Our Home, Honey Pot – E02

Bom’s cell phone falls into water so that she misses the happy call from the company that she’s hired.  Meanwhile, Maru realizes that his family is about to go under as Jung-Gi goes back to Gookhee to ask for an official divorce.  Finally, Ahran becomes disappointed in Taeho and tells him that she wants to rethink their engagement.



Maru demands the box but Bom has no idea what is going on. She screams when Maru physically reaches in and grabs the box from her pocket.

He asks her why she had it as the crowd gathers around. Bom yells back that she picked it up and did not mean to steal it; she even offers to watch the security footage with Maru to prove that she’s right. Maru pauses when he sees how adamant Bom is but then Bom’s manager comes over to apologize profusely to Maru for Bom’s inconvenience.


Maru follows the manager to the side as Bom asks the manager why he’s catering to the client. The manager tells her that she’s fired and refuses to pay her for her work saying that she should be happy he’s not seeking compensation. Bom accuses him of using this as an opportunity to not pay her but she has no power to do anything when the manager walks off.


Bom fumes outside when she sees Maru walking off. She grabs him by his collar and tells him to pay for her losses including the cost of the uniform if she has to pay for it. Maru looks apologetic but explains that he’s busy. He asks for her number and Bom types in her number and calls it. She warns him not to ignore her calls before leaving.


Bom arrives at home where her mom is planning to ask Bom for her account when she starts working. Bom has no idea of how she’s going to go inside and tell everyone about losing the job when her uncle spots her and brings her in, announcing that Bom made it. Bom awkwardly eats the fried chicken that her mom prepared… Unable to explain that she did not get the job.


Meanwhile, Jung-Gi’s mother cries and moans about the situation. When Jiah complains Jung-Gi even dismisses her… Like a true spoiled brat, Jiah tries to take the red tag off her purse and gets stopped by her aunt who reminds her that it’s a crime to take off the sticker.


Jung-Gi’s wife comes home and consoles her mother-in-law that it’s only temporary because her cash flow is limited.

Jung-Gi takes his wife inside their room where he asks her for not telling him sooner. He notes that he wanted to hold a wedding for her.

However, this doesn’t get the expected reaction. Jiah’s mom tells Jung-Gi that if he really wanted to marry her, he needs to legally end it with his first wife first. She adds that all she wants is to put Jiah under her own family tree since Jiah is her own daughter but she cannot because he’s still legally married to his first wife. (Note, in Korea, wives and children follow the family tree of the father… So in this case, Jiah was probably put in the tree under Jung-Gi which still lists his first wife.)


Meanwhile, Ahran stakes out in front of the Chinese CEO’s hotel room until she physically gets dragged out by the hotel security.


Ahran goes home to find Taeho waiting for her. He pushes her against the wall and demands to know if she’s taking their engagement lightly. Ahran spits back that Taeho must think their project is simple since he made a mess of the project. She adds that she might have to rethink the engagement, breaks free, and goes inside.


When she enters the living room, Ahran gets attacked by her mother as well. Gookhee tells Ahran that she’s disappointed in how Ahran handled the engagement ceremony even if something happened at work. However Ahran angrily answers that she learned it from her mother who chose the company over their family, lost her little sister and, as a result, lost her husband. She adds that she did not want to live like her mother and tried to find a guy who would support her but she’s rethinking the engagement after Taeho’s absence in the day’s crisis.


Meanwhile, Sun-Young throws a fit. Her husband silently walks out only to be followed out by his nagging wife. He asks her if she wants to call off the wedding but Sun-Young does not want that either. Yet, when Taeho comes home, Sun-Young follows him into his room to remind him that he’s almost won, he just needs to get married and understand that something must have come up.


Later, Bom takes over another part time job that her friend quit… Washing dishes. She calls Maru to demand that he pay up and Maru confirms before hanging up. Unfortunately, Bom drops her phone in the water in anger and it dies.

As for Taeho, he tries to help by threatening to sue the contractor. Ahran hangs up the phone and declares that she will still salvage the company before leaving.


Then we see that Bom qualified but due to her phone being dead, likely did not receive the message. Gookhee apologizes sincerely to Taeho’s dad who seems to be her secretary or second in command and explains that she chastised her daughter who is still incredibly immature.

Taeho’s father gets a call and pauses. Things turn weird when it’s Bom’s father calling about the flyer. Taeho’s father lies that he never put out the flyer and hangs up.


Bom’s father tries calling again and insists that this was the number registered with the lost children’s center… Taeho’s father stutters that there is a mistake and hangs up again! Uh oh… Is he the reason that Bom was lost?

Taeho’s father walks out of the stall to see his son… Who does not suspect a thing.


Later, Ahran accosts the CEO again and even physically head bumps the security guard as she asks for thirty minutes. The CEO agrees and they go to a Chinese restaurant. Bom is their server and recommends Ahran’s company’s wine as well as barbecue beef. Customers all around start to order the same wine.

Bom brings over the wine. She happily shakes it before explaining that the wine actually doesn’t need to be shaken; it is that good. The CEO’s attorney thinks that Ahran set up the whole thing and gets up angrily. He accuses Ahran of fixing the situation and leaves.

When they leave, Ahran takes it out on Bom, blaming her for the client leaving.

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Bom goes home where her father is waiting for her outside. He tells her to buy some new clothes and rest. Bom looks down and apologizes that she did not make it…

Bom’s father tells her that she should have told him. He never expected her to make money.

Bom answers that she always worried about money… She knows that her little sister will need to go to college soon and her mother is stressed about their finances. She yells that she does not like working but she feels like she has to.

Bom’s father holds her hands and apologizes for making her feel this way. Bom just runs into her house.

Taeho’s father comes home to find Sun-Young in rage. She threatens to go and meet Gookhee herself. Taeho’s father snaps that if she does, he won’t forgive her.


Later, he dreams that he’s burning up the lost child flyers but gets caught by Gookhee. He cries out “CEO” several times and his wife wakes him up wondering how much work Gookhee is putting on his plate.

Meanwhile, Maru’s mom yells at him to go back to school. However, he worries about his mom. He goes to the construction site instead and asks for simple tasks to help.

Bom’s father tells him to go home since the construction site is no place for students. Maru answers that he won’t be able to concentrate even if he went to the United States… He asks for any task and then goes off to help another worker with construction.


Jung-Gi broods about his wife’s words on how she wants Jiah to be her daughter. He goes to meet Gookhee and asks her to sign the divorce papers.

Gookhee answers that she does not care what he does. However, she won’t divorce him. She notes that when her younger daughter returns, she wants to welcome her daughter home as if nothing changed. She then asks how Jung-Gi can go about living his life with another woman and another child.

Jung-Gi answers back that if they could have found the younger daughter, they already would have. But Gookhee replies that her daughter showed up in her dream again… Calling for her.

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At the same time, Bom’s dad meets with Taeho’s dad. He brings out the flyer and a younger picture of Bom and explains that he thinks he knows the girl in the picture.


Oh dear! What a way to end on a cliff hanger!

Two main things came to mind in this episode.  I want to say that the adopted child is Bom but it is unclear since she does have a younger sister.  The sensitive palate may be a throw-off, although, I suspect that Bom is Gookhee’s lost daughter.  It would fit the whole daily drama equation.

The next question was what is Taeho’s father’s role in Gookhee’s daughter’s disappearance?  He has to be involved considering how jumpily he reacted to the phone call and how he even had nightmares about Gookhee finding out that he’s sabotaging her search.  It provides for interesting conflict later on since I presume that both Maru and Taeho will fight over Bom, while Ahran realizes that she wants Taeho’s affection when Bom comes onto the scene…

Finally, interesting set-up regarding Jung-Gi’s relationship to Maru.  He throws away his biological family for his current “wife” (Maru’s mom) and basically adopts Maru as well has has another daughter.  Judging from the glare that Ahran gave Jung-Gi when she saw her father at the company, he has not been taking care of his older daughter either… I really wonder what happened after Bom disappeared such that a father would turn his back on not only his wife but his other biological daughter.  We know that it has to be bad since Jung-Gi tells his mother that he wants to marry his current wife legally because he would have died without her.  Regardless of what happens, the writer now has fodder to provide some angst if Jung-Gi officially becomes Maru’s legal father… Then Bom and Maru might be on the same family tree even if they are not biologically related.


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