Everything Will Be OK – 41

Heejung confronts Jung-Eun in front of Kayoon and Ki-Chan.  Additionally, people start to question Heejung’s harshness towards Jingook.



Heejung throws the cell phone in between the girls and dares Ki-Chan and Kayoon to read the texts. Jung-Eun cries that they shouldn’t but Heejung continues. Heejung explains how there’s a whole love letter exchange on the phone.

Kayoon protects her sister by noting that the conclusion of the exchange is that the two are ending their relationship. She tells Jung-Eun to leave and Jung-Eun goes out where Hyunjoon takes note of the situation and takes her out.

Heejung snaps that no one knows what it’s like to live with the empty shell of a person. She tells the couple to leave but Kayoon asks to speak in private. So, Heejung dismisses Ki-Chan.

After they are alone, Kayoon asks Heejung if she really wants to live with Jingook. She notes that Jingook has decided to come back but Heejung keeps pushing him away. She asks Heejung how Heejung can be so cold.

Heejung glares back asking if Kayoon is insinuating that Jingook is not Minwoo’s father.

Kayoon answers that she knows Jingook is Minwoo’s father but Heejung seems particularly cold. Heejung tells Kayoon to leave.


Kayoon finds Ki-Chan outside the office. They agree not to fight over the situation. Then Ki-Chan wryly notes that he became the supplier for the company’s cafeteria thanks to Hyunjoon. He adds that Hyunjoon told him that Hyunjoon was helping because he did not want to see Kayoon becoming pitiful.

Kayoon awkwardly answers that Hyunjoon did not have to get involved but the mood is obviously tense. She explains that she has to get Jung-Eun and the two part.


Kayoon goes to the cafe where Jung-Eun confesses to her sister that she finally understood what she did to Heejung when she saw Heejung get so angry.

Next we turn to Mansoo who’s brooding about Jung-Eun. Dongsook consoles him that having a mother does not solve anything since she has found out that even if the mother is around, the child grows up the way she wants to. Mansoo smiles that hearing this helps and thanks her.

Dongsook runs out and happily tells Soon-Im that Mansoo thanked her. Soon-Im asks if Dongsook is happy and Dongsook snaps that she does not like Mansoo.

Soon-Im tells Mansoo about how Heejung kicked Jingook out. Kayoon also joins and explains what happened earlier. She sighs that Heejung doesn’t seem to be planning to accept Jingook back.

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Meanwhile, Jingook bonds with his mother who is sewing for money. He sighs and apologizes that if he had just studied hard, he could have helped her live a comfortable life. Dalja smiles that it was her fault that she got scammed.

She also notes that Hyunjoon will come around to save them. Just as they talk about Hyunjoon, he arrives with sushi.

Jingook scarfs down his portion leading to Hyunjoon wondering if he should have brought more. Dalja sighs that she had been sad that Hyunjoon hired Jung-Eun and Heejung instead of Jingook.

Jingook reminds her that Heejung got hired by the headquarters and asks her why she’s complaining when she does not in front of Heejung. Dalja denies it. But then Jingook asks about the USB that Daeho had mentioned. Dalja coughs into her water and quickly changes the topic.


After lunch, Hyunjoon asks why Jingook left Jung-Eun. Jingook sighs that he has no right to hold on to Jung-Eun. So, then Hyunjoon asks about the USB… He wonders if Heejung is not blackmailing Dalja. Jingook answers that it’s nothing and Heejung is not the type to blackmail someone.

Meanwhile, Daeho goes to the restaurant for a meal with Soon-Im. However, Soon-Im refuses both the meal and Daeho’s offer to get her an apartment. She snaps that she knows Daeho will just take money from Ki-Chan.


Soon-Im leaves when Mansoo brings in the food. So, Mansoo sits down to eat with his old friend and they snap at each other like besties. Then the talk turns to the Heejung, Jingook and Jung-Eun triangle. Mansoo tells Daeho to know the story straight that Jung-Eun was engaged to Jingook first but Heejung wrecked it.

Daeho wonders why Heejung would do such a thing. Mansoo sighs that Heejung thinks of their family as enemies… Because Daeho’s legitimate wife forced the kids to get money from Mansoo. Mansoo grimly explains that he did not have money at the time and had the children wait while he tried to get the money from others but that left a scar on Heejung.


Soon-Im overhears this and slams into Daeho for what he put their children through. Soon-Im then goes to the kitchen where Kayoon is making a cake to celebrate Ki-Chan getting a new distribution. She asks Kayoon if she remembers Heejung visiting for money. Kayoon confirms making Soon-Im glum.

At the same time, Hyunjoon’s company prepares for launch. He asks Heejung to come into the office and asks her about the USB, accusing her of blackmailing Dalja. Heejung denies it.


Hyunjoon asks if Heejung even loved Jingook since she is the type of girl who can falsely accuse him of being the father of her child.

Heejung cries back that Hyunjoon does not know what he’s talking about since she used to be innocent and sincere. However, Hyunjoon is the one who stepped over her sincerity.

The CEO enters the room just then and asks for an invite to their restaurant’s opening. Heejung runs after the CEO to explain that she was just overly excited.

The CEO answers that the two are colleagues so yelling is not abnormal. Heejung reports that she created an account under Ki-Chan’s name. The CEO answers that one account may not be enough.

After Heejung leaves, the CEO remembers all of the awkward moments between Heejung and Hyunjoon.

Meanwhile, Heejung runs into Hyunjoon in the hallway. Hyunjoon smirks that Heejung does not have to worry since his father only throws away people who are useless not people he does not like.


Heejung stomps back into the office and snaps at Jung-Eun But Jung-Eun takes the high road and goes to apologize for her actions. She asks Heejung to get together with Jingook for both Jingook and Minwoo. Heejung just snaps back that her child is none of Jung-Eun’s business.

Heejung then goes to meet her father who apologizes for forcing her to go on money errands. Heejung glosses over it and asks for his signature stamp. Daeho asks if she is going to make a fake account to launder money and Heejung looks surprised. However, she answers that it would be impossible.


Daeho agrees to give her the stamp and tells Heejung not to write of Kayoon as Ki-Chan’s significant other. Heejung bites back but Daeho stands firm.

Then Ki-Chan comes home just Heejung is looking for something in Jingook’s desk. Ki-Chan tells Heejung that he’s going on a date with Kayoon.

Heejung asks how he could still be seeing Kayoon after everything that happened. She even notes that Kayoon accused her of not loving Jingook just because she got married due to being pregnant.


Ki-Chan blows Heejung’s accusation off but then starts to brood about her words when he goes to the cafe to meet Kayoon.


Now that was an awkward scene between Kayoon and Heejung when Heejung acted overly sensitive to Kayoon’s question about loving Jingook. Unfortunately, it appears that the awkwardness was the result of acting. Scriptwise and storyline-wise, it makes sense for Kayoon to ask Heejung since Jung-Eun’s main point is that Heejung wants to give up on Jingook. She’s probably feeling guilt over always standing against her little sister’s wish to be with Jingook. However, Heejung’s reaction was awkward and stiff. It made the whole scene look forced… Like the scene was only added so Kayoon begins to suspect later that Jingook is not Minwoo’s father.

On the other hand, I liked that the writer added depth to Jung-Eun’s character by making her apologize and explain that she hadn’t realized how much it would hurt Heejung. It shows that Jung-Eun is growing up a little bit, slowly opening her world of people whom she cares about to more than just her family and Jingook. Regardless of the fact that Heejung is her enemy, she realizes that she does not gain from hurting Heejung. That’s an amazing aspect and it adds more poignancy to Jung-Eun’s anger when she finds out that Heejung lied about Minwoo’s father.

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