[WebDrama] The Secret Message

While dramas hold steady in Korea, web dramas have taken the younger generation by storm.  Usually, these web dramas are cheaper to produce and star idol celebrities because the target audience consists mainly of younger people who will watch the web dramas on their cell phones or tablets.

Some information about The Secret Message.

It’s produced by Naver TVCast.  This web drama is particularly interesting because it is a joint project between  Korea’s CJ E&M and Japan’s Amuse, Inc.  It also stars both T.O.P. of Big Bang and Juri Ueno.  The storyline is based on two people and their journey to find love and healing.




A man does some random dancing to his own music in a casino before a voice over announces that this will be about The Secret Message.  Top comes out and tells us that his name is Hyun.  He wants to find the real stories hidden in the secrets.  Juri Ueno comes on and tells us that she is Haruka as she dances around and wonders about love.  Next we see that somehow Hyun and Haruka are talking coincidentally and exchanging messages.  Two other couples also laugh and flirt with each other… This will be a story following three couples through their first steps of love it seems.

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