Everything Will Be OK – 36

As Jingook goes MIA for one episode, the pressure begins to build for Kayoon to begin the next chapter of her life – independence from Mansoo.



The robber runs away into the night with Jingook’s phone. Kayoon looks worried for a split second but Jung-Eun’s worried face brings Kayoon back to Earth and she tells Jung-Eun that Jingook is fine… Probably going home.


Grandmama finds the two girls in the hallway and snaps that the two should grow up. She also suggests that Kayoon leaves the house since the presence of the two children may be keeping Mansoo from moving on with his own life.


Meanwhile, Minwoo wakes up crying for his father. He goes into the kitchen and asks his mother to call Jingook for him. Heejung ends up carrying Minwoo on her back and singing a lullaby.


Ki-Chan hears that Jingook didn’t come home and rushes over to play with Minwoo. After he puts Minwoo to sleep, Ki-Chan asks about Jingook.


Heejung snaps if her little brother shouldn’t be more worried about his sister. Ki-Chan answers that she’s the daughter in law who left when her in-laws went bankrupt.

Heejung yells back that Jingook is the guy who let his mother beat up his wife and also file a criminal complaint against her father. She finishes with the sentence that she cannot forgive Jingook for meeting Jung-Eun with Minwoo…

Ki-Chan leaves and we see that the creditors are watching Heejung’s apartment to see if Jingook doesn’t show up.


Back at home, Grandmama suggests that Mansoo marries Soon-Im. Mansoo yells that Daeho is still his friend. So, Grandmama turns to snap at the two girls to leave so that Mansoo gets more lonely and tries to remarry.


Daeho plans to go to Mansoo’s restaurant but Mansoo preempts him by showing up first. Mansoo snaps at Daeho that he brought Soon-Im to his house because he heard Soon-Im had just recovered from cancer. He tells Daeho to get his act together for his children and leaves.

At the same time, Soon-Im meets with Heejung to ask why she got a divorce. Soon-Im asks about Minwoo and Heejung asks her mother to come and watch Minwoo as she will pay her. Soon-Im answers that she cannot live in the apartment that her daughter got after leaving her in-laws. Heejung snaps that everyone is against her and walks off.

However, Hyunjoon sees the two together and asks Heejung who the woman is since he’s seen the older woman working at Mansoo’s restaurant. Heejung runs after Soon-Im and yells at her for embarrassing her.


Back at the company, Jung-Eun tells Hyunjoon that she’s going to resign after the project ends. Heejung follows Jung-Eun out and announces to the team that Jung-Eun is leaving because she’s feeling guilty. Jung-Eun jumps up to yell back that Heejung shouldn’t say such things.


Daeho wanders off drunk to the restaurant looking for Soon-Im. He finds Soon-Im working hard preparing vegetables. He tells Soon-Im to come with him as he will take care of her.

Soon-Im refuses to go with him and Daeho throws all of her vegetables on the floor. Kayoon arrives and suggests that Daeho come inside to diffuse the situation. However, Soon-Im screams that she’s not going anywhere and throws water in his face. Daeho calms down and ends up walking away with Kayoon.

Soon-Im goes to apologize to Mansoo. She also asks to leave at four from the next day so that she can go watch Minwoo.


Soon-Im tells Ki-Chan and he runs home. Except he finds Kayoon cooking in his house and his father sleeping. Ki-Chan smiles shyly and notes that she looks like his wife.

Kayoon happily sits down and asks Ki-Chan if she shouldn’t become independent. She explains that she has saved up a lot of money and can start a small restaurant. Ki-Chan tells her to wait one year and they can start the restaurant together.

After eating, Kayoon spots Jingook’s bags and calls the police to request an investigation. The police try to call Dalja about Jingook but Dalja freaks out when she hears that it’s the police and hangs up.


Heejung drops by to confront Dalja about Dalja visiting the restaurant. Dalja yells back that she went to the rest because she was hungry.

Heejung gets called away by her superior. Dalja takes the opportunity to go through Heejung’s bags but finds nothing.

As this occurs, Kayoon is with Hyunjoon because Mansoo called Hyunjoon over to discuss Kayoon’s new interest in starting her own restaurant. Hyunjoon surprises Mansoo by taking Kayoon’s side and answering that Kayoon could do it with careful planning.

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Then the police call to tell Kayoon that they found Jingook in a hospital. Heejung gets the same call and rushes out as well.


Cheers to Kayoon! What Jingook does not do, she does. I’m actually proud of Kayoon for looking into starting her own business and seeing if she can test her mettle. She’s spent five years helping her father manage his restaurant and learning to be a chef. She’s also responsibly saved up her earnings by living at home and not living a frivolous life. It’s commendable that she’s saves up enough that she has the funds to start a small restaurant.

I hope that the writers follow through with this subplot and we see Kayoon mature a bit more. After all, while Kayoon is mature in comparison to Jung-Eun, she is still really sheltered and sheltered does not a good story make.

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