[TEASER] Reply 1988

Not going to be recapping this but I thought the teasers were too cute not to share.

Reply 1988 just started on TVN on November 6, 2015.  According to an article on AllKPop, it will be following the main “finding the husband” storyline as we follow the younger kids to see who becomes Hyeri’s husband.  The  cast includes Girl’s Day Hyeri, Go Kyung Pyo (Warm and Cozy, Tomorrow Cantabile, Potato Star, and more),  Park Bo-Geum ( Producer, Tomorrow Cantabile, Wonderful Days, Bridal Mask, and more), Ryu Hye-Young (who seems have been more of a movie actor in Sociopath) and Lee Dong-Hwi (Divorce Lawyers in Love, Joseon Gunman).

Now, the TEASERS:




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