soon-Im’s identity. Then Mansoo comes in and asks Dongsook why she’s at work when she submitted her resignation letter. Dongsook answers that she doesn’t have to use it anymore and leaves.


At the same time, Minwoo comes down for breakfast and tells his father and grandmother about how Heejung came home but left. Dalja and Jingook worry that Heejung overheard them singing about Jung-Eun and Jingook calls Heejung to ask about it.


Word gets around as the secretary tells Hyunjoon about the CEO letting Heejung use their lawyer for her divorce. Hyunjoon asks Heejung about it and gets confirmation.

So he runs to his dad to ask why his dad helped. Not knowing anything, his father tells him to take care of his employees.


At the same time, Dalja tears up about Minwoo leaving. She tells Jingook to take all of the expensive furniture before the government employees come but it’s too late. The employees arrive and put red tags on everyone to show that the furniture is now part of the government property.

It’s cute because the grandfather texts everyone including Jingook and Dalja that he passed his driver’s license test.


Jingook drops Minwoo off at home and asks Heejung if he could just stay one night since the creditors don’t know about this apartment. However, Heejung cuts him off and forces Jingook to leave.

Jingook decides that he doesn’t want to leave that night and goes back to the apartment. Heejung doesn’t open the door and tells Jingook to never show up in front of Minwoo again.

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Jingook asks what Heejung is speaking about. She answers that the divorce is real.

Jingook tries to pound on the door crying that he’s still Minwoo’s father. But Heejung shuts him down by hissing that a ruckus will just wake Minwoo up.


Did anyone see that coming? I feel like it’s right in line with Heejung’s character and expected. The girl held a grudge against Kayoon from childhood and it took over five years of a happy marriage for Heejung to stop hating Kayoon. Now that she’s realized that Jingook has not forgotten about Jung-Eun, her grudge will only be more fierce against the man whom she believes betrayed her.

In contrast, the cliche nice and naive character was completed in this episode when Kayoon does not pick up on Heejung’s warning that Kayoon has no idea what Hyunjoon is capable of. I thought it was like the writer was foreshadowing that Hyunjoon will end up turning evil and even forcing Kayoon to stay with him like some of the more makjang dramas. I really hope that doesn’t happen as its hard to empathize with a character after he or she goes crazy… And Hyunjoon is not charismatic enough to pull off the lovable evil character like Kim Nam-gil did in Queen Seondeok.

Fingers crossed!

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