Everything Will Be OK – 37

Jingook runs away from the hospital and steals money from Daeho.  Meanwhile, his friends start to get nervous about his disappearance.



Jingook wakes up in a hospital bed. He luckily retains his memory and tells the doctor of his identity. The doctor reassures Jingook that the hospital told the police and leaves.


At the same time, Hyunjoon runs into Heejung and they go to the emergency room together. However, Jingook has run off leaving a note apologizing for leaving without paying and promising to return with payment.

Hyunjoon tells Heejung to go home to comfort Minwoo since Minwoo would missing his father. Heejung snaps at Hyunjoon’s interest in Minwoo and tells him that they can take care of their own debt… The girl is too suspiciously sensitive whenever Hyunjoon gets involved with her son. If she’s not careful, she will easily be found out.

Meanwhile, the debt collectors drop by Dalja’s house to make a ruckus looking for Jingook…


At the same time, Jingook asks a random passerby for money to take the bus. The girl gives him exactly $2.00 to take the bus home.


Heejung checks on Minwoo and then gets lectured by Ki-Chan when he hears that Heejung told Jingook not to appear in front of Minwoo again until he’s paid off the debt. The debt collectors interrupt them and accuse Heejung of having a fake divorce. They only leave when they confirm that Jingook isn’t hiding in the room.


Meanwhile, Jingook picks up his bags from Ki-Chan’s apartment and then takes $100 from Daeho’s wallet. He then runs off when Young-Tae comes home…leaving his bags.

Daeho asks for Ki-Chan and looks surprised when Young-Tae answers that Ki-Chan isn’t home and his wallet is out of his pocket.


Hyunjoon calls Kayoon out and they meet at a cafe. Hyunjoon reminisces about the past and wonders if they didn’t break up, would they have gotten married? We don’t get to hear Kayoon’s answer.


Hyunjoon walks Kayoon home and they walk into Jingook at the park. Hyunjoon pretends not to be affected and leaves but he drives by slowly and sees Kayoon sharing a beer with Ki-Chan.

Ki-Chan asks if Jingook hasn’t contacted Jung-Eun. Kayoon snaps that Jung-Eun does not know… If Jung-Eun knew, she wouldn’t have stayed calm..

Kayoon continues to snap that Heejung is cruel for kicking out Jingook like that. However, Ki-Chan tells Kayoon not to speak badly about his sister since Kayoon doesn’t understand their background… He notes that the debt collectors raided Heejung’s house and Kayoon wouldn’t understand how that feels.

Ki-Chan then goes on his delivery and whines to his mother that he’s annoyed at everyone in the world. He conspicuously doesn’t mention Kayoon and Soon-Im smiles realizing that he fought with Kayoon. She hits him on the shoulder and tells him to work hard. Ki-Chan pauses like a little kid and pouts that he feels a little better after getting hit by his mom.

Kayoon wakes up and feels a little guilty about Ki-Chan’s words. She starts typing an email to Jingook telling him to call her.


Heejung decides that she’s going to make a problem into an opportunity. She tells the CEO that she can use her brother’s company… However, she notes that it would be suspicious if Ki-Chan’s company suddenly had a huge influx of funds at its current size. She suggests that the YB company switch it’s internal cafeteria seafood distributor to Ki-Chan as well to decrease the suspicion since having two large clients would explain a large influx of cash easily.


Meanwhile, Hyunjoon tasks his secretary to look into Jingook’s debt. He asks Dalja about her debt and she answers that she doesn’t even know the extent of her debt as well. The secretary agrees to look into it if Dalja gives him the power of attorney.


Comedic interlude. Nari tells Young-Tae that she wants to connect her mother with Mansoo. So, Dongsook tells her daughter that she has standards, which includes height and looks. Except, Mansoo hears it all and yells that he doesn’t like Dongsook as well.

Daeho asks Ki-Chan again whether Ki-Chan didn’t bring him the water. The two realize that it was probably Jingook since the water and missing money is suspicious.


Soon-Im later goes to Heejung’s place and looks surprised to find how well Minwoo grew up. Minwoo calls his mother and Heejung looks proud to hear that her mother approves.


Meanwhile, the secretary gives us all good news. Hyunjoon won’t need to spend too much money in bailing Jingook. The secretary found a lot of hidden real estate that would help with paying off the debt.


Ki-Chan comes to the company to sign the contract. Hyunjoon comments on how easily Ki-Chan found the money necessary for the security deposit and we find out that Ki-Chan has no idea what his sister is doing. Ki-Chan answers that he was able to qualify for a small/medium business loan. Whether out of spite or concern, Hyunjoon advises that Ki-Chan take care of his signature stamp well. (In Korea, a lot of legal documents require a signature stamp in addition to a signature.)

Ki-Chan then follows Heejung into her office where she tells him to trust her with the stamp. He agrees and updates her on how Jingook dropped by. However, Jung-Eun overhears all of the conversation where Heejung looks unrepentant and unsympathetic about her missing husband.


Well, I didn’t expect Heejung to throw her vulnerable brother under the bus to keep the CEO’s favor. She is literally betting with her brother’s reputation and company. If there’s an investigation, it will look extremely suspicious that Ki-Chan allows the CEO’s money to be parked in his account and gets a new distribution customer in a large company cafeteria as well as a large loan…

Meanwhile, the ending suggests that Jung-Eun is going to turn evil. It’s about time that we see Jung-Eun do something more than quietly cry and whine about missing Jingook. For once, I am all for the long obsession since Jung-Eun had a one-sided crush for so long… I can see how she would have kept her feelings alive for the man whom she almost married and only gave up because he has a child. Now that she believes that Heejung has betrayed Jingook, Jung-Eun can convince herself that she’s not commuting an evil act by entering Jingook’s life again…

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