Everything Will Be OK – 40


Heejung glares at Jingook before turning around and stomping into her room. Her mother follows her in and tells her to think about it carefully; that she wants Heejung to live in a happy family. She tells Heejung that she will leave now that she prepared dinner and tells her daughter to hash it out alone.


Meanwhile, Ki-Chan realizes that his father’s driving is not the most relaxing experience. They arrive at Heejung’s place just as Soon-Im leaves. Soon-Im refuses a ride from Daeho and even refuses Ki-Chan’s offer to accompany her.

So, Ki-Chan returns to Heejung’s apartment. Heejung dismisses Minwoo and then accuses Jingook of calling her parents to take his side…


Jingook denies it and Daeho starts musing how weird it was that Dalja changed her tune just as she heard about the USB. Jingook looks surprised and asks about the USB but Heejung pretends that the USB only had information about her father’s innocence.

Meanwhile, Dalja keeps calling Hyunjoon’s secretary. He asks Hyunjoon why they aren’t taking care of the debt when Hyunjoon has figured out how much would be needed. Hyunjoon answers that he’s changed his mind about wanting to help.


Later that night Kayoon goes on a date with Ki-Chan instead of going home to chastise Jung-Eun. They start at a dessert cafe, where they happily wonder if they can start off at a cafe like that one.

At the same time, Jingook tells Heejung that he has matured. He asks her to let him continue to see Minwoo as he will make sure not to get caught by the debt collectors; he promises to get a job and live responsibly.

Back at the cafe, the talk returns to Jingook. Ki-Chan tells Kayoon that Jung-Eun is wrong this time for pulling Jingook away and for entering Hyunjoon’s cafe. Kayoon reminds him that Heejung announced that she wants to give up on Jingook but then backs off and offers to feed Ki-Chan. She tells him that they shouldn’t fight.


So, Grandmama takes out her stick and starts to hit Jung-Eun’s legs. Jung-Eun confesses to hiding things from her family and Kayoon. However, Jung-Eun refuses to admit doing anything wrong to Heejung. Grandmama begins to cry and tells Jung-Eun that Heejung and the rest of the world will see her as a home wrecker. Grandmama also reminds Jung-Eun that Jingook might have run away with Jung-Eun at night but went back to his family in the morning.

Mansoo comes home and hears Jung-Eun state that she still loves Jingook, that Jingook chose his son but still loves her. He announces that they should give up and storms into his room.

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Meanwhile, Heejung happily sees Jingook sleeping with Minwoo. She quietly goes out to the living room to clean up. But then, she sees Jingook’s cell phone and sees that all the calls are to one number… She checks his messages and sees his confession to Jung-Eun that he will always only love her.

Jingook finally wakes up and asks Heejung if he can’t sleep over. Heejung glares at him before throwing his phone at him. She tells him to leave. So,  Jingook goes home to his mother.


Kayoon happily comes home from her date and gets surprised that her grandmother actually beat Jung-Eun. She goes up to see how Jung-Eun is doing. Jung-Eun apologizes for what she said about Kayoon and Ki-Chan but firmly states that she still likes Jingook.

Meanwhile, Ki-Chan runs into his first roadblock in working with his father… Daeho refuses to get up because he’s tired.

Ki-Chan goes to work alone and eats breakfast with his mom. Minwoo interrupts by calling them and crying that Jingook is gone.


Soon-Im sighs that it is difficult for a mother to leave a crying child and go to work. However, she decides not to go home because Heejung has to suffer a bit to accept her son back. She does sigh thay a lot of their problems seem to arise because of Jung-Eun.


Later, Soon-Im tells Kayoon about Heejung kicking Jingook out. Kayoon also looks worried.


Ki-Chan gets a call from Hyunjoon telling him that the company wants Ki-Chan to become the supplier for their company cafeteria. Ki-Chan comes in to ask what Hyunjoon is thinking. Hyunjoon jokes that he’s going to topple Ki-Chan after Ki-Chan grows. When Ki-Chan insists that Hyunjoon answers seriously, Hyunjoon answers that he wants the man that Kayoon sees to be less pitiful.

Ki-Chan goes to Heejung next to ask about the details of him getting another distribution. Heejung doesn’t tell him about the dirty money. Instead, she tells him just to run with the opportunity that he’s been given.


Kayoon arrives at the company just then. So, Heejung tells Ki-Chan to wait and calls Kayoon up to her office. Then, she calls Jung-Eun into her office and smirks. She announces that she knows what Kayoon is here to tell her, to ignore Jung-Eun and to do well with Jingook.

Heejung turns to her purse and takes out Jingook’s cellphone. She throws it in the middle of Kayoon and Ki-Chan and dares them to look at the messages between Jingook and Jung-Eun to see why the relationship between Kayoon and Ki-Chan cannot continue.

Yup, if it was not clear by my earlier ramblings that I’m on Heejung’s side… This episode did me in. Although, Heejung does act like a prickly porcupine around Jingook and her son is technically not his son, I don’t think that I would have reacted any differently if the man who promised to be with me exchanged such messages with his first love. Those messages don’t just suggest that Jingook  had some incredible first love. On the contrary, those messages imply that Jingook  never fell in love with Heejung even after living with her for five years… That is what would hurt the most.

The writer, producers, and actors do an amazing job of developing this storyline. It’s brilliant because the execution is almost enough for us to forget that Minwoo (the glue and reason that Jingook has to be with Heejung) is not Jingook’s son. The whole game board will be flipped once that comes out.

On this train of thought, I wonder if Heejung isn’t reacting so extremely to Jingook because of her conscience. She now has enough stability to raise Minwoo comfortably, a part of her might want to cut her ties with Jingook to return things to what they were prior to her involvement.

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