Our Home, Honey Jar – E03

Bom’s dad gets fooled by Kilsoo but then starts to realize that something suspicious is going on.  Meanwhile, Jung-Gi tries to get an official divorce from Gookhee and ends up hurting Ahran again.  Finally, Bom gets good news that she got hired by PomGilDang.


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Dramatic music plays while Taeho’s dad (Kilsoo) startlingly answers that the girl in the flyer is his own daughter. He adds that he heard that his daughter had actually died but he has not been able to tell his wife because his wife is so weak… Kilsoo even adds that his wife made the yellow hairpin herself.

Bom’s father totally believe Kilsoo’s words since Kilsoo even pretends to cry. Bom’s father consoles Kilsoo that hr understands.

Kilsoo then asks about the girl in the picture as the child looks just like his own daughter. Bom’s father explains that the girl in the picture was a girl at an orphanage. The meeting ends but we find out the missing girl’s name – Paran.


We turn to Gookhee. She tells Jung-Gi to live his life in folly but she will never divorce him… She adds that if she had a mind to divorce him, she would have put him into jail for having an affair while she looked for their lost daughter. Gookhee angrily crumbles up the paper and leaves.

Jung-Gi follows Gookhee to her car but Gookhee does not stop. He turns around to see Ahran.


They go to a park where Jung-Gi tells Ahran to take care of her mother. Ahran glares back and demands to know how he could say those things when he left Ahran when she was six… He never showed up for her school activities, when she got into a car accident, when she was preparing for college. She even adds that she just broke off an engagement because she does not care about family just like him. She gets up and leaves.


Meanwhile, Gookhee thinks about the meeting and looks at the divorce papers. Ahran stomps into the room to yell at her mother. She tells Gookhee to just divorce Jung-Gi and stop using Baron as an excuse. Gookhee tells Ahran not to speak of her father in that manner but the words fall on flat ears.


The board has a meeting with Ahran and Taeho about the lost buyer. The board criticizes Ahran for not reviewing the contract carefully and losing the relationship after all of the time and effort put into it. So, Taeho answers that it was also his fault. However, the male pigs on the board tell him that covering for Ahran will not fix the situation.

Gookhee evenly turns to Taeho to ask what his plan is. Taeho answers that he has been in contact with another distributor and the board decides to back Taeho’s plan.

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Ahran feels betrayed by the meeting and takes Taeho to the roof. Taeho asks her why she has never apologized for breaking off the engagement. He notes that he fell for her when she proposed to him honestly that she wanted a business partner and not a lover but he had hoped he could become more to her. He asks if she never thought about him as more than just a business partner.

Ahran glares and answers that she never needed love, she just needed his business acumen and support. After crushing Taeho’s heart, Ahran leaves the poor puppy on the roof.

Taeho goes back to his office where the team throws him a celebration. He coldly focuses back on work without telling that the wedding was called off.

Meanwhile, Jung-Gi comes home to find his mother happily eating in the living room. She even has the gall to say that Jung-Gi better not expect to go back to his first wife after his second goes bankrupt since his first wife probably won’t accept him back.


Jung-Gi goes into his room to tell his wife that he tried again and he’s sorry that he didn’t succeed. His wife cries back that she wishes that she had just gone to jail with him so that they could just live officially and proudly as a married couple…

Meanwhile, Maru continues to work at the construction site. He gets a cut behind his ear but continues to work.

During lunch, Bom’s dad tells Maru to go back home. Maru sighs that he resents his mother for making this such a mess and telling him to leave. Bom’s dad answers that Maru’s mother is not the only resented parent and that no parent wants his child to suffer…He even adds that he knows someone who took in an orphan to make her life better but only caused her to suffer…

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At the same time, Bom worries about telling her mother the truth. Meanwhile, her mom balances her accounts in the living room and worries about the increased rent for her store and decides to ask Bom for help.

Bom comes out and squeaks out that she did not make it. Her mom immediately changes her tune and demands that Bom help her with the store.

She then goes into her room and snaps that it is all her husband’s fault… He came home with her and asked her to help raise his out of wedlock child but they never benefited. Bom’s dad thinks about telling his wife that he’s not Bom’s real father but then decides against it.


Baddies will be baddies. Kilsoo spends his time searching for orphanages and getting stressed.

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The next day, Bom’s dad opens up an old box of Bom’s stuff and decides that there can be no father to Bom other than himself. Then he finds Bom’s hairpin and remembers how Kilsoo lied that they cremated the hairpin. Picking up on the fishiness, he goes to confront Kilsoo with the handmade hairpin.


Kilsoo looks shocked when he sees the hairpin. He angrily asks what Bom’s dad is trying to get at.

Bom’s dad replies by asking if Paran is actually his daughter. Kilsoo snaps back that this is all personal family information and gets up to leave.

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Bom’s dad watches Kilsoo as he meets Gookhee and hands over the new search flyers… It’s unclear if Bom’s dad figured out that Kilsoo is lying.

Meanwhile, Bom picks up her phone from the rice cooker to see if it works. But, it seems that it was not enough. Bom’s mom continues to order Bom around… Someone seems to resent the out of wedlock daughter…

Then! The phone comes back to life and she gets a call from the company saying that she has been hired.

Bom calls her father but he does not pick up because he’s replaying the scene from earlier where Kilsoo handed over the flyer to Gookhee. So, she goes home to cook and prepare lunch for her father.


Maru gets caught on the construction site and his mom cries for him to leave. He reluctantly leaves.


As he walks away from the construction site, he runs into Bom. She demands money for the torn uniform and getting fired from her part time job. He answers that he does not owe her the money. Bom snaps back that he owes her but it’s a good day for her, so she will let him off this once.


Bom happily goes to the site… But someone steps on bricks above where bricks are loose because of what Maru and the other worker did earlier…Maru’s mom looks up and wonders what is going on when the bricks fall and Bom’s father covers her and both of them fall!


Oh dear… What a horrible development. I can see where the writer wanted to go with this, by taking out these two characters we instantly create several obstacles for our main characters. 1) Jung-Gi will not recognize that his daughter is Bom and probably act like the horrible mothers in dramas behave, lashing out at Bom because he blames her “father” for his wife’s condition. 2) Bom’s current mother will not know that Bom is just adopted and not her husband’s son… So basically no one will know until someone figures it all out. 3) If Bom is supposed to be paired with Maru, they just became star-crossed lovers. 4) This places another financial burden on Bom’s family since the main breadwinner has been taken out.

Second, this episode was quite the spoiler episode. Right away, we know that Bom is Gookhee’s daughter even though the only character that has an idea has just been in an accident. We also know that the reason why Jung-Gi has not been officially married to his “wife” of twenty years is because of Gookhee. Additionally, it was interesting to hear that Jung-Gi never sought out Ahran. He appears to be such a compassionate father of Maru and Jiah, what happened that he would cut off his own daughter? Finally, at least, Bom knows that she has been hired by Gookhee’s company.

The only thing that seems off is the fact that Bom’s dad never told his wife about Bom being a complete orphan.  I hope the writer explains this a little more because she has put Bom’s mother as almost the “evil mother” character who resents her own child because of the love the child receives from the other parent.  Even if Bom’s mother is not the most generous character, I wonder if, had she only known that Bom was not a child out of wedlock, she would have been nicer to Bom.

However, the writing is quite strong as I already feel empathetic to most of the characters. Other than Taeho’s parents, the characters all seem more than two dimensional and enough of their history has been shown to give us a hint about why our characters behave in the manner they behave. I look forward to seeing how all of our characters develop.

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